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  1. Arizona lawmakers vote to outlaw dog racing
  2. NYPD cops are using illegal license plate covers to thwart traffic cameras
  3. Outraged Mom Says TSA Treated Family "Like Dogs" at DFW Airport
  4. Poll: Most Americans feel the country is on the wrong track
  5. Dream Machine Dropped from Label for Refusing to Leftist Party Line
  6. Hypocrisy on free speech
  7. Actor faces weapons charges for wielding prop gun during filming
  8. Man riding a horse from South Carolina to Key West arrested on animal-cruelty charges
  9. How One Missouri Town Generates Revenue By Treating Its Residents Like Criminals
  10. Trump White House Move May Seal Torture Report Forever
  11. Bob Jones and Evergreen Universities. Let's talk.
  12. Man dressed as 'Joker', carrying sword arrested in Virginia
  13. Economic Freedom in the United States Hits Record Low in 2017
  14. Interracial couple fined for not removing graffiti slur
  15. Martin Landau dies at 89
  16. Orwell's '1984' back as bestseller amid focus on 'alternative facts'
  17. Life Under Alternative Facts
  18. The land of the free? Don’t be so sure
  19. Topekan criticizes building codes for rural Shawnee County as ‘nanny state’
  20. Hillary campaign colluded with the Ukraine to influence election
  21. Americans should start disobeying the rules
  22. Former Greenville police chief says he was detained at NY airport
  23. Drop in Illegal immigrants prasied by Border Patrol Chief
  24. Warning: Washington Post/ABC Poll
  25. trumpcare is dead
  26. Trump Administration To Allow over 15,000 new H-2b Workers Into The Country
  27. Snopes Article About Trump
  28. Renaming institutions "poor way to deal with Canada's ugly past"
  29. McConnell calls for vote to completely repeal Obamacare
  30. Young Saudi woman sparks controversy with miniskirt video
  31. The edge of national sanity
  32. Police Officer Is ‘Murdered for Her Uniform’ in the Bronx
  33. Eighth Person in Trump Jr. Meeting Identified as Ike Kaveladz
  34. Reporter Who Exposed Anti-Semitism at LGBT Event fired
  35. Wife questions unarmed husband's fatal shooting by Mesa police
  36. Sheriff’s Office under fire for questionable vehicle search
  37. Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport
  38. 'Deadliest D.A.' wants to kill justice in Philly again
  39. ‘Killing Fields’ harvest of injustice: 1.7 million killed, 3 convictions
  40. ‘Killing Fields’ harvest of injustice: 1.7 million killed, 3 convictions
  41. Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field
  42. Warning: FBI tattoo-tracking program stirs concern
  43. Trump gives CIA authority to conduct drone strikes
  44. Couple told 40-year-old pond near Butte Falls is illegal
  45. I was raped by Louisville police officers
  46. Supreme Court OKs warrantless blood draw in wreck
  47. Proof of media bias
  48. Police departments are thinking about using drones armed with stun guns
  49. Warning: Murder Rate Has Surged,' 'This IS NOT an Aberration or a Blip'
  50. Praying with trump is Theological Malpractice
  51. Manafort Was in Debt to Pro-Russia Interests, $17 million, Cyprus Records Show
  52. Warning: McCain diagnosed with brain tumor: McCain's office
  53. Breaking. Will Trump Fire Sessions? Mueller?
  54. tPF Trump spoke with Putin at G20 dinner.
  55. ICE to send hundreds of agents to sanctuary cities
  56. tPF Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions
  57. tPF Bicyclists fear Oregon’s controversial bike tax could spread
  58. Warning: Trump draws a line in the dirt, threatens Mueller
  59. Trump administration helps shutter massive online crime market
  60. OJ Granted Parole
  61. Warning: Trump asking lawyers to explore pardoning-process for Aides, Family and Himself
  62. Laugh of the Millenium
  63. Warning: 800 Obama regulations rolled back
  64. Trump Shows No Signs Of Understanding Health Insurance
  65. Mar-a-Lago ~ Trump to hire Foreign Workers
  66. Warning: Whitehouse Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns
  67. Trump Discards Obama Legacy, One Rule at a Time
  68. Warning: After 6 Months, Trump Can't Kill Obama's Legacy
  69. Sessions Encounter
  70. Rut-roh! Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client
  71. Democrats Trying to Make Chicago Suburbs Pay Off CPS Debt
  72. CIA Director Shames NYT Columnist...To His Face
  73. More Bad News for Trump
  74. Warning: Trump and Russia - the "Nhthingburger" continues!
  75. Warning: Latest Ratings: MSNBC ON TOP
  76. Source of the Sessions Leak? Don't count out Trump!
  77. Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade
  78. Warning: Mooch's Deleted Tweets
  79. Revealed: Whopping 73 Percent of CBO's 'Lost Coverage'
  80. Flow of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from U.S. rises in June
  81. Why Trump won Pennsylvania and thus, the election
  82. U.S. judge allows Trump election commission to seek voting data
  83. Warning: Donald Trump makes Boy Scouts chant for him, regales them with yacht sex story
  84. Boehner predicts Republicans will ‘never’ repeal and replace Obamacare The Washington
  85. Appeals court blocks D.C. law restricting gun rights
  86. Warning: Fox News host ‘targeted’ in ambush at Brooklyn bar
  87. Boy Scouts Upset With Trump Meltdown
  88. Manafort First to be Subpoenaed
  89. Shark Week!!!!
  90. Warning: Top Dem’s aide under investigation, nabbed trying to leave US: report
  91. Texas Senate votes to curb transgender access to public bathrooms
  92. Trump bans Transgenders from Military
  93. Tillerson Gone
  94. Melania And Ivanka Trump Chosen For ’50 Most Beautiful’ List
  95. What's a Greater Threat to Military Readiness?
  96. (R-Alabama) Rep. Mo Brooks uses Scalise shooting in campaign ad
  97. Warning: transgender seal slams trump
  98. Trump Donates His Quarterly Salary to the Department of Education
  99. Warning: Snopes
  100. One dead at Ohio State Fair as ride malfunctions.
  101. ABC, NBC, And CBS Pretty Much Bury IT
  102. White House Communications Director Scaramucci asks FBI to investigate Priebus ?
  103. California teacher detained...
  104. trump appoints *ambassador* for religious freedom
  105. Donald Trump set to punish entire state of Alaska for voting against motion
  106. 'Skinny' Obamacare repeal may leave 16 million more uninsured, CBO estimates - CNBC.
  107. SHOCK: Fla. County Has ‘Thousands’ of Voters Over Age 100
  108. chair of jcs: we don't take tweets
  109. Kenneth Starr: Mr. President, please cut it out!
  110. Dem Rep: "Citizens are not a priority over non-citizens." Why Dems keep losing....
  111. Todays' Whitehouse vulgar scumbaggery ~ Scaramucci ~ fuck Kill Schizos Suck my Cock
  112. Skinny repeal fails!
  113. 'Trump GOP Failure Friday' ... with the worst yet to come
  114. Scaramucci's Tirade Against White House Rivals
  115. Russia retaliates against sanctions
  116. Breaking: N Korean Missile Hits Japan
  117. John McCain's vote on healthcare
  118. Breaking: Charlie Gard Dead
  119. Graham, Booker writing bill to prevent Trump from firing special counsel
  120. Massachusetts governor signs bill hiking tax on recreational pot
  121. Warning: Former Transgender: Trump 'Made Right Decision
  122. Wounded Warrior Takes on Chelsea Manning,
  123. Preibus Is OUT!
  124. tPF House Judiciary Committee wants a Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton, Comey, and
  125. Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz and Information Technology
  126. MS-13 Stronger because of Trump?
  127. Trump endorses Police Brutality
  128. Shock Poll Shows Kid Rock WIth A Huge Lead
  129. Australia’s Halal Chief Says White Women Need To Be Fertilized By Muslim Men
  130. 2.6% GDP growth
  131. Hundreds of counties at risk for no Obamacare insurer in 2018
  132. Who has the most rats?
  133. Who paid for the Trump dossier?
  134. Struggling to repeal Obamacare, the Senate turns to funding border wall
  135. DOJ Heavily Prosecuting Violations of Federal Gun Laws
  136. Warning: ICE not alerted when sex assault suspect released from jail
  137. A Mississippi Black Man Is Trying To Trademark The N Word
  138. Trump threatens to end ObamaCare payments unless repeal passes
  139. Obama Official Made 'Hundreds of Unmasking Requests'
  140. Homeless mom panhandles on Market Street with newborn baby
  141. Trump threatens health insurance benefits for lawmakers
  142. Illegal Alien Deported 20 Times Rapes Two Portland Women
  143. Republicans call on new Trump chief of staff to fix White House chaos
  144. Russians Promise to 'Retaliate' if Trump Signs Sanctions Bill
  145. Trump Avoided Wheelchair-Bound Boy <Lie>
  146. Warning: Message To President Trump: To Improve National Security, Drain The Swamp
  147. From NY to LA police officials denounce Trump's endorsement of rougher treatment
  148. Ivanka learned of transgender policy on Twitter
  149. Bob Mueller is following the money
  150. Putin's bet on Trump backfires spectacularly
  151. Trump's Lost Nine Minutes
  152. BREAKING: Scaramucci No Longer in Comms Role
  153. The Mooch's wife filed for divorce when she was 9 months preggo
  154. Warning: Sheriff Joe: GUILTY!
  155. Sam Shepard dies
  156. Wasserman Schultz Seemingly Planned To Pay Suspect Even While He Lived In Pakistan
  157. Transgender: We’re ‘Medically Reliant’ Like Diabetics, Asthmatics;
  158. An Inclusion Crisis
  159. Many Americans are too drugged-out to work
  160. Trump dictated sons' misleading statement on meeting with Russian Lawyer
  161. Russian Hacking The Power Grid.
  162. Obstruction of Justice
  163. Weed Legalization Is Fueling A Boom In America’s Marijuana Black Market
  164. Didn't Single Payer Fail in Your Own State?
  165. Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers
  166. Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer
  167. Fox faked news at trump's insistance
  168. Pence: US Backs Georgia in NATO
  169. Dem IT Tech Awan Reportedly Sold Info to Still Unknown Parties
  170. Kushner: Trump Staff Too Dumb to Collude
  171. Trump Approved Fake FOX news Seth Rich Story
  172. Wasserman Schultz under pressure to testify on ex-IT aide; complaint filed
  173. The price is wrong... bitch
  174. House Judiciary Committee Asks DOJ to Investigate DNC Rigging Primaries
  175. Christopher Wray Is In
  176. Justice Department to probe affirmative action in college admissions: NY Times
  177. Trump is giving Putin time to move $$$ around.
  178. Hillary Bullied Tiny Bangladesh To Help Clinton Foundation Donor
  179. Commercial Crabber Of 50 Years Tells Gore Sea Level Hasn’t Changed
  180. Calexit Leader: Replace Middle Class With Immigrants
  181. State Department weighs eliminating democracy promotion as goal
  182. Calf born in Texas a spitting image of Gene Simmons!
  183. Should employers stop testing for pot?
  184. "Ohio Mom" deported to "dangerous city."
  185. Blistering heat wave
  186. Senior EPA Official Quits, Blasts Trump
  187. Warning: Racist Stephen Miller Gets Grilled
  188. Comey has a book deal
  189. Dem Sen. Goes Bonkers Over Trump Threat Against His Obamacare Exemption
  190. North Korea travel ban begins Sept 1
  191. Trump signs Russia sanctions bill
  192. Al Gore’s Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household
  193. Liberal Writer Questions Whether White Men Should Be Allowed To Vote
  194. With fifth judge confirmed, Trump outpaces Obama and Bush
  195. Retired generals, admirals thank Trump for announcing ban on transgender troops
  196. Americans crushing it with their 401k's
  197. Baltimore police officials disturbed by body camera video, sources say
  198. Tillerson spurns $80 million to counter ISIS, Russian propaganda
  199. Warning: Awan's What wSmashed Hard Drives? More Fake News
  200. Trump's approval rating plummets to 33%
  201. Transcript: Trump urged Mexican president to stop criticizing wall - ...
  202. Special Counsel Mueller impanels Grand Jury in Trump Russia conspiracy
  203. NASCP warns black travelers to use caution when visiting Missouri
  204. Breaking news! White house leaks finally plugged!
  205. WV governor announces he'll switch to GOP at Trump ralley
  206. Obamacare Premium Hikes For Next Year Are Coming
  207. Haitian asylum seekers pour into Canada
  208. R Kelly's live tour meets opposition in Georgia
  209. Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break
  210. Seymour Hersh: Seth Rich Contacted Wikileaks, Media Lying About Trump
  211. Chinese workers forced to drink toilet water
  212. Warning: Did you vote for Trump?
  213. Trend in Age-Related Euthanasia in the Netherlands
  214. Top Dem: Congress Needs To Investigate ‘Disgraceful’ Transcript Leaks
  215. Warning: Here Comes the Subpoenas!
  216. Warning: GOP senators reject Trump's blaming Congress for Russia rift
  217. Unnamed source leaks sessions big announcement on leaks to fox news.
  218. Trump isn't going quiet on Russia. He's getting louder!
  219. Not a Hoax, Not a Dream, Not Fake News
  220. Donald off on a 17 day golf vacation!
  221. Dems starting to win state races in Trump districts
  222. republicans in the house sent staffers to look for Dossier author.
  223. If you have a camping trip planned to Glacier National Park ... CANCEL!
  224. Double rainbow over White House Thursday, Aug 3.
  225. Warning: Owners not signing Colin Kaepernick are ‘cowards’
  226. Happy Birthday President Obama!
  227. tPF Bibi or Trump
  228. Yuge shift in Federal Immigration Policy
  229. Payrolls increase, wages rise with jobless rate at 16-year low
  230. Parents Sue Private School
  231. Warning: Maxine Waters: After Impeaching Trump, Go After Pence
  232. Trump devastated
  233. US Blackwater guard's murder conviction overturned
  234. Israeli police confirm Netanyahu is suspect in fraud investigation
  235. ACLJ FOIA Reveals Damning Evidence
  236. Pharma bro' Shkreli convicted of fraud i
  237. Denver Mayor To Establish Legal Defense Fund For Illegal Aliens
  238. Jeff Sessions threatens reporters with subpoenas
  239. Breaking: UN imposes Massive Sanctions Against N Korea
  240. U.S. military searches for 3 Marines in sea after aircraft crashes off Australia
  241. Illinois ObamaCare insurance premiums expected to rise 43 percent next year
  242. Fox News anchor Eric Bolling suspended
  243. Watch Police Strangle Protester....
  244. Russian oligarch’s plane flies into New Jersey on same day Donald Trump arrives for g
  245. Eric Bolling Accuser Is Anti-Trump Professor
  246. OpEd: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s pathetic ‘right thing’ defense
  247. Voter purges coming soon - And it might be you
  248. Krauthammer: Once again, the guardrails hold
  249. Huff, puff, pass? Sessions' pot fury not echoed by task force
  250. Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts