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  1. Beginning to eat their own
  2. Yale Dean leaves job after calling people White Trash and low class
  3. Obama kept the Russian hacking a secret
  4. Trump: I have no tapes of Comey dinner conversation
  5. Grassley signals he will investigate Trump obstruction of justice
  6. Why is Deutsche Bank covering for Trump?
  7. The DNC Didn't Allow DHS To Combat Russian Hacking
  8. White House Tries to Get G.O.P. to Water Down Russia Sanctions Bill
  9. Canadian sniper sets world record with 2.2-mile pickoff of ISIS fighter
  10. U.S. spent $28M on 'forest' uniforms for Afghan army fighting mostly in the desert
  11. McDonald's hits new high as Wall Street cheers replacement of cashiers with kiosks
  12. Pelosi's new ad to keep her speakership
  13. Pelosi Pushes Back: 'I'm Worth the Trouble'
  14. Carrier ~ 'We're sending 600 Jobs to Mexico'
  15. Baltimore Police Union Says It’s In Desperate Need Of Staffing
  16. The FBI’s Briefing On The GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn’t Have Been More Bizarre
  17. With Grenfell Tower, we’ve seen what ‘ripping up red tape’ really looks like
  18. California adds 4 states to travel ban for laws it says discriminate against LGBTQ co
  19. Study Finds RTC Increases Gun Deaths
  20. Warning: More shoes are dropping on the Obama Admin
  21. Warning: The Tormented Unhinged Trump
  22. Johnny Depp threatens the POTUS
  23. Trump AWOL on stopping next Russia election attack
  24. Phil Montag Glad scalise was shot
  25. Democrat Official on Scalise: "I Wish He Was F***ing Dead!"
  26. Senate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election
  27. Truly an historic night for America -Wolf Blitzer
  28. Dems push leaders to talk less about Russia
  29. Frustrated Dems say Obama botched Russia response
  30. Fake News: CNN deletes, retracts story linking Trump and Russia
  31. Trump brags about lying on Twitter to influence Comey’s sworn testimony
  32. Mistrial declared in another black driver's death
  33. Planned Parent donated $734k to failed GA campaign
  34. America First
  35. Beyond opposing Trump, Democrats keep searching for a message
  36. Warning: Another Democrat Death Threat - Unending Insanity
  37. Almost 100 Veterans Died Waiting For Health Care At Los Angeles VA Hospital
  38. California Universal Healthcare Bill Taken Off Life Support
  39. Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation
  40. The 'Investigator' goes deep
  41. Rumor: Justice Kennedy may retire next week - Oy
  42. Trump accuses Clinton of colluding with Democrats to defeat ‘Crazy Bernie Sanders’
  43. Warning: Microphone cut after Mormon girl reveals she’s gay in church
  44. the global warming facts
  45. Firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators
  46. The Philando Castile Jury Was Stacked With Pro-Gun, Pro-Cop, Middle-Aged White People
  47. Analysis indicates partisan gerrymandering has benefited GOP
  48. Illegal Aliens Using Stolen Social Security Numbers of 1.4 Million Americans
  49. Professor Fired For Saying Otto Warmbier ‘Got Exactly What He Deserved’
  50. CNN Imposing New Rules On Russia Coverage After Another Botched Story
  51. tPF Brad Sherman, an L.A.-area congressman, is standing alone on impeaching Trump
  52. Obama’s Failure To Act On Russian Hacking Was A ‘Very Serious Mistake
  53. NY Times completes the gargantuan task of chronicling Trump's lies
  54. Trump accuses Obama of colluding with Russians
  55. The Minimum-Wage Job-Killer Strikes Again!
  56. Can Trump Destroy Obama’s Legacy?
  57. Supreme Court revives Trump travel ban order
  58. Supreme Court Turns Down Case on Carrying Guns in Public
  59. Rand Paul On Healthcare Bill
  60. Warning: CBO score : 22 million + more unisured.
  61. Warning: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Trinity Lutheran Church
  62. Warning: Trump threatens Syria ~ I thought Trump bashed Obama for the same thing ?
  63. 3 CNN Journalists Resign After Retracted Story on Trump Ally
  64. CNN Producer: Russia Collusion Story 'Mostly Bulls**t',
  65. Democratic Voter Fraud
  66. Can't wven trust the socialist loudmouth Bernie anymore
  67. Cali to list Monsanto herbicide as cancer-causing
  68. Dem Sen attended party at Russian Ambassadors home
  69. Warning: Homeland Security Will Start Building Border Wall Prototypes
  70. A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake.
  71. (R-NY) Chris Collins loses $17M in stock (corruption) now facing Congressional Ethics
  72. Watch Reporter slam Dragon Lady Sarah Huckabee and eat her own Fake news words
  73. Energy week.
  74. Warning: Neurology: Does the Way Trump Speaks Reveal an Underlying Problem?
  75. CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story
  76. CNN reporter Whines
  77. Dems face identity crisis
  78. Asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo
  79. Warning: Palin sues NYT over Scalise shooting
  80. Mother: ‘My Son Is Dead Because Politicians…Put Illegal Aliens Ahead of American Citi
  81. Seymour Hersh: Trump Ignored Syria Intel
  82. CNN ratings in the toilet
  83. Top Cardinal Charged With Sex Crimes
  84. GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, on Flynn's behalf!
  85. House Passes Bill Defunding Sanctuary Cities
  86. U.S. tech industry fought to keep ties to Russia spy service
  87. Cali law banning high capacity magazines blocked.
  88. Kate's Law Passes House
  89. Greta Van Sustern fired from MSNBC
  90. Russian Collusion Story Is A 'Big Nothing Burger'
  91. 'Morning Joe' Hosts Accuse Trump of Blackmailing, Threatening Them Over 'National En
  92. Justice Department gives up Washington Redskins name fight
  93. NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia
  94. Transgender Serial Killer Convicted Of Murdering Prostitutes
  95. Star bucks sit in
  96. Over 1000 active FBI ISIL investigations in the US
  97. Texas: Same sex couples not entitled to gov benefits
  98. The new Democrat Hail Mary
  99. New York Prosecutor Joining Special Counsel Mueller’s Team
  100. Rand Paul: Repeal Now, Replace Later
  101. Trump says he is sending federal help to fight Chicago crime
  102. job opening: College Hiring Director To Promote 'Feminist Theories and Knowledge'
  103. Warning: Were Voting Machines Actually Breached? DHS Would Rather Not Know
  104. CNN Staffer Caught Maligning Trump in Undercover Video | THR News
  105. What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln
  106. Associated Press Corrects Big Falsehood In Four Trump-Russia Reports
  107. Melania Trump responds to Mika Brzezinski: You don't know me
  108. Ending the daily White House press briefing?
  109. "sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporter
  110. So how is Melania's anti-cyberbullying campaign going?
  111. Warning: Great Video that Addresses CNN's Fake News
  112. Sheriff Confirms FBI Broke Law in Oregon Standoff
  113. Trump Crushes CNN
  114. California Dems decry 'bullying,' death threats from the left after shelving health b
  115. NATO allies boost defense spending
  116. No Gender testing for 2018 Olympics
  117. Maxine Waters: ‘I’m Going To Take His A** Apart’
  118. Media errors give Trump fresh ammunition
  119. A meat-free Independence Day
  120. When CNN Got Caught in a SICK Lie About Trump, They Just Did The UNBELIEVABLE To Cove
  121. Killer Of U.S. Soldier To Get Apology and 10million
  122. NYPD officer shot in ‘attempted cop assassination’ dies:
  123. CNN Had Identified Redditor Suddenly Sorry For Originating Donald Trump’s Network–Bas
  124. Mrs Terror Wants To Go Home
  125. Volvo: Gas-only cars are history after 2019
  126. Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements
  127. GOP Congressman videos himself inside Auschwitz Gas Chamber for U.S. Security
  128. Italy to nationalize bank, shed $32.5B in bad loans
  129. Wisconsin Republican looks back with regret at party's voter suppression efforts
  130. Most American voters support limited travel ban: poll
  131. Germany: Jihadis entered country as refugees
  132. Lindsay Lohan Defends President Trump
  133. Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady C
  134. NPR Tweets DOI, Trump Supporters Upset
  135. Terror Attack in Florida
  136. CNN: Democrats need to understand White working class matters
  137. Data firm working for Trump exposed 198 mn voter files
  138. 100 People Shot In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend; 15 Killed
  139. Kucinich Slams Dems for 'Destroying Party
  140. People are now snorting chocolate to get high
  141. Fake News Ratings Skyrocket
  142. Canada Gives Gitmo Prisoner 8 million
  143. Warning: Trump at G-20 ~ Refuses to say Putin and Russia cyber-attacked America blames Obama
  144. Christie hit with ethics complaint
  145. Meme war of 2017
  146. Drawing the fire of US Feminists
  147. CNN Producer I stand by my comments
  148. tPF Trump's speech in Poland
  149. Trump to wage war on North Korea ?
  150. Malaysia, Indonesia Muslim groups call for Starbucks boycott
  151. Trump Snubbed by Polish First lady
  152. New World Order
  153. LOVES me Sum Trump!
  154. Hobby Lobby fined $3 Million for smuggling Iraqi Artifacts
  155. Sharia Law Arrives
  156. CBO and OMB Agree: Federal Spending Will Top $4T for First Time This Year
  157. McConnell Downplays Prospect of Passing Health Care Bill
  158. Potential violations of federal law, punishable by jail time.
  159. Uncovering the Russia ties of Hillary’s campaign chief
  160. Rick Perry on coal: You put the supply out there .. and DEMAND will follow!
  161. CNN Slides To #13 In Cable Rankings
  162. Illegal Immigrant Drives Over Three Females In Fit Of Rage Against Women
  163. yet another falls.............South Park creator says cartoon will lay off Trump, doe
  164. June jobs report
  165. Trump Shakes Hands with Putin and Pats his Back
  166. Theres no new dress code in the house
  167. Warning: Sheriff exposes lieing White Liberal Columnist
  168. Auntie Maxine
  169. 'Kate's Law' battle shifts to the Senate, testing Dems
  170. DNC Fraud Lawsuit is the Biggest Story in Politics that No One is Talking About
  171. US court refuses to Narrow Trump Travel Ban
  172. Judicial Watch: 'Special Counsel Mueller's Investigation is Out of Control,
  173. Here's Canada's Apology to a Convicted Terrorist
  174. I just saw a dead body on the ground.
  175. More bad news for Hillary
  176. Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting
  177. Japan and Europe counter Trump with colossal trade deal
  178. Veteran Blinded By Omar Khadr Says Trudeau Guilty Of Treason
  179. Republican Voter Fraud
  180. Next up: a special counsel to probe Team Obama’s obstruction of justice
  181. Trump claims yet another victim
  182. ANTIFA Crash G20 Summit
  183. My uncle sent this to me....
  184. Warning: Trump's Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Info on Clinton
  185. Linda Sarsour Claims She's Just Misunderstood
  186. Bernie Sanders Faces Feisty Democratic Challenger
  187. Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct
  188. Comey’s Trump Memos Reportedly Contain Classified Information
  189. Is this a Hate Crime ?
  190. John Sununu
  191. Confidence in Police Back at Historical Average
  192. Warning: Breaking: Jr Knew
  193. The DNC Is Debt Ridden, Unpopular and Failing
  194. Shock: Cruz Now on Board With ACA Repeal
  195. Federal Investigation Into Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders’s Wife, Is Getting More Serio
  196. Trump Jr. Was Told The Russian Government Had Dirt On Clinton - "I Love It"
  197. Shia LaBeouf’s arrest will change the way you curse forever
  198. New Evidence That IDF Attacked USS Liberty Deliberately
  199. Liberal Legal Scholar Scoffs At Claims Donald Trump Jr. Guilty Of Treason
  200. CNN Reporter: Trump's Poland Speech Was A "White America, America First"
  201. The Moon could soon be open for business
  202. Did Jr., et al Break The Law?
  203. Kushner Now Being Investigated for Creating Fake News
  204. Another Liberal lawyers says no laws broken
  205. San Francisco Withholding Security Footage of Crimes to Prevent 'Racial Bias'
  206. Gorka Tells CNN Anchor
  207. Radical Dem Worked For Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump, Jr.
  208. Prof Lists Surviving ‘Internalized Misogyny’ On Resume
  209. Justin Trudeau awkward moment goes 'viral'
  210. Kellyanne teaches summer school to snowflakes
  211. Tucker Takes On The Neocons
  212. Trump Just Lost Veterans
  213. trump's lawyer threatens emailer
  214. Loretta Lynch Allowed Russian Lawyer Into The Country Under ‘Extraordinary Circumstan
  215. Lawyer Dashes MSNBC’s Hopes Of A Trump Admin Crime
  216. Pelosi govt not funding gender transition hurts national Security
  217. Warning: Feminist geographers encourage colleagues not to cite research of white men
  218. Of Russia and sanctions
  219. It's a Whopper Burger Extra Everything
  220. Former Electric Car Company Will Cost Taxpayers Millions
  221. Five Questions for the Senate's 'Don't Touch Medicaid' Brigade
  222. Huffington Post to search for middle america
  223. USATODAY: Tread carefully on min wage increases.
  224. Putin Puppet Dana Rohrabacher admits that he's a traitor too
  225. Warning: Mueller brings on FBI official who oversaw Clinton email investigation
  226. Free Speech Wins
  227. Trump's Russian Lawyer's Visa
  228. The 24 Republicans Who Think The Pentagon Should Pay For Transgender Surgeries
  229. Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’
  230. Why Republicans wont support the poor!
  231. OJ parole hearing
  232. tPF This is the first time American troops led the march in Paris on Bastille Day
  233. You Want a Picture of the Future? Imagine a Boot Stamping on Your Face
  234. Insurers send letter demanding removal of Cruz proposal from health care bill
  235. GOP Lawmaker: Collusion can't be ruled out
  236. $1M pot found in Mexican-made Fords transported through Warren to Kent
  237. Vatican-Vetted Magazine Accuses Steve Bannon of ‘Apocalyptic Geopolitics’
  238. Jr's Interpreter Identified
  239. Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. was in touch with top Russian prosecutor
  240. Trump campaign secured criminal lawyer for Trump Jr 11 days before NYT bombshell
  241. Previously Deported Nigerian Pleads Guilty To Ripping Off The US For $12 Million
  242. Undercover Police Handcuff Teens Selling Water on National Mall
  243. Man jailed for 90 days after drywall powder mistaken for cocaine
  244. Colbert plays Kellyanne's "Fun with Words" ...
  245. Warning: As predicted - A new low for Trump job approval
  246. Former US prosecutor on Trump-Russia investigation: 'People will be going to jail'
  247. Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones
  248. When everything is a crime
  249. News Orgs Keep Trying To Take Down Trump
  250. Trump's lawyer let something slip about the Russia meeting that raises questions abou