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  1. More Than 80 Percent of Obamacare Enrollees Live in Trump-Won States
  2. Putin’s First Year in the White House
  3. U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel
  4. FBI Used 'Garbage' Dossier to Get Warrants 'to Spy on Americans'
  5. California Dems lose SuperMajority
  6. NBA’s TV Ratings Are Up, and NFL’s Are Down
  7. Law enforcement leaders say Trump’s strong support for police saves lives
  8. Sellouts
  9. Sheila Despicable Jackson Lee
  10. NFL cancels Sunday Night Football this week
  11. Rep. Jackson Lee cites racism as root of United Airlines incident
  12. Ivanka Trump's Defunct Jewelry Business Linked to Money Laundering
  13. Why Is a Small Montana Town a Hotbed of Far-Right Activity?
  14. With Trump Impeachment Petition Nearing 4 Million Signatures, Democratic Mega-Donor's
  15. Vanity Fair on the hotseat
  16. A business where human bodies were butchered
  17. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Punked for 22 minutes by Russian Imposters
  18. U.S. holiday sales set to break records in surprise boon to retail
  19. Ex-lawyer for pharma executive Shkreli convicted of aiding fraud scheme
  20. My Liberal Friends Say My Trump Defenses Are 100 Percent Right
  21. Why are students permitted to behave like this
  22. McCain associate supoened over Trump Dossier
  23. Rampant Sexual Harassment at Obama’s DOJ
  24. Trumps Repeal of Obamacare?
  25. The Latest Leftwing Insanity
  26. He built a food pantry in his lawn for the hungry. His town followed.
  27. The quiet probe into Clinton email investigation could be a landmine for Mueller
  28. Cuomo Claims GOP Tax Bill 'Pillages' Blue States,
  29. US, Israel Forge Secret Pact to Counter Iran
  30. Aflac boosts employee benefits, pledged additional US investment
  31. Trump ~ 'I will win in 2020 because Fake News Media will collapse without me'
  32. Infant Among 12 Dead In Bronx Apartment Fire
  33. Black Confederate soldiers would be honored
  34. Watch U.S. Ambassador to Netherlands (R) Hoekstra Lie about his Lies
  35. '16 Collusions' ~ What we learned from the Trump New York Times Interview
  36. Illinois To Ban 'Gay Panic Defense'
  37. Trump Terminated All Members Of HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation
  38. 'The Type of Statement Authoritarians Make': Trump Claims He Has 'Absolute Right' to
  39. State Department releases Huma Abedin emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop
  40. Judicial Watch: DOJ, Mueller 'Wanted to Hide the Truth'
  41. Trump hosts Coast Guard members for golf tournament in Florida
  42. Be Brave Ranch’ Cuts PTSD of Abused Children in Half
  43. *trump administration* gives up on banning transgender military recruits
  44. Iranian Women Defy Islamic Dress Code
  45. US Considers Withholding Hundreds of Millions in Aid to Pakistan
  46. Pharmacy Owner Opens Fire On Robbers Who Threatened Him
  47. NYMag Report: Papadopoulos, Not Dossier, Sparked Russia Investigation
  48. DOJ doesnt turn Dossier documents over to congress
  49. Workers find child wearing only diaper wandering in cold
  50. Iranian Protests Spread to Tehran; at Least Two Dead
  51. ‘Multiple Deputies Down’ in Colorado Shooting, Officials Say
  52. Wikileaks Drops Proof that NYT Colluded with Hillary Clinton
  53. Hillary Clinton backer paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct
  54. Chris Matthews Runs An Abusive Work Environment
  55. Baltimore Residents: Murder Rate Shot Up Over Less Police Presence
  56. CNBC Director arrested
  57. A banner year for Fox News:
  58. Gun and knife crime soaring in London, official figures show
  59. Homelessness Crisis
  60. Taylor Swift Bought a House for a Homeless, Pregnant Fan
  61. Iran Protests Highlight Obama's Failure
  62. Trump: No More Aid to Deceitful Pakistan
  63. Trumps avg approval going up
  64. The lefts preferred president
  65. Businesses Spending, Investing More as 'Trump Effect' Takes Hold
  66. US Cuts Off $255M in Foreign Military Aid to Pakistan
  67. NYPD probes claims that some cops are fudging crime stats
  68. Mainstream media errors in the Trump era
  69. House expands Russia probe to FBI,
  70. House Republicans lobbing attacks on Mueller have been in touch with the White House
  71. Srt
  72. 2017: Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Military Casualties 18 to 1
  73. Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions
  74. Bishops Challenge Pope:
  75. 'Mine is Bigger than Yours'
  76. Suppression of Good News Is the Media's Dirtiest Tactic.
  77. Racists that use the White Power supremist sign
  78. It's so cold outside
  79. Tax Relief Paying Off Already
  80. Bannon says Trump Jr. will 'crack like an egg' under Russia probe pressure
  81. Why the media is a joke.... Weather it will kill you..........
  82. N.Korea Reopens Hotline to South After Pres.Trump's "reality check" with Kim Jong-un
  83. Bill and Hillary Clinton's House Is On Fire
  84. Breaking news:Manafort sues Mueller, Rosenstein, claims Russia probe has gone too far
  85. Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004
  86. Somali Immigrant Allegedly Tried To Rape Woman In Labo
  87. Trump ~ 'Bannon has lost his Mind' ~ Whitehouse in Meltdown
  88. Trumps ratings go up again
  89. Ex-U.S. NSA contractor to plead guilty to massive theft of secret data
  90. " President" Trump shuts down "voter fraud" commission
  91. Reps. Meadows, Jordan: It's Time for a New Attorney General
  92. Liberal Prof: There's No Evidence of Collusion,
  93. Racist Attacks by Media Don't Affect White People,
  94. Virginia House of Delegates Race Has Finally Been Decided
  95. Watergate Reporter says
  96. A College Kid Say It’s Okay To Kill Little Kids
  97. Justice Department ending Obama policy that let legal pot flourish
  98. Judge Denies Fusion GPS Bid to Block House Subpoena for Bank Records
  99. Divided Democrats face liberal backlash on immigration
  100. Wolff has recordings.
  101. Special Council has now substantiated claims by Comey about interactions with Trump
  102. House Intel committee to get long-sought documents from DOJ on Fusion GPS, Nunes says
  103. Democrats’ dishonest scramble to disown the Trump ‘dossier’
  104. DOW Hits 25,000 ~ Trump gets no Respect
  105. Ajit Pai will not be speaking at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show
  106. Meryl Streep
  107. U.S. Targets 10 New Countries Over Religious Freedom
  108. I'm now all about Climate Change
  109. When you get in the ambulance, you may stay there for a while
  110. Bill Clintons Sex Trysts
  111. Dopey Don expected protection from Sessions in Russia probe
  112. FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation
  113. 'Sloppy Steve Bannon' now the latest craze as Fire and Fury hits the Bookstores
  114. Job growth slows to a six-year low in Trump’s first year
  115. 35 Peace Groups Demand Congress Protect Public From Nuclear 'Bomb Threat' Trump
  116. Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression
  117. Internet Unites to Protect Net Neutrality as Netflix Tells FCC: "See You in Court"
  118. Russia meddling criminal referral
  119. Bloody Year: Chicago Ends Year With 3,500+ Gunshot Victims And Over 600 Homicides'
  120. Black Unemployment Just Hit the Lowest Level Ever Recorded
  121. Single-Payer in Crisis: Britain's NHS Cancels 50,000 Surgeries
  122. Wolff says he cant be sure if book is all true
  123. Senior Hillary Adviser Tells Students He’s Nervous They Will Like The Tax Cuts
  124. Dopey Don: 347 days. 1,950 misleading or outright false claims.
  125. NFL TV ratings drop almost 10 percent, networks see revenue decline
  126. CDC to hold briefing on how public can prepare for nuclear war
  127. Ellen Meets Alabama Hero Dad Nathan Mathis
  128. NY may scrap its income tax for a payroll tax
  129. Trump 4 a.m. tweet tirade ~ 'My greatest assets are mental-stability and Genius'
  130. WaPo: Trump's First Year Job Numbers Are 'Very, Very Good'
  131. NYTs reporter doubts Michael Wolffs trustworthiness
  132. Trump Protestervsues UCSD
  133. Fire and Fury
  134. Bannon Walks it back
  135. The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2017 (15th Annual)
  136. Court Orders Antifa Teacher To Pay Thousands In Damages
  137. Bannon ‘Regrets’ Critical Comments In ‘Inaccurate’ Book On Trump
  138. WikiLeaks shares full text of Wolff's Trump book
  139. Even MSBNC's "Morning Joe" Panel is DISGUSTED with Exposed Clinton Corruption
  140. Yale 'Expert' Warns Trump Could End Humankind
  141. Warning: Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to government
  142. Lindsey Graham on MTP Yesterday.
  143. Senate bill to undo net neutrality repeal gains 30th co-sponsor, ensuring floor vote
  144. World’s First ‘Mental Health Ambulance’ is Helping Hundreds of People in Sweden
  145. House committee FINALLY gets access to long-sought Trump dossier records
  146. Wolff maybe be open to lots of lawsuits
  147. Look at this sleazy abortion provider
  148. Warning: Alabama Player Yells, F*** Trump!"
  149. Starving Venezuelans Swarm Supermarkets
  150. All Four NFL Playoff Games See Double-Digit Ratings Decrease
  151. FGCU police presence planned for start of 'White Racism' class
  152. Fusion GPS Founder's Senate Judiciary Testimony Released
  153. Judiciary Looks for Leaks; to interview 8 DOJ/FBI Witnesses in Dossier Probe, as well
  154. Bannon out at Breitbart
  155. Fake News Lies About President's Reception at FBS Champoinship Game
  156. It Snowed in the SAHARA; darned Global Warming; or Climate Change; or..whatever
  157. New York Dem Charged With Stealing Hurricane Relief Funds
  158. Trump administration bars oil drilling off Florida
  159. Inside the growing backlash against China
  160. Utilities Coast-to-Coast Announce Customer Rate Cuts
  161. Warning: Riddled With Errors:' CNN's Tapper Dismantles 'Fire and Fury'
  162. Steve Bannon Is Out At Breitbart News
  163. TICK TOCK: Republican Rep. Darrell Issa steps aside
  164. Trump vows 'strong look' at 'sham' libel laws
  165. Psychiatric Association Hammers Members
  166. FBI Fraud Probe into Bernie's Wife Has Deepened
  167. Sheriff Joe is Running For Office Again
  168. Rural America is getting broadband
  169. Chicago Professors Demand Obama Move His ‘Socially Regressive’ Presidential Center E
  170. Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens
  171. Mueller team adds prosecutor specializing in cyber crime
  172. Trump calls interview with special counsel 'unlikely'
  173. Fabricating a War on Iran
  174. As Florida Gets Drilling Exemption, Former WH Ethics Chief Accuses Trump of Creating
  175. If This Is Making America Great, We're In Trouble
  176. Trump, the 'Very Stable Genius,' Is Falling Apart as Mueller Seeks Interview
  177. Average Life Expectancy in the US Has Declined for a Second Year -- and Trump Is Not
  178. Russia, Banned From The Winter Olympics, Apparently Is Hacking Olympic Emails
  179. Immigration agents descend on 7-Eleven stores in 17 states
  180. American Psychiatric Association calls for end to ‘arm chair’ psychiatry amid Trump s
  181. Confused readers are buying the wrong ‘Fire and Fury’
  182. South Korean president credits Trump with bringing North Korea to the table
  183. More DACA Recipients Arrested for Gang Crimes than Enlisted in US Military
  184. The Stable Genius Act
  185. Kellyanne Conway ~ 'Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton'
  186. NYT Columnist: Yeah, The Anti-Trump Movement Is Crumbling
  187. Whitehouse Website ~ The term 'Collusion' yields no results
  188. Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn
  189. As an industry rots, Michael Wolff laughs his way to the bank
  190. Trump ~ ' Immigration Meeting got Great Reviews and ever Witnessed '
  191. BOMBSHELL: Phony Hillary-funded Russian Dssier Was Used to Obtain FISA Warrants
  192. Trump bashes FISA hours after his own Whitehouse endorses it
  193. This is why the left is failing
  194. Wal-Mart Raises Hourly Wage to $11 in Wake of Tax Overhaul
  195. Feinstein blames 'bad cold' for handling of Fusion GPS transcript
  196. Feinstein blames 'bad cold' for handling of Fusion GPS transcript
  197. Trump administration allows states to make Medicaid recipients work
  198. Ecuador grants citizenship to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent 5 year
  199. Fox/Shepherd Smith 2, Dopey Donald 0.
  200. 'Bannon may already be cooperating with Mueller': tell-all book shifts frame of Russi
  201. 2018 Looks Like an Arms Bonanza
  202. Why Trump Keeps Telling the World 'I’m Smart'
  203. Europe Warns Trump: Any Move to Scrap Iran Nuke Deal Will 'Send a Dangerous Signal to
  204. The Sanctity of Life
  205. Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell 'Blatant Li
  206. 'Going Outside Traditional Media,' Sanders to Stream National 'Medicare for All' Town
  207. Wapo tells democrats help Trump build the Wall
  208. Sarah Sanders Just Burned CNN
  209. WaPo Reporter Placed On Leave After She’s Exposed Giving Secret Strategy Briefing
  210. Democrat Rips Pelosi For Attacking ‘White Guys’ In Her Own Party
  211. Media bias condemned by people in 35 nations
  212. 'Shithole Nations'
  213. $15 minimum wage in Ontario implemented
  214. Watch Arpaio learn his pardon was an admission of guilt
  215. Trump paid Porn-Star to keep quiet
  216. Pew: US media bias ranks worst in the world
  217. AG Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago
  218. Virgin Galactic will send tourists into space within MONTHS
  219. "Sloppy Steve" is at it again!
  220. Mueller requests trial date for Manafort & Gates
  221. President Trump Is A RACIST! CNN Don Lemon
  222. New Filing Shows Eric Trump Raised Millions, Lied About His Foundation's Expenses
  223. chrysler plant moving back
  224. Warning: Aryan Nations gang member shot Tennessee officer
  225. Uranium One Indictment.
  226. New tax guidelines rely on workers to double-check their paychecks
  227. Clinton's TOOK $9 Billion for Haitian Relief; almost 90% NEVER WENT TO HAITI
  228. Trey Gowdy steps down from House Ethics Committee, citing 'workload'
  229. MLK Jr.'s Niece: 'Trump Is Not a Racist
  230. West African: Trump is Right, Africa is a Continent of Sh*t
  231. Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits
  232. Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘The Most Despicable Human Being
  233. Trump is in Excellent Health
  234. Feminist Scholar Analyzes History Of Pelicans And ‘Racialized, Sexual Violence’
  235. John Lewis Claims Trump’s ‘DNA’ Makes Him Racist
  236. Baby Bust: Feds Raid California’s “Maternity Hotels”
  237. Hawaii Missile False Alarm ~ 'Thank God Trump was playing Golf'
  238. David Perdue of Georgia, said Mr. Trump “did not use that word
  239. Democrats Vote to Give Trump More Power
  240. Pelosi's Elitist Democrats: The Party of the Rich, Sneering at the Poor
  241. Warning: Is Donald Trump's Dark Russian Secret Hiding in Deutsche Bank's vaults?
  242. If you need or know someone that needs work
  243. Stop "diagnosing" President Trump
  244. Alveda King
  245. Economists Credit Trump For Booming Economy,
  246. California leads the USA in Poverty Rate
  247. Gallup: 61% of Republicans Satisfied With Direction of US
  248. Daily Beast Writer Plagiarized More Than Once
  249. San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals
  250. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies suddenly aged 46