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  1. 100 Days Of Nepotism, Ignoring Ethics and Making the Trumps Richer
  2. Nancy Pelosi Feels the Bern
  3. U.S. Marines back in Helmand as Afghanistan 'stalemate' continues
  4. tPF Millville beating caught on video; 4 arrests, more possible
  5. $1,000,000,000,000 +
  6. Trump superPAC launches yuuuge ad buy!
  7. Femnists want obamas gender identiy rule reversed
  8. DOJ indicting 2 dozen mexican cartel members
  9. Trump folds, budget resolution deal heavily favors Democrats
  10. Dallas ~ Cop shoots Black Teen Honor Student in the head with a Rifle
  11. Fox News ~ Co-President Bill Shine Resigns
  12. Trump ~ 'I don't stand by anything'
  13. Chinese Prisoner note found
  14. Bill Maher Called Sen. Warren "Pocahontas" To Her Face
  15. Immigrant Workers Stunned To Be Fired After Skipping Work For Protest
  16. Why Trump is fighting Canada on softwood lumber and dairy
  17. Saudi oil giant takes full command of largest U.S. oil refinery
  18. Trump ~ 'Shut Down the Govt.'
  19. Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross~Syria Missile Strike Mar-a-Lago after-dinner entertainment
  20. (R-Al) Rep. Mo Brooks ~ 'Good People lead Healthy lives, Sick People don't'
  21. Trump's dizzying day of interviews
  22. AG Secretary Sonny Perdue moves to "make school meals great again!"
  23. Looks like no Trumpcare .. they don't have the votes
  24. The FBI translator who went rogue and married an ISIS terrorist
  25. Americans just broke a record for being stressed
  26. State Department issues travel warning for Europe
  27. THAAD up and running in the ROK
  28. "Elections mean something. We won. You lost. Deal with it." -Barack Obama
  29. Kansas City Archdiocese Cutting Ties With Girl Scouts Over 'Troubling Trends'
  30. How Fyre's Organizers Used 'Influencers' To Market A Festival That Didn't Exist
  31. Rushbo ~ Why Vote Republican if this is what Happens when we win ?
  32. Women for Women Int. ~ It took 9 hrs. before Trump tweeted about Hillary
  33. Colbert lays into Trump
  34. DOJ: One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born
  35. Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about his sick baby - WoW
  36. Trump ~ 'I will end Mid-East Conflict today'
  37. U.S. senators seek sanctions
  38. Bernie Sanders wife Investigated by FBI ?
  39. Kim's human shields: North Korea confirms third American held as tensions rise
  40. Warning: Billions Squandered For "Science" Research - Coming to a Screeching Halt
  41. The FBI Director Comey Hearing ~ Trumps' collusion with Russia
  42. Warning: Trump Will Cut Spending on the "Arts" (sic) - It's About Time!
  43. Hey Parents, Look What College Course Your Child Can Take!
  44. Loretta Lynch Now Under Investigation - More Democrat Corruption
  45. New Book - Obama Proposed To Michelle Second
  46. Warning: Giuliani under FBI investigation
  47. Sanctuary City Sheriff defeated in landslide
  48. Will They Vote to Repeal Obamacare Today?
  49. FBI Determines Black Lives Matter Inspired Cop-Killings.
  50. NBC Slams CNN
  51. Warning: Thanks, Obama
  52. Former UN Consultant Whitewashes Female Genital Mutilation
  53. Economist Steve Rattner analyses Trumpcare
  54. Huma sent classified emals to weiner regularly
  55. Corker: 'We're not going to do a Russia sanctions bill'
  56. Mysterious rash of Russian deaths casts suspicion on Putin
  57. Church & State ~ Religious Freaks shall no longer be infringed
  58. Repeal passes House
  59. Guess the Dems can shit up now. Ocare rep aled
  60. Feinstein: No evidence of trump/russia collusion
  61. GOP Senators Hint at Tearing Up Health Bill, Starting From Scratch
  62. Gay Couple's Lawsuit Against Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is Back On After Court Ruling
  63. Arlington gunman murders sports bar employee, gets shot and killed by customer
  64. GOP Health Care Bill Would Cut About $765 Billion In Taxes Over 10 Years
  65. Winners And Losers Under The House GOP Health Bill
  66. Flipping On The Issue, Georgia Gov. Signs Campus Carry Bill
  67. Colbert Addresses #FireColbert Campaign, But Doesn't Apologize
  68. Warning: MSNBC's Chris Matthews
  69. Former Supporter torches Hillary
  70. FBI report finds officers ‘de-policing’ as anti-cop hostility becomes ‘new norm’
  71. California Must Provide Trans Prisoners With Compression Underwear
  72. Unsustainable' Special Forces Deployments a 'Strain'
  73. There is justice in the world
  74. Woman convicted for laughing at Jeff Sessions
  75. Won't see any of this C&P from the usual suspects
  76. "NO wall funding"
  77. What CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are All Missing
  78. Trump Army Secretary pick, Mark Green, withdraws from consideration
  79. Sen. Intelligence Committee ~ Asks Trump Adviser Carter Page to name Russian contacts
  80. Warning: The Colbert meltdown continues
  81. Somalia ~ 3 more SEALS wounded and die under Trump
  82. Warning: Support for immigration at all-time high
  83. Russia attacking French Elections
  84. (R-ID) Raul Labrador ~ 'Nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare'
  85. 'Pisner' beer recycles your urine
  86. Beaten, kidnapped, sold: Migrant life in Libya
  87. 153,156,000 Employed Americans in April, 3rd Straight Record;
  88. Thank You, Stephen Colbert
  89. Democrats treat black people like dolts
  90. Fake Law
  91. Taliban and ISIL clash in Eastern Afghanistan
  92. ISIL takes ads out on Craigslist to obtain victims
  93. Obamacare Failed My Community And Democrats Won’t Admit It
  94. tPF State Dept. Told To Release New Benghazi Emails From Hillary’s Server
  95. ICE Seeks To Deport Soccer Coach
  96. Warning: Question for the forum liberals and conservatives alike
  97. U.S. job growth rebounds sharply
  98. No sympathy for her (just for her child).
  99. Remedial ISIS Tutorial Steers Jihadists Toward Heavier, Deadlier Truck Attacks
  100. MS-13: Deadly Gang from Central America Now in U.S.
  101. Florida investigating Tyson foods
  102. Texas bans sanctuary cities
  103. PA Voters: Democrats Are Out Of Touch
  104. Liberal/Progressive stupidity
  105. Red Pill Creator Rep. Robert Fisher
  106. “That’s his reputation”
  107. Mid-Atlantic Insurer: Obamacare Facing Death Spiral
  108. See? It really IS Obama's fault!
  109. Warning: "Jason Smith, in Missouri District 8, you voted to kill my wife. I won’t forget that"
  110. Oklahoma highway sign causes controversy
  111. tPF May 9th: this day in history
  112. Trump fires Comey
  113. In shock move, Trump fires FBI Director Comey
  114. Why Trump's New Lower Court Nominees Matter.
  115. Grand Jury subpoenas issued in FBI Russia probe
  116. Sanctuary City bill stopped by a surprising group
  117. Behind Comey’s firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia
  118. She's lucky she didn't get arrested as a Perv and dragged off the plane.
  119. senate requests trump money laundering documents
  120. Trump Taj Mahal to be investigated for Russian Money Laundering
  121. What is wrong with these Baltimore Orioles
  122. senate subpoenas flynn
  123. New York fines cab companies for fleecing migrants
  124. Aetna To Completely Withdraw From Obamacare Markets Next Year
  125. Dem Senator: Why Yes–A Lot Of Us Called For Comey's Resignation
  126. Aldi raises stakes in U.S. price war with Wal-Mart
  127. Warning: Why do Americans have to be subjected to this
  128. US likely to expand airline laptop ban
  129. Rosenber threatened to resign over Comey firing
  130. Prison workers and PTSD
  131. Did AG Sessions Violate His Recusal
  132. Mexicans Are Mad About Illegal Immigrant Crime in Their City
  133. Comey and Assange
  134. Russians in Oval Office ~ Brings tears of joy to your eyes doesn't it conservatives ?
  135. The Lester Holt Trump interview ~ 'A Liar calling (his) Liars ... Liars'
  136. Acting FBI chief contradicts White House claims on Comey
  137. Trump: ‘I’m a Nationalist and a Globalist’
  138. Manafort never registered as foreign agent
  139. NYC Mayor does not want to pay for illegal immigrants Lawyers
  140. Another Resistance Fail:
  141. ICE Conducts Largest Ever Anti-Gang Operation
  142. Former Rep. Corrine Brown Guilty Of 18 Charges
  143. President Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice
  144. Thank you republicans
  145. Trump's accounting of dinner with Comey was BS
  146. Contenders for new head of the FBI
  147. Trump's law firm releases letter on Russian entanglements - & it's worthless garbage
  148. Tapegate.
  149. Trump cancels FBI visit
  150. Hackers use stolen NSA tool in global cyberattack
  151. FBI Gives Hollywood Hacking Victims Surprising Advice: "Pay the Ransom"
  152. Court Rules Kentucky Print Shop Has Right to Avoid Making Gay Pride T-shirts
  153. Warning: More soldiers to Afghanistan, but that can’t fix Afghanistan’s government
  154. United Health Care provider changes
  155. Deranged Woman Tries to Run GOP Congressman Off the Road
  156. New person may have the worst job on the planet.
  157. Lawyers who said Trump has no ties to Russia named Russian law firm of 2016
  158. Warning: The Age of Trump Is Producing More Black Gun Owners
  159. Missile Launched by North Korea Landed in Sea of Japan
  160. DNC Chair: We Just Can't Slam Trump All The Time
  161. Officer Casper expected to make full recovery
  162. Warning: White Nationalist Leads Torch-Bearing Protesters Against Removal of Confed Statues
  163. Republicans and Democrats agree: If Trump has tapes, he’ll need to turn them over to
  164. Trump: Sealed FISA indictment sought and secured by the FBI?
  165. Middle Schooler Arrested For Burping Appeals
  166. Can't Pay Your Student Loans? The Government May Come After Your House
  167. The Promise And Peril Of School Vouchers
  168. The Resistance
  169. Miss USA attacked for conservative comments
  170. Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweets photo of his college-aged daughter in lingerie
  171. Clapper: "US under assault after Comey firing"
  172. Sykes: If liberals hate him - Then Trump must be doing something right
  173. Trump's Premium on Loyalty Poses Hurdle in Search for FBI Chief
  174. Warning: Supreme Court Deals Blow to North Carolina Over Voting Rights
  175. BFF - China
  176. double o trump
  177. Warning: Trump revealed classified information to Russians
  178. Workers Sue DNC Over Sub-Minimum Wage
  179. The Attacks on Our Police Must End
  180. Trump to light White House blue to honor police
  181. Fox News attacks 10-year old autistic boy
  182. McMaster on Trump 'Leak': Wash Post Story Is 'False
  183. DNC Staffer murdered had contacted Wikileaks
  184. WSJ: Financial-Crimes Monitor to Share Records in Trump-Russia Probe
  185. Pay Trump Bribes Here
  186. Comey Memo ~ 'Trump told me to shut-down Flynn Investigation'
  187. house demands comey memos
  188. Warning: Turkish Thugs Attack Protesters In DC, Beat Women and Old Men
  189. FBI Details 61% Rise in Number of Law Officers ‘Feloniously Killed
  190. Dems warn their Trump obsession will hurt party
  191. Michael Moore ~ 'Fahrenheit 11/9'
  192. Warning: Dem to call for Trump's impeachment on House floor
  193. (R-AK) Sen. Lisa Murkowski first GOP Senator to call for Special Prosecutor
  194. Trump interviews Lieberman for FBI Director
  195. U.S. immigration arrests up nearly 40 percent under Trump
  196. Trump ~ WAAAAAAAAAAHH !!!!!!!!!
  197. Warning: DOJ appoints Special Counsel to take over Russia Probe
  198. Secret recording: GOP House leader says Trump paid by Russia
  199. Hacker group like leaked NSA spy tools likely included a US insider
  200. This has been a great day.
  201. Heres why trump wont be removed from Office
  202. The US set out 90 day notice- renegotiate NAFTA
  203. tPF Roger ailes dead
  204. Flynn scuttled military operation in a way that aligned with Turkish interests
  205. Soundgarden ~ Frontman Chris Cornell dies
  206. Alex Jones settles with Chobani
  207. Pence sets up his own PAC as scandals rain down on White House
  208. Kevin McCarthy: "I think Putin pays Trump - Swear to God!"
  209. Rodger Ailes Passes
  210. Times Square : Car Runs Over People
  211. 400,000 were promised student loan forgiveness. Now they are panicking
  212. Fox News drops to 3rd in cable news ratings
  213. house may have to vote on obamacare repeal again
  214. TIME ~ Will Trump brag about this one ?
  215. Hannity touts conspiracy theory despite it falling apart
  216. Trump Nominates Actual Fascist David Clarke for Department of Homeland Security
  217. Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation
  218. Warning: Miss USA Tells Trump: ‘Continue to Be Yourself’
  219. Weiner to plead Guilty
  220. Comey: Unsettled by Trump tried to keep him at a distance
  221. Watch Trumps' 4-1/2 minute incoherent spiel denying he is a criminal
  222. Biden Throws Hillary Under the Bus
  223. Judge Dismisses Clock Boy Suit
  224. Trump wants Flynn back in the White House
  225. How Trumpkins continue to defend their Donald
  226. Harvard study shows overwhelming anti Trump media bias
  227. Trump approval rating hits new low in Politico-Morning Consult poll
  228. Crazy Auntie Maxine Makes Up Some Whoppers
  229. Another Social Justice Warrior Caught with Kiddie Porn.
  230. Trumps' First Foreign Trip ~ Tips for Leaders Meeting Trump
  231. Tips for foreign leaders meeting with Trump: Keep it short - give him a win
  232. Trump told Russians that Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey eased pressure from Investigation
  233. Acid Attacks In London Where Muslim Migrants Are Just Throwing Acid On Women.
  234. comey agrees to testify in open hearing
  235. Who's the new Ambassador to the Vatican ?
  236. Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bow to Saudi kin
  237. Anderson Pooper apologizes
  238. I Have A Sickness:’ Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sexting Teen Girl
  239. Bob Beckel Fired By Fox News — Again
  240. Even Vox Admits: ‘Democrats Are Falling For Fake News About Russia’
  241. Warning: Dershowitz: I Voted for Hillary
  242. Warning: New Orleans removed monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee
  243. Trump hands out another plumb: Callista Gingrich as Ambassador to Vatican
  244. ‘People Here Think Trump Is a Laughingstock’
  245. Trump Bows Before Saudi King
  246. McGovern & Binney: Trump Versus Deep State
  247. It's becoming increasingly clear that Jared Kushner is part of Trump's Russia problem
  248. Media’s Trump Coverage Negative on Every Outlet, Every Issue
  249. Austrian Town Won’t Accept Any More Refugees After Girl Is Raped
  250. Saudi Arabia ~ Insult and mock Melania and Ivanka for not wearing a headscarf