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  1. Gender Switch Surgery for the Third time
  2. Trump signs law to aid wounded U.S. Capitol Police officers
  3. Empty State Department sapping morale, some staffers say: 'Death by a thousand cuts'
  4. ABC host grills Kellyanne on Don Jr. letter defending Russia meeting
  5. An Interesting Point Regarding Trump and Jeff Sessions
  6. Arizona Republicans Censure John McCain
  7. DOJ Releases 400+ Pages of Clinton=Lynch Emails That Comey Said Did Not Exist
  8. Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter of animals
  9. Debbie Schultz: The Police Are Racist Against Her Muslim Staffer
  10. Obama's Army takes on Trump!
  11. CONFIRMED: Loretta Lynch's Attorney General Email Alias
  12. Sessions' War on Weed: It has begun
  13. Engineer Challenges Google's PC Culture, Gets Fired
  14. Kaepernick can blame himself
  15. Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid widespread mistrust
  16. Trump promotes news report based on leaked news from anonymous sources
  17. Trump's FCC exploits loophole to push massive expansion of pro-Trump propaganda
  18. Why 2018 might not be such an amazing election for Democrats
  19. Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension in Russia inquiry
  20. Maxine Waters: ‘Trump Is Most Deplorable Person I Have Met in My Life’
  21. tPF Green movement exploiting children of color
  22. Warning: Bakers refused to make pro-Trump birthday cake
  23. Rhinestone cowboy is dead!
  24. Chicago ‘Proudly’ Violates ‘Rule of Law’ and Protects ‘Criminal Aliens
  25. Marijuana use holds three-fold blood pressure death risk:
  26. Scientist hid evidence that a pesticide did NOT cause cancer
  27. Professor says dogs and cats harm climate, advises hamsters instead
  28. Paris attack: Man shot in hunt for BMW driver who mowed down six French soldiers
  29. FBI raids Manafort
  30. Dems demand U.S. agencies reveal how much they spend at Trump businesses
  31. Trump needs positive reinforcement twice a day
  32. The Russians are coming is a Flop
  33. Govt. Employees Arrested for Selling False IDs to Illegal Immigrants for Voter Fraud
  34. NYT Admits Its Front Page Climate Change Article Was Wrong
  35. Broke Chicago Public School System Lays Off 356 Teachers
  36. Atlanta gym owner defends ban on cops, soldiers:
  37. Illegal immigration statistics show Trump’s resolve
  38. Rise in Concealed-Carry Permits Biggest Among Black Women
  39. Todays' Trump in your face bold-faced lie
  40. North Korea says Guam strike plan ready within days
  41. Trump calls for (R-KY) Sen. Mitch McConnell to Resign
  42. President OBAMA gets holiday in his honor!
  43. God authorizes Trump to attack North Korea
  44. Quebec border camp swells with asylum seekers
  45. Susan Rice: Obama, Predecessors 'Failed' on NKorea
  46. Warning: Trump thanks Putin for expelling U.S. Diplomats
  47. t Looks Like The Democratic Party Is Choosing White Dudes To Lead Their Revival
  48. Locked Up: Liberal College Student Heading To Jail
  49. Professional Cuddling Business Booming
  50. Warning: Dershowitz Tells Maxine Waters Not to Call Him a Racist
  51. 'locked and loaded'
  52. Fact Check: Experts Call Trump's Tax Claim False
  53. Uncertainty over Trump's health policies driving double-digit insurance price hikes
  54. Freedom Caucus seeks to force ObamaCare repeal vote
  55. Cost to you to renovate Whitehouse 'Dump' as Trump golfs amidst near nuclear war
  56. More than half of Republicans would support postponing 2020 election
  57. Virginia's Largest Health Insurer Drops Out of Obamacare Individual Market
  58. College Offers ‘Cultural Dogs’ And ‘American Whiteness’ Classes
  59. OpEd: Hillary Clinton Is Back in the News – As a Lay Preacher?
  60. Warning: Trump is just dying to start a war
  61. Al Gore defends Trump on North Korean nuke crisis:
  62. Investigator in Trump tax return case is taken into custody
  63. Venezuela calls Trump's warning of possible military action a 'crazy act' CNN.com - 8
  64. Boeing makes excellent addition to Board: Caroline Kennedy
  65. Pop-up safe-injection site opens in Toronto w/o city approval
  66. MSF suspends Mediterranean rescues as migrant dispute mounts
  67. Could Kid Rock really beat Debbie Stabenow
  68. Warning: White Racist Group Praises Trump Response
  69. Allen West: I Can No Longer Remain Silent on Colin Kaepernick
  70. Warning: Driver Who Plowed Into People In Charlottesville Identified As James Fields,
  71. Cabinet swap could give GOP an extra Senate seat
  72. Ex-Jet wants to market pot-derived painkillers at youth games
  73. Single Payer Poll
  74. Republicans are not happy with Trump's response to Charlottesville
  75. Fake News Media and the Left have IGNORED BLM's Racist Violence=Double Standard
  76. Warning: The Charlottesville Terror Attack
  77. Violent Crime on the Rise in Major Cities
  78. Warning: Violent Crime on the Rise in Major Cities
  79. Warning: godwin: yeah, they're the same as nazis
  80. Prominent Black CEO quits Trump's manufacturing council
  81. Elon Musk Is Getting SpaceX Closer to Mars, One Rocket at a Time
  82. Google & Go Daddy ban Der Stormer
  83. Trump Reads Oh So Heartfelt and Sincere Rebuke Of White Supremacists Off Teleprompter
  84. Republican Mexican Convicted of Illegally Voting
  85. Did Police Just Stand Around As Charlottesville Descended Into Chaos?
  86. Trump ‘seriously considering’ pardon for Sheriff Arpaio
  87. Obama Knew In 2014 Of Russian Attempts To Disrupt Elections
  88. Trump to pardon Arpaio further emboldening White-Racisss ?
  89. Another Right Wing Terrorist???
  90. Charlottesville Killer James Fields at Dachau ~ 'This was where the magic happened'
  91. White supremacist loses his job after pictures of him at rally with alleged murderer
  92. Durham, N.C. ~ Protesters tear down Confederate Statue
  93. Policeman Reportedly Mocks Charlottesville Attack
  94. CEO's resigning from Trump Manufacturing Council
  95. Warning: Do you condemn ALL RACIAL VIOLENCE and RACIST GROUPS? I do.
  96. Activity in N. Korea
  97. McMaster: Susan Rice ‘Not Right’ About Tolerating Kim’s Nuclear Weapons
  98. Blowup: CNN Commentators
  99. McAuliffe, ACLU Clash Over Police Restraint in Charlottesville
  100. Left-Wing Agitators Call For Escalated Tactics In Response To Charlottesville
  101. Warning: Lexington, Ky. Mayor Says Confederate Statues Are Coming Down After Charlottesville -
  102. trump doj seeks to crush resistance
  103. U.S. Oil Drillers Keep Pressure on OPEC With Record Shale Output
  104. Trump retweets then deletes violent image of "Trump Train" mowing down CNN reporter
  105. Trump Retweets Far Right Conspiracy Crackpot
  106. Warning: Did ANTIFA cause the riot in Charlottesville?
  107. The Nazis are barely warming up!
  108. Statement by Attorney General Sessions on ...Department of Justice
  109. Trump loudly insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence
  110. Just for the record
  111. Warning: Trump: Why Isn't The Media Demanding Condemnation of Alt-Left Violence
  112. WaPo: Documents Show Russians Sought Meetings With Trump
  113. The Alt Right Nazi's Are Getting Ready in Boston
  114. Iran's president says it could restart its nuclear program 'within hours'
  115. Tribal right, Tribal left, polarizing America.
  116. It's "Infrastructure Week" ... and nobody is listening
  117. Warning: Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain
  118. In 1927, Donald Trump's father was arrested after a Klan riot in NYC
  119. CNN Host Allows Democrat to Tell Black Republican to 'Shut Up!'
  120. Did The Left Force This NYT Reporter To Retract Her Remarks On Antifa
  121. Total Disaster: A Guide to How Bad the Democratic Party Is right now
  122. New’ Dem hope Maxine Waters turns 79
  123. American Bar Association Wants to Let Undocumented Immigrants Practice Law
  124. Obama Never Told 21 States Russians Were Hacking Their Voting Systems
  125. Warning: Baltimore ~ Confederate Statues removed in middle of the night
  126. More CEO's abandon the sinking SS Trump
  127. CNN Host Allows Republican to Tell Black Democrat to 'Shut Up!'
  128. tPF The Nation reports. Hacking an inside job
  129. Finally, Republicans are denouncing Trump by name
  130. President Trump must go
  131. Confederate Battleground Memphis
  132. White Supremacist Organizer as Former Occupy Wall Street, Obama Supporter
  133. Chicago pastor urges mayor to remove George Washington statue, rename park over slave
  134. Fox News in Early Talks With Laura Ingraham
  135. Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings
  136. In Odd Move, One Of Mueller’s Investigators Leaves Trump-Russia Probe
  137. Major Figures Work To Mainstream Violent Antifa Protesters
  138. The Nation's Big Problem
  139. Death Of An Republican Obamacare Talking Point
  140. all of trump's ceo advisors quit, so he disbanded the councils
  141. A top FBI investigator has unexpectedly stepped away from special counsel Mueller's R
  142. The hacker who created the malware that infiltrated the DNC has talked to the FBI
  143. Charlottesville ~ Obama’s Response Shatters Twitter Record
  144. Obama team warned in 2014 about Russian interference: Report
  145. Warning: Vice documentary on the white nationalists at charlottesville
  146. tPF Please fill out from low to high
  147. House Dems Resolution to Censure Trump
  148. Warning: Charlottesville: Neo Nazi CRIES After Being Wanted For ARREST
  149. Trump Lawyer John Dowd forwards email echoing Secessionist Rhetoric
  150. Birmingham, Alabama ~ Mayor orders Confederate Monument boarded-up
  151. Warning: Phoenix, Arizona ~ Mayor tells Trump not to come
  152. Charlottesville ~ Military Joint Chiefs condemn White Racists
  153. Warning: Virginia State Police Admit that Pres.Trump was 100% RIGHT!
  154. Charlottesville ~ Trump now denying moral equivalency
  155. No, Trump didn't dissolve the Manufacturing and Strategic Forums
  156. Trump will resign for immunity this Fall says former ally
  157. Trump supporters unite
  158. Warning: Terror attack in Barcelona
  159. 12 memorials that must come down if Democrats are serious about erasing racism
  160. White Nationalists warn they will return to Charlottesville
  161. Blue Angels in Chicago
  162. Trump stokes culture wars with debunked General Pershing myth
  163. Warning: Members of Congress to meet with Yale psychiatrist to discuss Trump's mental health
  164. Larry Elder: Fatherless Families Are the No. 1 Problem in America, Not Racism
  165. Poll: 62% of Americans Favor Keeping Confederate Statues
  166. ANTIFA on Assaulting Local CBS Reporter At Richmond Rally
  167. CNN anchor to Senate candidate: Stop talking
  168. Jake Tapper: Antifa protesters have attacked several journalists
  169. Number of asylum seekers to Canada up four fold in August
  170. Peace loving Liberal Senator
  171. Wasserman Schultz's Former IT Aide Indicted
  172. FBI 'Reopened' Case Regarding Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting
  173. Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.
  174. NAACP Leader Defends Confederate Monuments
  175. Rep. Rohrabacher Says Assange Could Be Pardoned For Info About DNC Leak Source
  176. Boston Police Lay down the rules
  177. Warning: Bannon out
  178. I know you libs hate this guy but
  179. Chuck Schumer Says Feds Will Spend $18,000,000 to Buy Grape Juice to
  180. White House lawyer Cobb predicts quick end to Mueller probe
  181. Maxine Waters accuses Ben Carson of being ‘white-wing nationalist’
  182. Vulnerable: Democratic Senator Makes An Admission About Obamacare
  183. Warning: 'Not A Crime'
  184. Corker: Trump hasn't demonstrated the stability or competence to be successful
  185. Al Qaeda publishes blueprint for attacks on key US transportation systems
  186. Florida police officer is killed, five others are shot across the country within two
  187. Pelosi’s ‘White Supremacist’ Prayer Organizer Responds
  188. Dems risk culture war fight in Charlottesville response
  189. Facebook Refuses to Remove Flagged Child Pornography, ISIS Videos
  190. New magazine covers get it right!
  191. Here it is!
  192. The Boston *Free Speech* Rally
  193. White House ends ban on selling bottled water at National Parks
  194. Noam Chomsky: 'Self-Destructive' Antifa Is 'A Major Gift To The Right'
  195. Now its Christopher Columbus
  196. Missouri Gov Calls On Senate To Expel Sen Who Said She Wants Trump Assassinated
  197. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Trump's Arts Committee Resigns En Masse with Scathing Letter
  198. Monday is solar eclipse - are you in Path of Totality?
  199. If We're Erasing the Remnants of Slavery, etal., Shouldn't the DNC be DISBANDED?
  200. Trump, first lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors...
  201. The far right and the far left
  202. Suspected Florida Cop Killer Claimed To Be Member Of Black Extremist Group
  203. Linda Sarsour’s Terrorist Friend Stripped Of Citizenship
  204. Anti-Trump AG Raked In Campaign Donations From An Oil Tycoon With Ties To Putin
  205. Fight against extremism for former neo-Nazi from Chicago ramps up after Trump
  206. British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk
  207. Canada struggles with refugee surge from US
  208. People Hate CNN Because They Pretend To Be Objective
  209. RIP Dick Gregory
  210. North Korea warns of 'merciless strike' ahead of US-South Korea drills
  211. Jerry Lewis dead @91
  212. ComedIan Dick Gregory dead @84
  213. Trumps in the dumps
  214. Steve Bannon attacks
  215. Warning: Private Schools First, Public Schools Last in K-12 Ratings
  216. FBI Reopens Lynch-Clinton Meeting FOIA Search
  217. University of Texas Removes Four Confederate Statues Overnight
  218. Defeaning silence by Ivanka and Jared
  219. Caregiver convicted of rape
  220. Breaking: Wassermans IT aid probed for selling info to foriegn natiions
  221. Antifa Goons Hurl Urine, Rocks, and Epithets at Police
  222. Katie Couric producers doused with ‘concoction of human urine and mud
  223. The reality of nepotism
  224. Jeep Headed to China?
  225. Nonprofits Dumping Mar a Lago
  226. A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  227. tPF Trump's address on Afghanistan.
  228. Boston Antifa: Says
  229. Obama and Clinton Supporters Aim To Halt Trotskyite Takeover Of Democratic Party
  230. MSNBC After Awful DNC Fundraising
  231. USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca
  232. Warning: Trump’s Base Goes Ballistic Over His ‘Unlimited War’
  233. Dozens killed in airstrikes on Raqqa
  234. Phoenix Mayor Stanton on Trump's Campaign Tour for Deplorables
  235. We need safe zones, Chinese middle school freshmen need...
  236. Clinton Defends Trump
  237. 33 Arrests: ‘Antifa’ Mob Assaults Police, Elderly Woman, Trump Supporter; Engulfs Fre
  238. Missouri senator who urged Trump assassination booted from committees
  239. Trump Disbands Climate-Science Advisory Committee
  240. ‘Wuss Republicans’ Stopping GOP Agenda, Not Democrats
  241. Howard Dean: If You Vote Republican in 2018, You're A Racist
  242. No pardon for Arpiao announcement
  243. Judge Rules on CA Town Sanctuary City Challenge
  244. ESPN jumps the shark
  245. Great Speech Tonight
  246. Warning: More Acquittals In Bundy Trials
  247. Trump supporters faked out by photo of 2016 Cavs victory parade
  248. Cable race: Foxnews dominates ratings...
  249. Phoenix Protest
  250. ‘This Is Not Hazing. This Is Rape’