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  1. Mnuchin is just fine with Trump's racist dog whistle about Maxine Waters
  2. Ryan Zinke spent 139 grand on new office doors!
  3. El Presidente Intensifies Upcoming Trade Wars
  4. Bannon Fires Up the White Nationalists
  5. Florida Man Avoids Millions in Taxes
  6. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Won't Take DNA Test
  7. Bill Maher Trashes Liberal Response To Trump North Korea Meeting
  8. Michigan most probable for Satellite Crash
  9. Society is getting worse
  10. Schumer: Airlines want to ‘Big Brother’ your fares
  11. 25 cities where crime is soaring
  12. Trump backs off call for raising minimum age to buy gun
  13. Democrat seeks coal-country help in Pa. House election
  14. Colorado investigator relents after being jailed for refusing to testify in death-row
  15. Manafort Indictment Shows That Mueller Is A Fraud
  16. S.C. man arrested, charged for ‘List of people who ought to be killed
  17. AFL-CIO, United Steel Workers Praise Trump
  18. Former New York Times Editor:
  19. More Fake NYTs news
  20. House to vote Tuesday on 'right to try' drug bill
  21. Putin's Russia: From basket case to resurgent superpower
  22. Labor unions' self-interested scheme to abolish tipping
  23. Qataris opted not to give info on Kushner, secret meetings to Mueller
  24. College Students Say Campus Climate Deters Speech
  25. Trump must choose on Ethanol
  26. Stoneman Douglas kids turn the tables on the creepy Dana Loesch NRA ad
  27. Austin package explosions leave two dead, women hurt after three blasts in 2 weeks
  28. Another Anti-Russian Propaganda Piece from NBC
  29. House Intel Panel Is Done Interviewing Witnesses, Will Begin Writing ‘Collusion’ Repo
  30. Parents up in arms after NYPD removes cops from schools
  31. Hillary Clinton in India Says US 'Did Not Deserve' a Trump Presidency,
  32. DeVos gets cold shoulder from White House after interviews
  33. Iowa Senate leader resigns; video shows him kissing lobbyist
  34. Shepard Smith Isn't Letting Trump Off The Hook For Gun Control Reversal
  35. Teacher probed for allegedly feeding puppy to snapping turtle
  36. Warning: Hillary Says Racist Poor People Voted For Trump,
  37. Women Voted For Donald Trump Because Their Husbands Told Them To.
  38. Tillerson Fired
  39. Americans Staunchly Support Israel
  40. Teen warned school about M-13 then shes murdered
  41. Hundreds of Girls Raped and Forced Into Prostitution
  42. Theresa May: What a LEADER looks like
  43. Theatre owners up in arms over Survey
  44. Parkland Kids: A randomly brilliant bumper crop or merely social media geniuses?
  45. Obama State Dept. Official Approved Meeting with Steele in 2016
  46. White House Aide Fired for Crimes – Immediately Hired to Work on Trump Campaign
  47. Penn. Special Election ~ Whitehouse calling Trump-stooge Saccone worthless & weak
  48. Pennsylvania Democrat Ran as a Republican
  49. Stephen Hawking dies
  50. Trump San Diego ~ 'Space Force' and 'Illegals are Pro Mountain Climbers'
  51. The first incident
  52. Family of slain Democratic staffer Seth Rich sues Fox News
  53. Guns ~ Student Nationwide Protest
  54. Texas Gov can enforce anti sanctuary city law
  55. Richard Simmons' Transgender Allegation Lawsuit Ends Up Backfiring
  56. Democrats Are Now Sick And Tired Of Hillary Clinton’s Loser Schtick
  57. Back Channel To Christopher Steele Goes On The Record
  58. BREAKING: President Trump Has Chosen His Next Economic Advisor .....
  59. Border Union: Trump’s Border Wall Is a ‘Brilliant’ ‘Business Strategy
  60. Youth Gun Group Membership, Donations Surge 1,200%
  61. Put Police Everywhere in Schools, But Don’t Ban Guns
  62. The Biggest, Sorest, Nastiest Loser
  63. Trump will keep winning
  64. Former Clinton Campaign Manager
  65. Pilot study to allow police to 'ping' cellphone for a license
  66. The Rising Tide of Europe’s Anti-Establishment Rebellion
  67. Baseball player beating girlfriend
  68. 'I Hope It's a Trap and Y'all Get Shot
  69. After UK slaps penalties on Russia, attention turns to Trump
  70. Yes, canned soup may be fueling North Korea's air force
  71. Trump Whitehouse ~ 'Most toxic working environment on the Planet'
  72. Rex Tillerson ~ "I Hope Trump Finds Out He’s Impeached on Twitter"
  73. Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being 'caught having sex with man in his office'
  74. FBI disciplinary office recommends firing former deputy director Andrew McCabe
  75. Australia considers visas for white South African farmers
  76. Wells Fargo faces sanctions for auto insurance payouts
  77. Sexist' to Make Nancy Pelosi a Campaign Issue
  78. Costco says extra profit from tax cuts will be shared with employees
  79. Warning: Tick, Tick, Tick: Clock Boy’s Lawsuit Just Blew Up
  80. Lamb rejects suggestion that Pennsylvania special election was about Trump.....
  81. More trouble for tRump
  82. Trump sends signal with Broadcom veto
  83. Bloomberg: Kushner Conflict Cloud Hovers Over Brooklyn Sale Linked to Japan
  84. Nation of Islam Turns Against Black Members of Congress Who Denounced Farrakhan .....
  85. Kellyanne's turn in the barrel!
  86. VERY Proud of the kids in Boise AND across the country!
  87. Family of Seth Rich sues Fox News
  88. Donald Trump Jr and wife Vanessa expected to file for divorce.....
  89. Confirmed: Russians hacked into energy sector
  90. If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will Saudi
  91. If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will Saudi
  92. Mueller witness is convicted pedophile with shadowy past
  93. Video shows disgraced deputy outside school
  94. Special Counsel Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization
  95. Miami ~ Mass Casualties as Pedestrian Bridge collapses
  96. Can't go away soon enough
  97. Look at this face!
  98. Trump's Tariffs May Cause BMW to Close It's Spartanburg, SC Plant.
  99. Liberal California is the poverty capital of America
  100. tPF Multiple Choice
  101. Public confidence in universities slips
  102. 7-year-old, ‘the only white girl in her class,’ cast to play supremacist
  103. Warning: California names illegal immigrant to statewide appoi
  104. McCabe is fighting to keep his pension
  105. H.R. McMaster to be Fired
  106. US sanctions Russians for cyberattacks and election meddling
  107. Georgia executes man known as the ‘stocking strangler'
  108. Democrats ponder midterm choices: Liberals, moderates, both?
  109. Nobel prize winner hospitalized, wife found deceased in Illinois
  110. Trump 'admitted making up figures to Justin Trudeau'
  111. Honduran supports ISIS attempted to bomb miami mall
  112. Broward Cty Sheriff's Office Training Book
  113. Pelosi: Republicans Can't Win on the Issues, So They Come After Me
  114. Dem Senator says hillary should go away NOW
  115. More Fake news and retraction
  116. Obama's DOJ Forced Deletion Of 500,000 Fugitives From Gun Background Check System
  117. Hillary Clinton fractures her wrist after slipping in a palace bathtub
  118. Germans First? A Food Bank Bars Migrants
  119. Addiction success story helps others stay clean.
  120. Calif. judge bars LA from enforcing gang restrictions.
  121. Stormy Daniels apparently physically threatened to remain silent
  122. Stormy Daniels' lawyer alleges there are 6 more women with stories similar to his cli
  123. tRump picks conspiracy theorist for UN migration job.
  124. Shepard smith signs multi-year new contract at fox
  125. CEO Charged With Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Was an Obama 'Ambassador -
  126. Hollywood director Gilliam hits out at #MeToo 'mob rule'
  127. Matt Drudge puts social media giant on notice: 'Move over, Twitter!'.....
  128. Former DNI James Clapper Allegedly Leaked to CNN, Investigation Revealed.....
  129. ESPN president brought down by cocaine
  130. Senators pursue bills to end pharmaceutical ‘gag clauses
  131. Illegal Immigrant Sues Govt
  132. Cherokee genealogist slams Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry claims
  133. Transgender MMA fighter beats male opponent,
  134. Convicted Russian mobster, felon and Trump pal Felix Sater's time in the barrel!
  135. Ohio Student suspended for refusing to Gun Control March
  136. Two Million Americans Got Off Food Stamps
  137. Inside controversial defence lab that developed VX nerve agent
  138. Tax law errors confusing and upsetting employers - Bigly
  139. Finland happiest country in the world - US barely squeaks into top 20
  140. Charlie Sykes: Trump physical threats against Stormy due to his "thugocracy & sleaze"
  141. At least one dead after people report feeling ill in Jacksonville
  142. Turley: FBI's Andrew McCabe Should Be More Worried About Prison Than His Pension.....
  143. National debt hits $21 trillion
  144. IRS Documented 1.3M Identity Thefts by Illegal Aliens;
  145. What trump has been up against from day one
  146. GOP: Time for a Special Council For Hillary
  147. Grieving Father Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant:
  148. Grieving Father Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant:
  149. Anti-Trump FBI Officials Conspired To Meet Judge In Flynn Case,
  150. Pence protesters win free speech fight over St. Pat’s parade
  151. Sheriff: Farmer claimed right to leave 25 horses to decay
  152. Warning: Just in McCabe is fired
  153. I haven’t been able to confirm it but Steele is going under oath?
  154. San Francisco Is Suffering From The Excesses Of Its Own Liberalism
  155. Trump lawyer seeks $20 million damages from Stormy Daniels -filing
  156. Maine Republican who called Parkland shooting survivor ‘skinhead lesbian’ drops bid f
  157. Retired 4-Star Gen. Barry McCaffrey ~ 'Trump a serious threat to National Security'
  158. Teacher accused of firing gun in class sent to mental institution
  159. Male Democratic Operative Arrested For Assaulting Female Trump Official
  160. Another United Airlines Pet screwup
  161. The Reckoning of the FBI Has Begun
  162. Peter Strozk was buddy of judge who recused himself from flynn case
  163. Americans Are Partisan About Everything
  164. How the connected Get away with it <Weinstein>
  165. Job openings hit 6.3 million in January, highest level on record
  166. Brain Freeze
  167. Me Too has become "mob rule"
  168. Warning About Russia: They Can 'Shut the Power Off' ......
  169. Kudlow mocked by MSNBC for his religious beliefs.
  170. Evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the FBI
  171. Too Late, Germany Realizes Its Mistake
  172. How the media misleads and lies
  173. McCabe kept memos on Trump dealings; Mueller now has them
  174. Stormy Daniels' Lawyer has Deep Ties too Democrats Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, ETAL
  175. $9,000 Reward Offered for Information on Illegal Alien
  176. Alan Dershowitz Calls For Firing Of DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison
  177. Trump accuses James Comey of lying under oath
  178. Trump blasts makeup of special counsel’s team
  179. Women’s March members bail over ties to Farrakhan
  180. New Drudge Poll Overwhelmingly Supports Firing Mueller.....
  181. Paul vows to filibuster Pompeo, Haspel
  182. McCabe just made life tough for Comey and the special counsel......
  183. Republicans Directly Responsible for Miami Bridge Collapse
  184. Adam Schiff: Andrew McCabe's firing 'may be justified'
  185. Under Heavily-Armed Police Guard, Bernie Sanders Addresses Anti-Gun Rally
  186. Former assistant FBI director: High Ranking people protected hillary
  187. Phase Two
  188. Andrea Mitchell: Get McCabe a Brief Federal Job to Save His Pension.....
  189. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian
  190. Blackmail-Politicians and Prostitutes?
  191. Facebook Stock Plummets
  192. Can Someone Explain to Me Why Cambridge Analitica is Such a Big Deal?
  193. Florida to replace Confederate statue in US Capitol
  194. Warning: Supreme Court rejects GOP effort to block Pennsylvania’s new congressional map
  195. What do you make of Schumer’s comments here
  196. Southern California town stands up to state, votes to reject sanctuary law
  197. School shooting
  198. Lawmakers in Congress have until March 23 to pass a $1.2 trillion spending bill or th
  199. More good news for California
  200. Been Warning about this for the past week, Election Law could be a real problem
  201. Trump congratulates Putin on re-election
  202. Teen arrested, charged with aggravated rioting in high school walkout day protest
  203. Mark Levin
  204. Maryland School Officer Stops Armed Student
  205. Two more in Austin tonight?
  206. Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies
  207. Trump cutting Obama-era refugee admissions 77%.....
  208. No One Mentions That The Russian Trail Leads To Democratic Lobbyists
  209. Oh My: The DNC is $6 Million in Debt ......
  210. White House national security team fingered in Trump’s Putin call leak.....
  211. tPF Is The Houston Bomber a Domestic Terrorist?
  212. Saccone concedes Pennsylvania US House race to Lamb
  213. Sex offender who killed college student sentenced to life
  214. Shame on those who would vote for a border wall
  215. Trump Lawyer John Dowd Resigns
  216. Rand Paul: 'I would not have appointed Mueller'
  217. Confiscation: Oregon Initiative Seeks To Ban Semiautomatic Rifles, Mandate Current -
  218. McMasters Replaced by John Bolton...awesome
  219. Tarrifs ~ Stock Markets plummet
  220. Life support ending for ‘brain dead’ school shooting victim
  221. Toys ‘R’ Us founder Charles Lazarus dies as retailer plans to shut down all U.S. stor
  222. Two feared dead after 'ISIS' gunman takes hostage at French supermarket
  223. Biden says he would have 'beat the hell out' of Trump in high school for
  224. Trump issues order supporting ban on many transgender troops, defers to Pentagon
  225. Craigs List shutters personal ads
  226. McCabe Keeps Lying About Who Fired Him,and Why, Attacks Pres.Trump
  227. Warning: Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time ever: The Trump Effect...again
  228. School District Arms Students With Boatload of Rocks to Defend Against Shooters .....
  229. Trump’s security pick John Bolton preps to clean White House as he eyes removal of di
  230. Ivanka, trump’s paramour
  231. Trump orders expulsion of 60 Russian officers and closure of consulate in Seattle
  232. US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico
  233. Storm clouds: Media casts doubt on Stormy Daniels story......
  234. Chinese Tariffs Working:Global stocks bounce on report of U.S.-China trade talks
  235. Court revelation: Pulse club gunman's dad was FBI informant
  236. Suspicious Packages Found at Several Military Installations in D.C. Area
  237. Who do you believe ? Stormy Daniels or Trump ?
  238. True Tabloid Throw Down: Stormy Sues Cohen For Defamation
  239. Stormy Daniels apparently kept dress she wore while seeing Trump
  240. Record Debt Sale
  241. Amazon moves into health care
  242. Media Goes Apeshit as Trump IGNORES Daniels DNC-Funded Slander
  243. Horrifying’: Feds Say HIV Positive School Aide Assaulted Boys, Made Child Porn Videos
  244. FBI Doubles Staff In Response To Subpoena For Hillary Clinton Email Probe Documents
  245. Orange County may take stand against state's 'sanctuary' laws
  246. Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calls for Repeal of 2nd Amendment
  247. Orange County Sheriff Defies
  248. Citizen Question to be Added to Census
  249. Fast Food employee spits into Customers Food
  250. authorities-capture-cyber-crime-gang