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  1. Dem FISA Memo Released!! DNC Admits GOP Major Points Were Accurate
  2. lear Evidence' Democrats Trying to 'Cover Up' Collusion With Russians,
  3. Hero dog shot protecting teen during home invasion
  4. These heroic cops ran toward Florida school shooting
  5. Transgender wins Girls Wrestling title twice
  6. Warning: Rabid RWNJ rips trump at CPAC
  7. Mexico still won't pay for that darn wall!
  8. Violent crime in England and Wales is up 24%, police figures show
  9. Activists Warn Illegals Not to Travel in Florida
  10. Father of shooting survivor says CNN wanted one narrative
  11. NBC Blew $12 BILLION On Worst Rated Olympics Ever
  12. Former Arizona State DB arrested after allegedly threatening to 'spray the stadium'
  13. California Democrats Decline To Endorse Dianne Feinstein For Re-Election
  14. More Plagiarism From El Presidente
  15. New Yorker arrested in Japan after cops find severed head
  16. Hearing aid company cuts ties with NRA
  17. Father Of Student Killed In Parkland Slams Media
  18. I Know He’s Going to Explode’
  19. Drugs suspect on toilet strike for 38 days
  20. Dreamer arrested for threatening a school shooting
  21. ‘Not Going To Be Victims
  22. Florida Gun Show sees 'record number' of attendees despite gun control debate
  23. Do the Math...or Maybe Don't
  24. BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects Trump's DACA Challenge.....
  25. Donald "Bone spurs" T(rump) a genuine hero?
  26. Warning: Trump ~ 'I'd have run into the Florida School without a Weapon'
  27. Talk about using children from shooting for gains....
  28. Warning: What The Democrats Left Out Of Their Memo
  29. 35,891 Retailers Engaged in Food Stamp Fraud
  30. Scores Of Ohio Teachers Sign Up For Free Gun Training
  31. CNN’s Approval Rating For Trump 15 Points Lower Than Rasmussen’s?
  32. Democrats Introduce the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018.....
  33. Heritage Foundation: 64% of Trump's agenda already done,
  34. Let's Be Honest, The Latest Gun Control Bill Is Pretty Much A Total Ban On Firearms
  35. Oops! 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania​
  36. Coinbase to send user data to the IRS
  37. Gun control & schools in Israel
  38. Singing like a canary perhaps?
  39. Britain flooded with super-strength cannab
  40. Supreme Court OKs Broad Immigrant Detention Powers
  41. Here’s Who Americans Blame For Florida School Shooting
  42. Texas Sheriff's Blunt Response To Parkland Shooting:
  43. Texas Sheriff's Blunt Response To Parkland Shooting:
  44. The father of a Parkland school shooting survivor admits to altering an email
  45. California Can’t Build Any Part Of Wall Until We Get The Whole Wall
  46. Dick's sporting goods pulls AR15 and other "assaut style" rifles plus high cap mags
  47. Arming teachers? Ask Japan
  48. Active shooter training at a school in Albuquerque
  49. Warning: Time to sue Dicks!
  50. Gunshots fired at Georgia High school
  51. Hope Hicks resigns
  52. Father of Parkland Victims Calls Out Opponents to Arming Teachers
  53. Florida lawmakers approve bill to arm teachers
  54. El Presidente's Panama Problem
  55. Kushner got business loans from companies after White House Meetings
  56. How much has Ben Carson charged you for his lavishness ?
  57. Backfire: Favorability Ratings Plummet For Companies Who Cut Ties With NRA.....
  58. Is he bluffing?
  59. Real News
  60. US Army tanks get Trophy to destroy incoming threats
  61. School shootings: How Army technology could help save the lives of teachers and stude
  62. DOJ Looking into Obstruction Charge Against Oakland Mayor
  63. Dems on House Intel Committee " Leaking Like a SCHIFF"...again: Hope Hicks Interview
  64. HUD Civil Servant Fired For Outing Ben Carson's Extravagence
  65. House Republicans Leaking Warner's Text Messages
  66. The Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust??
  67. House Republican Compares Gun Control to the Holocaust
  68. Poll on Gun Reform: Maybe THIS Time It Is Different!
  69. There Sure Were A Lot of White Nationalists at CPAC!
  70. Man jumps over railing at Atlanta airport
  71. Bibi and El Presidente
  72. Melania Got What Kind of Visa??? And Her Parents???
  73. Putin boasts of nuclear attack against America ~ Trump says and does nothing
  74. Planned Parenthood to Spend $20 Million
  75. Reports of an Active Shooter at Central Michigan University
  76. U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Resigns.....
  77. Russian Model now in Thai prison promises to spill the beans on Trump
  78. Oath Keepers volunteer to post armed guards at schools
  79. BREAKING: Deputies Allegedly Told To Set Up ‘Perimeter’ Around Parkland
  80. DOJ Is Looking Into Oakland Mayor Tipping Off Illegal Immigrants
  81. Environmentalist scam
  82. This Pop-Up Restaurant Asks Whites To Pay More
  83. Gun control backfire
  84. WaPo: Former Deputy FBI Director About To Be Torched For Misleading Inspector General
  85. Is "fair trade" really a good thing?
  86. The Mooch is reportedly barred from entering the White House
  87. Canine war heroes mistreated by U.S. Army:
  88. Pelosi Slams ICE
  89. Hungary Slams UN:
  90. Colorado Lawmakers Wear Bulletproof Vests In Fear Of Democrat
  91. Euro League threatens taxes on Harley's, Bourbon and Levi's
  92. Condi Rice STUNS The Women Of 'The View'
  93. Emails prove reduction of Bears Ears National Monument by 85% was TOTALLY about oil
  94. New Forbes list of America's Fastest Growing Cities
  95. Trump spends 100th day at one of his golf clubs since taking office
  96. The Latest: Teachers say they’ll stay out on strike
  97. Oakland Mayor did her citizens a disservice
  98. Lushes are more likely to live past 90
  99. Schumer slammed for citing skin color in vote against white judicial nominee
  100. 9 Notorious Dictators = 9 shoutouts from Donald J Trump
  101. Electrolux suspends $250 million U.S. investment after steel tariff announcement
  102. Disgusted by body odor? You might be more likely to support Donald Trump
  103. Jeanine Pirro: Jeff Sessions 'lost his prosecutorial balls'....
  104. Our Founding Fathers were all about Gun Control
  105. Police seek help in hunt for killer of mother and her 3 children
  106. Roles reduced, Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s fate uncertain
  107. Alabama Senate votes to allow execution by nitrogen gas
  108. China warns Taiwan it won't tolerate separatist activities
  109. Maxine Waters promises reparations in ‘stump speech for 2020’
  110. Chicago Announces Task Force To Fight Cemetery Violence
  111. More millennials reported losing money to scam in 2017
  112. Warning: Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Racist’ For Questioning My IQ
  113. Swedens Immigrant Crime Problem
  114. Crime At University Of Kansas Down
  115. Antifa News Site Sells ‘Hate Cops’
  116. Male Escort Outs 40 Gay Priests
  117. Democratic Judges Of Rigging The Redistricting Process
  118. Illegal Immigrant swindles 300,000 and benefits from the Govt
  119. Shootings at Chicago gang members' funerals getting 'out of control', police say
  120. Driver Plows Into Pedestrians In Brooklyn
  121. Two Sandpoint Police Officers shot, shooting suspect dead
  122. Three Dead After “Active Shooter Situation” in Kansas City, Missouri
  123. Italian Populists Deliver Rebuke to EU, Seek Immigration Restrictions
  124. Chicago daycare workers arrested after giving toddlers laced gummy bears
  125. Iran's Supreme Leader Sides With Democrats: "The Solution Is To Make Guns Illegal"
  126. Sex Coach
  127. Inequaity for women
  128. Mass Exodus From States Run By Top Democratic Governors Continues
  129. Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic
  130. Rate Of U.S. Gun Violence Has Fallen Since 1993, Study Says
  131. Broward County Sheriff’s Office Oversaw Concealed-Carry Training for Mosque-Goers
  132. Fired trump aide melts down
  133. Judicial Watch Files Fresh Lawsuits For Info
  134. Sarah Sanders Blasts CNN's Acosta For Snarky Tweet After Briefing
  135. 2016 School Shooter Chose Target Because It Had No Armed Security
  136. CNN Travels to Thailand to Speak with Prostitute Who Claims to Have Dirt on Trump
  137. Presidential Ratings Are Flawed.
  138. Nate Silver on the Midterms
  139. Canada has a serial killer targeting Gays
  140. Oscars TV broadcast viewership falls to all-time low
  141. The Trump Effect: N.Korea to Stop Nuclear Tests if it has US Talks
  142. Tapper Calls Out Dems for Their Failure to Denounce Louis Farrakhan
  143. Trump Trolls Hollywood Over Terrible Oscar Ratings
  144. Carl Icahn unloads 31 million of steel stock prior to Trump's tariff announcement
  145. Former Russian spy in critical condition in the U.K. from 'unknown substance'
  146. State Dept was granted $120 million to fight Russian meddling - it's spent $0.00
  147. Christopher Steele - The man behind the Trump Dossier
  148. Australian Amb. Who Prompted Trump-Russia Probe Has Decade Long Relationship To Clint
  149. Office of Special Counsel: Conway violated Hatch Act ......
  150. Trump is implicated in his attorney’s Stormy Daniels payment for the first time
  151. Man Angry Over Power Outage Threatens to Kidnap Utility Worker
  152. Gowdy: Second Special Counsel "Unavoidable" Given Known Facts.....
  153. Survivors of Florida School Shooting to Sue FBI and Sheriff’s Department
  154. Going, going, gone.......
  155. Manhattan Man Arrested For Attempting To Hire Hitman To Murder 3 Intended Victims
  156. Police in Oklahoma say abducted infant is in ‘imminent danger of bodily harm or death
  157. Adulterous Democrat Nashville Mayor Resigns After Admitting to Theft​
  158. Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn Resigns
  159. Stormy Daniels sues Trump
  160. Office of Special Counsel ~ Kellyanne Conway violated Hatch Act ... twice
  161. Illegals with sex, robbery convictions evaded capture after Dem mayor's Warning
  162. Justice Dept. suing California over sanctuary laws, Gov. Brown calls it a 'political
  163. Democratic turnout surges in Texas, helping women candidates
  164. Another nor’easter threatening communities along East Coast
  165. Bernie Sanders’ stepdaughter loses bid for mayor
  166. Italian Election Outcome Points to Migration-Fueled Populism Resurgence
  167. Germany Not Alone Concerning ‘No-Go Zones' and Lack of Assimilation
  168. Utah Teen Tries To Detonate Bomb At High School,
  169. Female Dem Mayor Of Nashville Resigns After Revelation Of Affair
  170. Stock futures tank on Cohn exit
  171. Airport security confiscated Womansgun necklace because it was potentially dangerous
  172. Big "Democrat Wave" in Texas Primaries Turns Out to Be a "Puddle" at the Ballot Box
  173. Dick’s and Walmart raised the age for gun purchases. This 20-year-old is suing
  174. Coca-Cola to launch first alcoholic drink
  175. BREAKING NEWS: Seventy-Two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Massachusetts
  176. Hidden camera captures over 100 incidents of elderly abuse
  177. Jared is off to meet Mexican president despite losing security clearance
  178. Utah Governor says no to a highway named after Trump
  179. Walmart dances with insanity and bans toy guns.....
  180. Federal judge in Maryland rules Trump had the right to end DACA in win for the admin.
  181. Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets. Thanks, Hillary Clinton.
  182. Deputy shot on duty, suspect barricades himself inside home
  183. Shots fired at Birmingham, Alabama High School
  184. Media Hypes Blue Wave In Texas. Republicans shut it down
  185. Women’s March under fire
  186. -$35,952,800,000: U.S.-China Trade Deficit Set January Record
  187. Fast and Furious Documents Withheld by Eric Holder Will Be Released
  188. Warning: NRA now threatening death against its adversaries ?
  189. Warning: Eww Eww! Stormy and El Presidente PICS!
  190. McDonalds celebrates International Women's Day
  191. Marine Corps Commandant: Says
  192. NYT Forced to Issue Hilarious Correction
  193. Pot-Smoking Dem House Candidate
  194. San Diego schools Muslim connection
  195. Warning: US allies are upset. The top economist quit. Trump doesn't care.
  196. Two Miramar SWAT officers suspended for heading to Parkland massacre
  197. U.S. Steel to reopen Illinois plant, closed under Obama, credits Trump tariffs
  198. New Marist Poll: Trump's Approval Jumps Highest Point During Presidency .....
  199. The Trump Effect, AGAIN: Pres.Trumpp to Meet With Kim Jong Un
  200. PIX11 is reporting 6 people hit in Brooklyn
  201. Manafort ~ *Traitor !*
  202. Parkland Deputy Heard Shots Inside The School, Told Cops To Stay Away
  203. Democrats Are Considering Dropping Superdelegates Altogether
  204. CNN anchor: 'There's no way around' Trump being a 'great president
  205. Kobach's defense of voter ID founders
  206. Republican Jewish Coalition calls for resignation of 7 Democrats over 'ties' to Farra
  207. Watch Trump tell steel worker his Dad is Dead
  208. 'Stand down': How the Obama team blew the response to Russian meddling
  209. 155,215,000: Record Number of Americans Employed
  210. Calif. Pot Industry Staying Illegal to Escape State’s High Taxes
  211. Warning: White South Africans face genocide,
  212. Media step back from Democrat 'blue wave' predictions
  213. Pharma Bro' Shkreli sentenced to seven years
  214. Active shooter Napa county CAL
  215. Did Trump Meet Putin or not? Promoting? Whats the truth?
  216. Pardon Me
  217. White House: Never Mind the North Korea Meeting, Trump Was Just Babbling
  218. Teenagers are testing positive for HIV and syphilis in large numbers in Milwaukee
  219. NRA files Lawsuit against Florida
  220. Trump Lawyer Seeks Deal To End Investigation
  221. Bummer!
  222. HuffPo Normalizes Bestiality, Talks 'Acceptance'
  223. Some Reporters Are Becoming ‘Emotionally Unhinged’ Covering Trump
  224. Cost for California bullet train system rises to $77.3 billion
  225. Heller: Justice Kennedy To Retire Early This Summer
  226. Burger-flipping robot deemed too slow for fast food
  227. Student accidentally shoots himself in the hand during class
  228. Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan for Midterms. Really.
  229. Special Counsel Mueller has Trump personal letter to Putin
  230. Fired Tijuana judge facing cocaine smuggling charge
  231. Thousands of pounds of human waste, close to 14,000 hypodermic needles
  232. Trump Vs. Our Perpetually Panicked Press
  233. Trump Hotels Made Exactly $151,470 From Foreign Governments — And Just Gave It To The
  234. Why was Trump attempting to establish a covert "back channel" with Russia?
  235. Over 20,000 On Medicaid Waiting Lists Have Died
  236. CNN Ventures to Strip Club For Stormy Daniels Performance
  237. Did our forum miss this one
  238. George Soros is funding Fusion GPS
  239. Amid little scrutiny, US military ramps up in Afghanistan
  240. Trump uses page from ‘smart policymaking 101’ on health care
  241. Estate of Oklahoma man killed by reserve deputy to receive $6 million
  242. We Want Our Cities to Be Sanctuaries for Americans
  243. California to Take Over Housing Market
  244. DOJ Submits Bump Stock Ban Regulation Proposal
  245. Washington Post Editor Advocates Eugenics
  246. Trump Blasts 'Fake As Hell CNN'
  247. Fired For Having A Concealed Carry Permit
  248. CNN Hasn't Updated Its 'Trump Jobs Tracker'
  249. Traces of nerve agent used on former Russian spy found in Zizzi
  250. Trump looking at adding impeachment lawyer to WH team