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  1. Democrats throw America over Fiscal Cliff
  2. Hillary as bad as Obama
  3. Good News; Cigar may someday get to carry a loaded Gun
  4. Michigan lawmaker slams Republicans in emotional labor rights speech
  5. Gov. Snyder to sign Right-to-Work Law in Romney Building
  6. Conflicts, Errors Revealed In Positive Fracking Study
  7. Portland Shooting, same old story.
  8. Portland Shooting...same old story
  9. Attorneys for Mass-Murderer James Holmes to subpoena Fox News
  10. Democrats Buyers’ Remorse
  11. Election is Over- Time to Fire People Over Fast and Furious
  12. Senator Ashley Judd ?
  13. American Diversity Change by 2043
  14. Boehner is denying Asking For Permanent Extension for the Rich
  15. Way to go Gov Christie, finally one Republican with some Balls
  16. Walker: Same Day Registration Reversal
  17. Black students are failing because they are raised by poor single women
  18. State dept hiding benghazi survivors
  19. Taxpayers pay for union goons salaries
  20. Susan Rice withdraws
  21. Why Progressives are so Dangerous to Liberty
  22. Obama Admin Continues the Benghazi Cover-Up
  23. Why White People Are Afraid
  24. Northrop and Boeing's Blended Wing Unmaned Technology moving forward
  25. ‘Why Don’t We Wait A Few Months’ To Deliver Sandy Disaster Relief?
  26. BREAKING: Shooting At Newtown Elementary School in near Hartford CT
  27. You're right, what difference would Gun Laws make?
  28. The Government ordered the Hit
  29. Hillary Refuses to Go Under Oath about Benghazi
  30. Connecticut school shooting: Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket
  31. Did you hear about the CCW Holder confronting the Mall Shooter? No?
  32. Obama and the memorial speach
  33. Obama vs. Israel
  34. The Facts About Mass Shootings
  35. Gun Confiscation Has Been A Bust In The UK
  36. Gun buybacks resurrected ?
  37. Tim Scott - New South Carolina Senator
  38. NRA Fades To Black On Social Media After Conn. Shooting
  39. I'm in the Wrong Business: Colorado background check break all records
  40. Another Republican First
  41. 10 Golden retrievers arrive in Connecticut from Chicago to comfort survivors
  42. Cerberus to sell AR-15 gunmaker Freedom Group
  43. God allowed school shooting because of abortion and gay marriage
  44. Four people were found dead Tuesday in Colorado after a woman called police
  45. They are standing their grown again: Man shot at Little Caesars pizza joint.
  46. Taking guns away??
  47. Why California is in debt.
  48. Barack Hussein Obama: Time Magazine’s Person of The Year and 2 Term President
  49. Robert Bork, Defeated Judge Whose Name Became Verb, Dies at 85
  50. General Motors buying 200 million shares "back" from the United States of America
  51. Home Building Permits Near 4.5 Year High
  52. Gun Control: Here we go, another front for Obama's war...
  53. Chicago South Shore Dill Team to perform at Inauguration
  54. Indiana Man burned Ohio Mosque to Avenge Soldiers
  55. The Benghazi Final Report: Republican charges of a cover-up are pure fiction.
  56. National Rifle Association's Business Partners Face Pressure To End Affiliation
  57. CBS NEWS: Marine Reservist stands on guard at Elementary School
  58. Adam Lanza Motive
  59. Obama Caught in Gun Hoax
  60. 26 acts of kindness
  61. Republicans can't get their own head out their ass!
  62. About time.
  63. Adam Lanza Performed Dozens Of Late Term Abortions So Whats The Problem Liberals?
  64. Inside the Meltdown
  65. Moment of Silence Please!
  66. Soon The NRA will give the GOP and Republicans Permission to Speak
  67. Easy Bake Oven Going GENDER NUETRAL
  68. The Benghazi Cover-Up isn't Even Trying to Make Sense Anymore
  69. The NRA Prososes Solution to Gun Massacres: More Guns
  70. Wayne LaPierre ~ Psycho
  71. Wayne Lapierre Freedom Loving American And True Patriot Who Defends The Constitution
  72. Wayne LaPierre ~ Psycho II
  73. You Don't Need Guns To Kill Lots Of People There Are Plenty Of Options Available
  74. Ron Paul making sense, what's new?
  75. Benghazi penalties are bogus
  76. Where's Hillary?
  77. Dick Armey and His Attempted Armed Coup!
  78. Demand A Plan HYPOCRITES
  79. No conmfirmation of Kerry until Clinton testifies: Republicans
  80. Epic Socialism Fail:Germany 'exporting' old and sick to foreign care homes
  81. Stopping the spread of deadly assault weapons
  82. Schwarzkopf dies
  83. Zimmerman a broke brutha
  84. Man Defends Controversial Obama Display
  85. Tawana Brawley still owes money in rape allegations
  86. Lanzas' DNA to be analyzed
  87. Arpaio ~ Armed posse's to patrol schools
  88. Woman charged in Firefighter murders
  89. First Lawsuit in Newtown Massacre
  90. GOP senators won’t confirm Kerry until Clinton testifies on Benghazi
  91. Will There Last Minute Deal On Fiscal Cliff Even If Temporary
  92. Obama Blames Benghazi Attack on 'Sloppiness'
  93. Hillary hospitalized
  94. Obama Cut a Trillion Dollars
  95. Obama Signs Underground Executive Order
  96. Hooray! A Blow Struck Against Excessive Litigation
  97. A Media Knucklehead Brays About Guns
  98. Coast Guard planning salvage operation and possible oil-spill response
  99. OK-The have a deal, the 'Cliff' is not happenning....but WTF?
  100. Concord, Mass., the first US city to ban sale of plastic water bottles
  101. RAN executive director Rebecca Tarbotton dies in swimming accident
  102. Sec of State Hilary Clinton manages to fake Blood Clot in Skull.
  103. Bipartisan outrage after House skips vote on $60 billion Sandy aid bill
  104. Bring This To A Vote TODAY
  105. Indonesian city bans women from straddling motorbikes
  106. Thank Auto Sales for Improving Economy
  107. French "Youths" Torch 1193 Cars to Ring in New Year
  108. How corporate tax credits got in the 'cliff' deal
  109. E-15 Fuel Warning
  110. Al Gore, The Continuing Scam
  111. Tom DeLay Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison
  112. Cost overruns on the F-35 jet should prompt reassessment
  113. Will The Orange Man get re-elect a Speaker ?
  114. Times couldn't be any better ... if you're Rich
  115. December Auto Sales For GM, Ford, Chrysler End Best Year Since 2007
  116. Hannity Rating Becomes Huge Reality Check For Fox
  117. Another loose Pistal exposed to Schoolchildren
  118. The Do Nothing Congress goes out ... Doing Noting; Surprise Surprise
  119. Illionis 2nd Largest City, Aurora had no Murders in 2012
  120. Teacher surrenders Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle to police
  121. Geithner to Leave by Month's End - I really can't blaim him.
  122. FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles
  123. Is the author of this insane piece to crazy to won a gun?
  124. Obama Sandy Hook Photo Released, No Benghazi Photo Released Yet
  125. Gun Control and the Old West
  126. Workers making $30,000 will take a bigger hit on their pay than those earning $500,00
  127. BREAKING: Gunman - Aurora Colorado
  128. I real proposal from Mitch McConnel
  129. Mom shoots intruder 5 times, hides children
  130. Obamacare Guarantees Higher HI Premiums
  131. Democrats look for up to 1$ Trillion in new tax revenues this year
  132. If you liked the "fiiscal cluff', you are going to love this: $2 trilllion tax hike
  133. Chuck Hagel - Obama's Trump Card
  134. Anyone listen to Rush today?
  135. Benghazi Suspect Released by Tunisian authorities: Obama Still Investigating Himself
  136. Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on CNN
  137. Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence
  138. How Wallstreet says Thank You America
  139. Gun Appreciation Day; no folks really it's true ...
  140. Arsenal found in Forclosed Home
  141. 588 killed by guns since the 20 school children, when is enough enough for the idiot
  142. Oil production to grow at fastest rate ever
  143. Oxygen’s 'All My Babies’ Mamas' sparks calls for cancellation before it even airs
  144. The MSM Misses the Obvious
  145. More Skyrocketing Energy Costs
  146. Rasmussen Reports: Just 8% Now Say They Are Tea Party Members
  147. Men who wear Pillowcases over their head
  148. Interesting Quote from Gabrielle Giffords
  149. Its snowing in Arabia
  150. Michele Bachmann remains on The House Intelligence Committee
  151. Tactical Response CEO is ready for War against The United States of America
  152. Biden’s Gun Violence Event Interrupted By News Of Another School Shooting
  153. Chicago Homicide Rate Already Outpacing 2012 Killings In First Week Of 2013
  154. Rut Row; GM to hire 1,000 at new Atlanta IT center
  155. Obama signs law giving himself, Bush, Others lifetime Secret Service guard.
  156. Rut Row: Ford and others Step Up Hiring To Meet Demand
  157. Outspoken gun advocate & Youtube star Keith Ratliff shot dead
  158. The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray arrives
  159. US Aircraft "entered Somali airspace" to Help the French Try to Save Frenchmen
  160. Citizens save unarmed man from thug
  161. If you do it, people will die.
  162. Biden: W.H. readies 19 executive actions on guns Read more: http://www.politico.com/
  163. GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control
  164. Chicago: 22 Murders in 11 Days
  165. Texas proposes a law to nullify any federal anti-gun laws
  166. Brilliant NRA Ad; No Editorial required, just view for yourself
  167. Want to feel good about Humanity - Homeless Man Gives ‘Kiss of Life’ to Bunny
  168. Largest Pa. gun show says no to assault weapons
  169. Sounds Quiet - Market Watch
  170. Steve Kozachik, Republican City Council Member, Leaving Party After Gun Buyback Backl
  171. Arizona gov. opts for federal Medicaid expansion
  172. House Democrats Revive Health Care Public Option To Reduce Deficit
  173. INCOMING: Breaking: President Announcing 23 New Executive Orders
  174. excutive order on active shooter training!
  175. Bullets strike homes, narrowly miss officers as AK-47 target practice goes awry
  176. U.S. housing starts jump up 12.1% in December
  177. Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Fell 37,000 Last Week to 335,000
  178. Va. Tech Shooting Survivor: "We Need a Movement" to Overcome NRA
  179. Crisis Actors
  180. AIG CEO: “Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old”
  181. “Come To Texas”
  182. ♬ Bye, Bye Birthers ♪
  183. It's about damned time!
  184. A great day, new shooters and anti gun people educated.
  185. I Did It....
  186. Man shops at Utah JCPenney while carrying assault rifle
  187. Were Obama Admin Weapons Used in Algerian Terror Attack?
  188. North Korea legalizes marijuana! (Article)
  189. Schumer; Better get used to that fact!
  190. Joe and Barack would like to thank The GOP
  192. Phil Mickelson apologizes for tax comments
  193. Keystone XL Is Back
  194. LOCK DOWN: Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston
  195. U.S. drone kills four al Qaeda members in Yemen
  196. So Wall Street and Main Street is looking for Confidance to Invest
  197. The Republican’s “Whining” Strategy After The Second Inaugural
  198. When your Policies are not popular and your Demographics are gone ... Cheat!
  199. Muslims Police UK Streets
  200. Ted Nugent Suggests He's Ready For Armed Revolt
  201. More WTF w/Guns: Fight between school bus driver, student ends with shots fired!
  202. Ga. man sentenced to 15 years in Army militia plot
  203. Hillary in the Benghazi Hot Seat
  204. 5 more shootings in Chicago area since last weekend...
  205. Hunting Show Stands Up To NRA
  206. The funny thing about gun control...
  207. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen
  208. Obama's Second Inaugural Address
  209. I have been waiting all day to hear about the Big Cave from the GOP!
  210. The Gun-Nuts are building their own City, in all places … Idaho, God I Love it!
  211. U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 330,000 in Latest Week from 335,000; Lowest in 5 Years
  212. Amtrak has record 2012 ridership in Michigan
  213. An Employment Depression--More Common Sense From My Email Buddy
  214. Allen West Condemns Women In Combat
  215. Index of Leading Economic Indicators in U.S. Increases 0.5%
  216. John McCain Blames the Media for GOP's Surprising Failure to Lay a Glove on Hillary
  217. Kerry Calls Out GOP Senator Out For Missing Benghazi Briefing
  218. It's Official: Worst Recovery ever.
  219. She's Back; Right-Wing Birther Queen
  220. Senate Anti-Constitutionocrats Unveil Assault Weapons Ban
  221. Good News for Republicans - Filibuster reform dead until at least 2015
  222. Republican Group Sends E-Mail Claiming Sandy Hook Shooting Didn't Happen
  223. Guess Which U.S. County Most Loves Obama the Most
  224. Winter Storm Khan
  225. Freedom in Massachusetts--amazingly
  226. Illinois credit downgraded, now worst state in the nation
  227. And here you thought Ovomitcare was intended to get everyone insured
  228. There were 5 shootings in Chicago yesterday alone...
  229. RAND PAUL BRINGS IT!... Tells Hillary Clinton: YOU Are to Blame for Benghazi!
  230. ‘Infuriated’ Boxer stormed out of Benghazi hearing
  231. Union membership falls to 70-year low
  232. Morsi Learns Libspeak
  233. January 28 in the Mid-West Chicago Area - What Climate Change?
  234. Stock Market - AT THE CLOSING BELL ON Friday 25 January 2013
  235. Obama EPA kills power plant, 3,900 jobs in Texas
  236. Where were you on this Date 27 years ago today?
  237. Now The GOP wants Bipartisan Immigration Reform - Humm why now?
  238. Taking Care of the One Percent
  239. The NRA Publishes their Hit-List
  240. Another Stand Your Ground Killing
  241. Sandy aid passes Senate despite GOP opposition
  242. Changing Public Education
  243. Did Gov Perry get Heckeled?
  244. Senate Moving on Immigration Reform!
  245. Hillary accused of Murder
  246. House, Holder may near deal on Fast and Furious contempt
  247. Obama Jobs Council hits 1 year without official meeting
  248. Why the assault weapons ban is (probably) going nowhere
  249. High school teacher tweets half-naked photos, tells world she was high while grading
  250. Former LAUSD teacher accused of molesting 20 children