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  1. MSNBC Host: Could London Police ‘Overreact’ To Terror
  2. Livestream Ariana Grande concert here now
  3. Warning: Semper Fi? Trump's Support Drops in Military Communities
  4. tPF 75% of black California boys don’t meet state reading standards
  5. Russia tests Zircon hypersonic missile system
  6. Putin accuses U.S. of interfering in elections around the World
  7. Warning: INCOMPETENT:Trump has 1 replacement 3 months after firing 46 U.S. attorneys
  8. 'Pink Slime' case against ABC a challenge to press
  9. Bad news for the dems Can run the Eco Vs. Cannot run the Economy
  10. Warning: Trump’s latest tweets could hurt effort to restore travel ban
  11. Let's Privatize Air Traffic Control
  12. Dems want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight
  13. Polling: Trump More Popular When Gone
  14. Latest UK terror attack demands that all UK police carry a handgun
  15. Trump will not block Comey's testifying
  16. Trump's Approval Rating Decline Isn't That Big Compared With Predecessors' Drops
  17. Contractor charged with leaking document about U.S. election
  18. Why Elites Hate
  19. Progressive Editor: Democrats Making Huge Error
  20. First Arrest Warrant Issued in Expanding Texas Illegal Voting Case
  21. London terror: Over 130 imams, religious leaders refuse to pray for attackers
  22. London Mayor: Disinvite Trump for State Visit!
  23. Wall Street Journal on Trump: "The Buck Stops Everywhere Else"
  24. Texas, losers in court, backs off voter suppression campaign
  25. Conservative Harvard Law Prof and former Bush DOJ official Goldsmith unloads on Trump
  26. Warning: Safe Zone
  27. Oregon couple who believe in prayer healing charged in baby's death
  28. Notre Dame: Attacker shouted that he was a soldier of Isil as he attempted to strike
  29. Oversight Committee to Revisit Operation Fast and Furious
  30. Warning: More Clinton corruption
  31. KING: I'm boycotting the NFL
  32. does trump's thin skin come before the first amendment?
  33. Sweet Young Tv News Reporter
  34. tPF Report: Comey Will Testify That Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice
  35. Another Major Insurer Pulls Out Of Obamacare
  36. American Job Openings Top Record-Breaking 6 Million
  37. Trump slashing red tape at historic levels
  38. Legal Experts: Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Deal Will Take 4 Years
  39. U.S. Overdose Deaths at Record High
  40. Andrea Constand gives graphic testimony at Bill Cosby trial
  41. Todays' Trump Paranoid Delusion
  42. Fear of Deportation Drives People Off Food Stamps in US
  43. AG Jeff Sessions offered to Resign
  44. Husband of Cop Kills Man
  45. Woman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' charged in Toronto store attack: Sources
  46. How the Trump's even scammed Kids with Cancer
  47. Special Counsel Mueller puts expert in Mafia and fraud at heart of his Investigation
  48. I thought Trump loved Qatar ?
  49. The Comey Congressional Testimony
  50. FBI Director ~ Trump nominates Christopher Wray
  51. ISIS attacks Iran
  52. The Intelligence Director Dan Coats Congressional Hearing
  53. kansas to rwnj governor-enough
  54. How Donald shifted Eric's charity golf tournament into a sweet profit center
  55. Trumps Replacement for Comey
  56. Democrats are beginning to understand
  57. UA 93 Hijacker Entered US 7 Times -- on 'Tourist' Visa
  58. New Company Helps Americans Flee Blue States to Largest Red State
  59. Justice Dept ends Obama Era Practice
  60. Comey admits Trump asked him to stop Russia probe
  61. Trump Nominates New Set of Federal Judges,
  62. Warning: Comey Confirms President Trump Is Not Under FBI Investigation
  63. Top Intel Community Officials Deny That Trump Pressured Them On Russia Probe
  64. Feds: Up to 100 girls may be victims in genital cutting case
  65. Trump not live tweeting testimony but Donald Junior is!
  66. Trumps' personal lawyer responds to Comey
  67. Massive solar rebound for North Carolina
  68. tPF Trump lawyer says James Comey made ‘unauthorized disclosures’ of privileged talks
  69. Explosive Devices Goes Off at U.S. Embassy in Kiev
  70. Warning: Putin Interview: A Sham
  71. Another colossal misfire
  72. Comey 'confused' by order to refer to Clinton email probe as a 'matter'
  73. Warning: Comey Debunks NYT Report
  74. Warning: Pro-Trump Gays Banned From Pride Parade
  75. Immigrants use Washington state to sneak into Canada
  76. Comey at the Bat
  77. CNN and ABC issues correction after Comey statement
  78. Comey hinted that Trump Russia dossier will be verified - Business Insider
  79. Rove ~ 'Political Death by 1,000 Tweets'
  80. Warning: Theresa May Loses Overall Majority in U.K. Parliament
  81. Fresh in from Trump on Twitter
  82. Steve Doocy cites "on of the online blogs" to connect Comey to "deep state leaks"
  83. tPF DOA: House Votes to Roll Back Parts of Dodd-Frank Financial Industry Reform Bill
  84. Trump on infrastructure ~ 'America is weak, world way ahead of us and laughing at us'
  85. Bernie Sanders's Religious Test for Christians in Public Office
  86. Democrat Alan Dershowitz: Time to Move On & Stop
  87. NSA Leaker Wanted to 'Burn the White House Down
  88. MSNBC Mathews the Trump Russia collusion has collapsed
  89. Lynch ‘Betrayal’ Made DOJ ‘An Arm Of The Clinton Campaign
  90. Trump ~ "I'd be willing to testify under Oath"
  91. Dick Tracy ~ Glenne Headly dies
  92. Paul Ryan ~ 'Trump doesn't know better despite Trump campaigning on knowing better'
  93. Trump ~ 'Who would ask a man to pledge allegiance' ?
  94. Two US citizens arrested for ties to Hezbollah
  95. Tech stocks tumble, taking down Nasdaq as big names sink
  96. Trump says Comey not telling truth, willing to respond under oath
  97. 12 Staffers At Dem-Linked Group Charged With Voter Fraud
  98. House Intel Committee to Trump ~ Hand-over Whitehouse tapes by June 23
  99. Trump's lawyer to file "complaint" against Comey!
  100. Most top Pentagon jobs still empty as Trump insists on loyalty
  101. Warning: Congress Has What It Needs to Impeach Trump
  102. Trump is back on the golf course!
  103. Jeff Sessions to testify on Tuesday
  104. Equality Battle over bare breasted women brews at one of Maryland's busiest beaches.
  105. Trial of a lifetime' plays out in tiny South Dakota town
  106. Three Army Rangers Killed in Afghanistan in "Insider Attack"
  107. Alleged Teacher-Student Relationship
  108. The Resistance hasnt even slowed trump down
  109. Police rescue woman from a serial killer
  110. Breitbart Has Lost 90 Percent of Its Advertisers
  111. Dead?
  112. Afghan soldier fatally shoots three U.S. soldiers; 1 injured
  113. RNC Chairwoman to Chris Wallace: "I'm calling for end to Russia investigations"
  114. Warning: The reams of evidence pointing to Trump's collusion with Russia
  115. Bob Mueller is staffing up!
  116. Twitter users blocked by Trump call it censorship
  117. Feared removal of Texas hero’s statue prompts armed protest
  118. Oscar Lopez Rivera will be honored in Puerto Rican Day parade
  119. Children Victims of Witchcraft get new limbs
  120. First New Coal Mine of Trump Era Opens in Pennsylvania
  121. US-backed Syrian fighters seize parts of ISIS 'capital' Raqqa
  122. Top Democrat calls for investigation of Loretta Lynch’s
  123. More Footage Leaks Of CNN’s ‘Staged’ Muslim Anti-Terror Protest
  124. Another Iran deal low for the Obama administration.
  125. Preet Bharara opens up about his interactions with Trump
  126. Sure to be another wasted week as dark cloud thickens atop White House
  127. Trump sued for breach of Constitutional anti-corruption oath
  128. Van Jones: Clinton campaign took $1 billion and ‘set it on fire’
  129. New Jersey Teacher Suspended After Pro-Trump Yearbook Photos Altered
  130. Obamacare is in real danger
  131. Trump Travel Ban Blocked Again
  132. Trump to terminate Special Counsel Robert Mueller ?
  133. Trump may be under criminal investigation
  134. The Resistance: Impeachment Anxiety
  135. tPF Trump Expected To Restrict Trade, Travel With Cuba
  136. Trump ~ 'I am the greatest of all Time'
  137. Who were the the people that claimed gay parades weren't political?
  138. Warning: Should the special counsel be fired?
  139. Jeff Sessions asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers
  140. Dennis Rodman off to see his buddy Lil' Kim again!
  141. Megyn Kelly's most recent interviews
  142. The AG Sessions Congressional Hearing
  143. US citizen released today by North Korea is in a coma
  144. London Fire: Deaths Confirmed, 50 Hurt in Apartment Block Blaze
  145. Trump Disapproval hits All-Time High
  146. U.S. attorney general dodges Trump questions, angering Democrats
  147. Canada's detention of Mexicans surges after visa lift
  148. NBC holding crisis meetings over Megyn Kelly
  149. Warning: Shots fired at Congressional baseball practice
  150. Shooter asked if it was a GOP team before shooting
  151. Even Bernie can't be trusted.
  152. Uber and Eric Holder
  153. Lawmaker, others shot by man angry with Trump
  154. Security detail
  155. Warning: trump under investigation for obstruction of justice
  156. NY Post: Scalise Shooter Scouted Site Of Attack For Weeks
  157. Women-only ‘full nudity’ spa’s ‘no male genitals’ rule i
  158. Officers To Be Put On 12-Hour Shifts, As City Violence Increases
  159. Progressive Media Personalities Agree: Those Republicans Deserved To Get Shot
  160. Coast Guard: 1 being questioned about reported 'dirty bomb' at Wando terminal
  161. Meanwhile...
  162. Trump's predictable reaction
  163. Senate votes To limit Trump's power To lift Russia sanctions
  164. Lawmakers demand new strategy for 16-year Afghan war
  165. Turkish guards will be charged in D.C. protests, officials say
  166. Trump sells $12 Billion worth of F-15's to Qatar days after calling them Terrorists
  167. Newt Gingrich: "Mueller is the tip of the Deep State spear!"
  168. Malcolm Turnbull mocks Trump
  169. former reagan ambassador contradicts sessions testimony
  170. The REAL Culprit For The Massive London Tower Fire: Environmentalism
  171. Nutty Betsy rolls back student protections
  172. pence lawyers up
  173. Warning: another snowflake in the news
  174. Nearly $50 million in the California state budget will go to expanded legal services
  175. Mueller faces ‘unique hurdles’
  176. Warning: No! Not Terrible Ted!!
  177. mueller expands office of special counsel
  178. Rosenstein's bizarre statement
  179. White House aides fret over Trump’s Russia probe obsession
  180. Megyn Kelly - Alex Jones controversy heats up
  181. Amazon buys Whole Foods for 14 Billion
  182. Trump ~ 'I'm cancelling Obamas' deal with Cuba'
  183. Minn cop found not guilty
  184. Trump hires another high-profile lawyer to his legal team
  185. Trump's obnoxious NYC lawyer HIRES A LAWYER!!
  186. U.S. Naval Vessel Collides With Merchant Ship Southwest of Japan
  187. Amazon to buy Whole Foods for $13.7B
  188. 2 Years ago Today ~ The Trump Escalator Presidential Announcement
  189. Rasmussen Poll says Trump has 50% approval rating,
  190. Gun Owner Apprehends Escaped Murderers
  191. Obamacare Enrollment Plummets. Again
  192. Canada enacts protections for transgender community
  193. Mistrial Declared In Cosby Sexual Assault Trial
  194. Trump ~ Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Financial Liabilities
  195. Driver with Trump Sticker shot at several times
  196. Bullfighter gored to death in France
  197. Little Sympathy' For Scalise Being Shot Because He Opposed Obama Gun Control
  198. Warning: No Pause in Left-Wing Intimidation of Conservatives Post-Alexandria
  199. Warren to Trump: 'Donald, you ain't seen nasty yet
  200. Warning: Colin Kaepernick Compares Modern Day Police To Slave Catchers
  201. Another vehicle attack in london
  202. US shoots down Syrian aircraft for first time
  203. Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch
  204. Chris Wallace interviews Jay Sekulow
  205. More undisclosed Russian meetings
  206. Russia abruptly approved long dormant Trump patents on Election Day
  207. Warning: Trump cuts National Forest budget by 71%
  208. Tories give Theresa May 10 days to 'shape up' or face vote of no confidence
  209. Warning: Investigation Into Trump-Russia Collusion Only '20 Percent' Done ...
  210. Escalating: Russia Warns USA In Syria
  211. Good Debate on Obstruction
  212. Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First
  213. Chuck Schumer Allowed ‘Nationwide Orgy of Rage And Spite’
  214. BREAKING: College Student Detained In North Korea Has Died
  215. Supreme Court: Rejecting trademarks that ‘disparage’ others violates the First Amendm
  216. Why Canadians are mad about this huge Rubber Duck
  217. Megyn Kellys, Alec Jones interview a ratings flop
  218. WaPo Single Payer health care astonishingly expensive
  219. Poll: Americans say U.S. political debate is increasingly uncivil
  220. Weekend of shootings at Myrtle Beach leaves some tourists saying they won’t be back
  221. Supreme Court strikes down sex offender social media ban
  222. Trump's handling of Russia investigations weighs on approval ratings
  223. Why Mitch McConnell’s secrecy gambit on his health-care bill could backfire
  224. Flynn worked with foreign cyberweapons group using spyware against dissidents
  225. Not Islamophobia:
  226. Illinois careens into financial meltdown
  227. Warning: This is now what it has come to
  228. Jihadist blows self up at Brussels central train station
  229. DEA Makes Largest Fentanyl Bust in History, 3 Indicted
  230. Republican wins House seat vacated by Mulvaney
  231. Why Trump will never be indicted as President
  232. Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special election
  233. Franken Warns Dems
  234. Former NSA Contractor Sues James Comey,
  235. After Georgia Election, Democrats Are Demoralized, Again
  236. NYTs Columnist: Striking now little evidence of trump collusion
  237. Senate Russia investigators promised access to key Treasury data
  238. Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership
  239. Warning: Democrats Ask Why Jared Kushner Hasn't Had Security Clearance Suspended
  240. Democrats: Its time for Pelosi to go
  241. Trump ~ 'Healthcare with a Heart'
  242. Maddow and her ridiculous
  243. Jeh Johnson Testifies: Russians Did Not Alter Ballot Counts
  244. DNC’s May Fundraising at its Lowest Since 2003
  245. Trump Appointee Is Still a Saudi Government Lobbyist
  246. Democratic Senator: Maybe We're Talking Too Much About Russia
  247. Special election sweep boosts Trump agenda
  248. Latest Terror attack in USA
  249. Trump's top lies during Iowa rally
  250. Trump blames Obama for Russia this morning