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  1. Sandy Hook "Victims" are still alive.
  2. House Moving on Immigration Reform Too!
  3. Dow falls short of 14,000 but closes at highest level since 2007
  4. U.S. Economy Added 192,000 Private-Sector Jobs in January
  5. Chrysler's $1.7 billion profit nets workers $2,250 bonuses
  6. Breaking; Big tornado hits Adairsville Georga
  7. Teenager Who Performed At Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony Is Victim of Gun Violence
  8. Milwaukee: Woman's excuse for firing gun: Sheriff Clarke said it was OK
  9. GM to invest $200M in Pontiac powertrain center
  10. Gabby Giffords speech in the Senate
  11. Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda threat
  12. Us economy shrinks? Bet we are in recovery?
  13. The decline in GDP isn't transitory--they're lying again
  14. Why The Proposed Ban on High Cap Magazines is Democrat Political Theater
  15. Party Like It’s 1937
  16. Crooks Protest Gun Sales
  17. Slapping The Dancer
  18. I Told You Guys
  19. Gun control is working in Chicago!
  20. Pervert Democrook Senator could face 30 years in prison
  21. ATF Clowns botch another operation
  22. Planned Parenthood Saves Lives And The Red States Continue To Interfere
  23. Now That They Lied About Unemployment To Get Re-Elected
  24. Man accidentally shoots himself.
  25. If Obama Endorses it, Republicans Hate it ... period!
  26. LaPierre 1, Obama 0
  27. More And More…
  28. Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 14,000 since October 2007
  29. Source: Religious get new opt-out on birth control
  30. Fat Ass Rush Limbaugh Denied Service at Mexican Restaurant
  31. Known schizophrenic bought guns before murdering mother - Duaaa
  32. Great Words from FDR
  33. How will this effect the poor and middle class!
  34. Senate Democrats Achieve 60 Votes For Violence Against Women Act
  35. The Long Term Unemployed Closing The SKILL GAP the Chicken & Egg Scenario
  36. And Now, The Real Employment Picture
  37. ARMED GUARD disarms teen in school shooting.
  38. Obama Lied About State Secretary Job
  39. Doctors forced to give medical records to government
  40. Retailers chain could shut down at least 125 locations, others may close up to 600
  41. DEA takes a laser-sight to your natural rights.
  42. Accidentaly Released Convicted Murderer Back In Cook County Jail
  43. Chicago Murder Rate Exceeds Capone Years
  44. Campaign Promise Kept
  45. Teen Pregnancy down 27% in New York City over the last decade
  46. Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead
  47. Your Government has a Message for YOU!
  48. Bangladeshi man to plead guilty in plot to bomb NY Federal Reserve
  49. WTF - 2 Feet of Snow?
  50. 90 percent of Americans support Gun Background Checks
  51. Ireland to liquidate Anglo-Irish bank
  52. Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi
  53. Here's some "right wing hypocricy" for you.
  54. Good News for concerned Menbers reguarding Chicago and if the President cares.
  55. How Ironic; The GOP Savior is and Immigrant
  56. Concealed Gun Permit OK; Social Security Card Not OK as Voter ID
  57. Detroit: CCW Permit Holder Guns Down Two Robbers (2nd One in a Week)
  58. The secret war behind Benghazi:A stealth campaign of assassinations, run by CIA
  59. Americans consistently raping at nearly one victim a minute
  60. BREAKING: Shots fired inside Wilmington DE courthouse - Thread #3
  61. African-American Dressed In KKK Hood On Street Corner Sparks Controversy In Phila.
  62. Someone you should know
  63. Stop Discrimination Against Male Victims of Domestic Abuse
  64. T1 - Republican Representation at The SOTU Speech
  65. T2 - Second Rate Dick Cheney backs Obama policy on drone strikes
  66. T5 - BREAKING: Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act, With No Help From 22 GOP
  67. Rubio Response
  68. Dorner dead in Big Bear Cabin
  69. One Billion Rising
  70. Oscar Pistorius shoots dead his girlfriend
  71. Irony: Cruise Passengers to Sue Over "Third World" Conditions
  72. British in danger of aping Fat Americans
  73. Kids' suspensions renew debate over zero tolerance
  74. 32 days of higher gas prices comes at tough time
  75. Seattle Democrats Want Home Inspections for Gun Owners
  76. Israel to Award Obama Medal of Distinction
  77. Occupy Los Angeles has chosen to honor Chris Dorner
  78. This Figures, Doesn’t It?
  79. We Have Another Akin
  80. The manufactured sequester, who's to blame?
  81. Authorities: 4 dead in California shooting spree
  82. Your governmnet at work
  83. Largest Strike Ever Taking Place Today
  84. Illinois state senator pushes anti-anonymity (Internet) bill
  85. Security Guard Thwarts Two Armed Robbers with AR-15
  86. Clear Channel Loses $424 Million in 2012, StopRush Rolls On
  87. Armed Neo-Nazi supporter put metro-Detroit Jewish and civil rights leaders on list
  88. Hey Prince Andrew, Listen to the People for a change, MORON!!
  89. Obama’s sequester deal-changer
  90. More bad news for Lance Armstrong
  91. US and Brits to seize Syria's Chemical Weapons
  92. How to Make new terrorists...
  93. Beware of those Black People who are coming to Massacre White Americans
  94. Corruption is NOT the exclusive domain of American Politics
  95. Joe Arpaio's Chad Willems Talks to the Shadow Army
  96. PMSNBC is so far gone
  97. Gun owner fires at Walmart shoplifter to ‘mark’ him for police
  98. If lying doesn't work....let's try threats
  99. soros ("useful idiot", marx-lenin) jiggered the voting machines.
  100. The stunnung stupidity of Maxine Waters
  101. Asteroids and you
  102. Chrysler And Whole Auto Industry Adding Jobs To Meet Surging Sales
  103. One year ago today, Andrew Breitbart dropped dead
  104. Florida
  105. OMG the sky is falling
  106. DNC commitment not to take cash contributions from corpoarte America
  107. Obama Nominates 3 To Cabinet-Level Posts
  108. More More More....Robosquirrel.....Gourmet food for Mars.....Your governmnet at work
  109. What's wrong with this picture?
  110. What's a little fraud....
  111. Zimmerman Waives Right to 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing in Trayvon Martin Case
  112. Abuses at infamous Florida boys reform school even more widespread
  113. Is The Stock Market Is Indicative Of Anything Other Than Wanton Money Printing?
  114. Holder: Yep, Obama could kill Americans on U.S. soil
  115. TSA finally unscrewing itself?
  116. Hugo Chavez Dies
  117. Now we know why the President is having dinner meetings with Senators
  118. Good News/Bad News
  119. Sequester Causes Vacation Cancellation for First Family
  120. NYC Public High School Grads Can’t Read
  121. Poorest educated citizens of USA are in southern states
  122. Even the Nutty Ninth....
  123. Your Government at Work
  124. R e s p e c t
  125. They Try To Tell Us Vote Fraud Is Just A Myth
  126. An Oxymoron.........The Affordable Health Care Act
  127. UN: Palestinian militants likely killed Gaza baby
  128. Welcome To The Brave New World of ObamaCareuorw
  129. It's like we are on auto-pilot with no one at the helm.
  130. Falkland islands will stay bristish territory
  131. Bush Runs For Office In Texas
  132. Gun Confiscation In Action…
  133. School Choice In A Deep Blue State
  134. Lampooning A Democrat
  135. And another one bites the dust
  136. Uh Oh, Tax Increases under OvomitCare a lot higher than he promised
  137. Paul Ryan is a tool
  138. NYPD declares martial law
  139. Its Just WRONG.
  140. Cyprus: ATMs drained as bailout tax triggers run on bank deposits
  141. Two teens found guilty - Steubenville
  142. Illinois--Criminal Enterprise
  143. The "Un" Affordable Health Care Act
  144. Would you like to tell President Obama to check and balance money?
  145. Another Obama scare tactic unmasked
  146. Ninjas in Chicago attacking Gangbangers ... It's about time!
  147. Pew The Honest Liberals Tell It Like It Is Again
  148. FLOTUS is in VOGUE
  149. NYPD's Stop and Frisk Going to Trial!
  150. Chemical Attack in Syria
  151. Sequester not limiting artillery practice.
  152. Birther issue for Ted Cruz
  153. Limits Set For Famous Wisconsin NUDE Beach
  154. Colorado Corrections Head Murdered At Home
  155. Broke-ass pResident with his broke-ass limo.
  156. Obama, Marine Killer?
  157. The Young, Obama's Voters, Getting Screwed Big Time By ObamaCare
  158. America, Land of Opportunity
  159. Fox News Misleads On Premium Costs Under Health Care Reform
  160. This is the Year
  161. Poll Tracks Dramatic Rise In Support for Gay Marriage
  162. School bans hugs, cupcakes
  163. Parolee Charged With Sexual Assault And Why Public Transportation Is DANGEROUS
  164. Need CRACK Just Steal Some T-Bone Steaks and Booze
  165. Heroin Buying Road Trip Turns Near Fatal For Young Man OVERDOSE
  166. Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox New
  167. Illinois Gun Proposal Could Break The Department Of Correctons Crowd Prisons
  168. Income Growth for 4 decades
  169. Adam and Steve
  170. Michael Moore is a great American!
  171. Italy's highest court overturns Amanda Knox acquittal, orders new trial
  172. Panhandler Can Sue Federal Judge Rules "Economic Survival Tip"
  173. Contragulations and Welcome to the 1%
  174. Lie detector helps town screen out racists - Really folks in the year of 2013
  175. Gun control is losing support
  176. Poor Mitt. Poor politifact :)
  177. Bad move?
  178. The Affordable Health Care Act grows more unafforadable every day
  179. Employees sacked over Ford art on tied-up women
  180. "A needed response"
  181. Puxatawny Phil On DEATH ROW
  182. Malia and Sasha Obama spend spring break in Bahamas
  183. Theater Massacre Suspect Offers To Plead Guilty In Exchange For His Life
  184. Obama Care will become death panels for smokers and fat people.....?
  185. This Morning's ObamaProsperity Headlines From Drudge
  186. another obamacare thread
  187. Shame on us
  188. People will bang anything
  189. Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters
  190. Pennsylvania Tightens Abortion Rules Following Clinic Deaths
  191. While you were sleeping...
  192. Drug Deal Goes Way Bad Enjoy Cheap Baloney In County
  193. Obama EPA Eyes Big EMISSIONS Change Gas Prices To Rise
  194. Three Arrested Loaded AK-47 Recovered From Drug House
  195. Shocker: a none too bright politician!
  196. Shotgun GiveAways
  197. Labor, business reach immigration deal
  198. Mischievous Little Dickens
  199. Happy Cesar Chavez Day!
  200. Stealth Fighters to NKorea
  201. Justin Bieber To Be Prosecuted For Spitting On Neighbor (REPORT)
  202. WAIT what was this article about again??
  203. More Crony Capitalism In DC
  204. CO. will seek death penalty on Holmes!
  205. Heterosexual equality!
  206. Utah will defy federal anti-gun regulations
  207. NO purple hearts for Fort Hood victims
  208. US tourist raped in Brazil
  209. Further escalation: North Korea
  210. Woman Returns $30k Stuffed In Old Clothes
  211. News on the Unaffordable Health Care Act
  212. Texas DA; I'm ahead of everybody else because, basically, I'm a soldier.
  213. Pay what you weigh.
  214. Regulation Nation: FDA rules could drive up costs for farmers, consumers Read more:
  215. Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure
  216. Immigration Reform 'Will Be Good for the Middle Class'
  217. Obama's Greatest Achievement Ever
  218. Obama's policies at work
  219. Uh Oh, Another Lefty Waking Up
  220. Rutgers fires Mike Rice after video shows coach shoving, hurling balls at players
  221. Big tarantula discovered
  222. Your ObamaStimulus At Work
  223. Obama's failure to lead again cost Billions
  224. It's easier to apply for a green card than OvomitCare
  225. Inmates, using drugs, drinking bear and have a GUN
  226. Omg!!!!
  227. Back To The Future With Barack Obama
  228. Please help the little Children abadoned in the cold
  229. What a Big Surprise, The GOP said NO!
  230. Trayvon Martin's parents settle Wrongful Death Claim
  231. For you youngsters wanting to go to law school
  232. General fired
  233. "Morning-after pill' available to all girls without prescription
  234. I Left An Old Friend Out To Die Today
  235. 2 Dead In Shooting Friday Kenosha Police Investigate
  236. Nanny State in Action
  237. US Diplomat and soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  238. EMP dangers back in the news
  239. A miscalculation by Secretary Hagel
  240. RIP IronLady
  241. Apparently I’m Not The Lone Ranger
  242. An Interesting Question- Beyonce
  243. Burger King diner defeats would-be robber by shooting him
  244. Annette Funicello has Passed
  245. The One Percenter Presidency
  246. Exxon’s Paper Towel Clean Up
  247. High Speed Jerk-Off
  248. Man Pulls Out BB Gun as Obama's Motorcade Passes
  249. Camelot shattered?
  250. Stabbings at college in Texas