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  1. This makes it harder for real Rape Victims
  2. When is Trump gonna hit back on Stormy Daniels ?
  3. Trump wants Military to pay for Wall because 'they are rich again'
  4. Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Elderly Woman ‘Possibly’ a Texas Serial Killer
  5. Israel may be facing a five-front war
  6. Repeal of Payday Loan Rule
  7. Playboy: We're quitting Facebook over data scandal ......
  8. States scrambling to avert Obamacare sticker shock
  9. Judge dismisses class-action challenge to travel ban
  10. Link between mass shooters, absent fathers
  11. Outrage over citizenship question on 2020 census
  12. Chinese show of strength
  13. DOJ Inspector General reviews alleged FISA abuses by DOJ, FBI
  14. Trump supporter Roseanne Barr has the last laugh
  15. 380 sheriffs in 40 states demand Congress build Trump’s wall,
  16. FBI agent charged with leaking classified documents to media
  17. DOJ Opens Investigation Into FISA Abuse, FBI Contacts With ‘Confidential Source’
  18. Trump fires VA Sec. Shulkin nominates personal physician
  19. Self-Driving Car Ticketed; Company Disputes Violation
  20. Mary Jo Kopechne’s Family on Ted Kennedy
  21. Drug middlemen clash with FDA
  22. Nikki Haley to UN: US ‘will not pay more than 25 percent
  23. Sick of the prison footlongs?
  24. Evangelical Christians Support Trump Over Alleged Stormy Daniels Affair,
  25. Lawyers Cite Race In Defense Of Black FBI Agent Who Leaked Classified Info
  26. Florida School Ditches Common Core – Soars To Number One
  27. NYC taxi drivers warn of growing suicides
  28. The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare
  29. Warning: Uh Oh: New Texts Suggest Obama WH, CIA, FBI, And Harry Reid Colluded At Outset Of -
  30. On the news as I type this
  31. A Missouri man who threatened to ‘behead’ Muslim worshipers is guilty of hate crimes
  32. 'Secret Empires': Obama's Used His Executive Powers To Help His Friends'
  33. Many unknowns in SUV cliff plunge that killed family
  34. San Diego unveils unorthodox homelessness solution: big tents
  35. KARMA: Former FBI deputy McCabe launches legal defense fund in wake of firing
  36. Red-state teacher rebellion hits Oklahoma, grows in Arizona
  37. Sessions declines to appoint special counsel to investigate alleged FBI misconduct
  38. Warning: Starbucks Coffee must have Cancer warning [guess where]
  39. News Outlets Ignore Millennials' Skepticism of Gun Control
  40. Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell'
  41. 7 Gazans said killed, over 1,000 hurt
  42. Warning to the West
  43. Canadians Love Affair with Trudeau is over
  44. Buying Humana Would Put Walmart In The Booming Medicare Senior Market
  45. Stacey Dash Ends US House Bid OVer Fear of Left Violence Against Her Family
  46. VW storing around 300,000 diesels in US
  47. A Power Play In Chicago’s Mayoral Race
  48. Republicans Worst Nightmare
  49. Judge's death gives Trump an opportunity
  50. 24 million could skip census because of citizenship question:
  51. Hogg goes after McCain
  52. Warning: Mexico aids Easter invasion of over 1,000 illegals into US.....
  53. Students at Florida high school stage walkout in support of Second Amendment
  54. Judge grants nationwide right to abortion to illegal immigrant minors
  55. 13 Year-Old Kid Is Running for Governor of Vermont
  56. Is this the way to Protest and have an effect ?
  57. There Is More At Stake In The Census’s Citizenship Question
  58. Comeys Word against McCabes
  59. Coca-Cola challenges huge U.S. bill
  60. Trump says DACA deal for young immigrants is off
  61. GOP strategist to Trump: A ‘storm is coming
  62. London murder rate overtakes New York
  63. Warning: Nikki Haley is kicking anti-Semites in the UN to the curb
  64. Something Funny: When Snowflakes Date
  65. Senator Warren, in Beijing, says U.S
  66. The 'condom snorting challenge' is every parent's worst nightmare
  67. Several Teens Wounded and Trampled in Shooting at Alabama Concert
  68. Rising Rates Sounding Alarm Bells for Debt-Laden U.S. Consumers
  69. Supreme Court rules police officer cannot be sued for shooting Arizona woman
  70. Mexico in a tight spot on immigrant caravan
  71. Saudi crown prince says Israelis have right to their own land
  72. Border Patrol Agents Support Trumps Wall
  73. California Commits Massive Medicaid Fraud.....
  74. David Hogg, child media star
  75. 40+ Dems Chose Not to Vet House IT Aides Who Hacked Congress
  76. Jill McCabe, wife of fired FBI official, breaks silence:
  77. Active shooter Youtube HQ
  78. Pennsylvania Foreign Exchange Student Accused of Shooting Plot
  79. Fake News
  80. It is said that Trump is not under a Criminal Investigation
  81. Black America Since MLK:. And Still I Rise
  82. tPF Deerfield village votes to ban some semi-automatic weapons
  83. China retaliates, slaps duties on U.S. soybeans, planes; markets skid
  84. Federal judge blasts township court for jailing man who couldn't pay littering fine
  85. Jail time for South African woman using racist slur sets new precedent
  86. Putin says grandfather cooked for Stalin and Lenin
  87. Senate candidate boasts endorsement from his dog
  88. BREAKING: New Details About President Trump's National Guard Deployment .....
  89. Soros Hid His Jewish Heritage, Helped in Stealing the Property of Other Jews in WW2
  90. Cops search man's anus, genitals for weed during traffic stop
  91. Obama admin gave Soros org 9million dollars
  92. Second-grader given ‘white privilege’ handout
  93. Man fights California Sanctuary laws
  94. Fox's Ed Henry gives journalism lesson
  95. U.S. seizes ring of Chinese criminal pot-growing houses
  96. Nunes threatens to enforce subpoena over FBI memo that started Russia investigation
  97. Why haven’t FBI lovebirds been fired yet?
  98. Trump orders troops to border in push for security
  99. Police Warn Public After Man Stole Guns, Threatened Mass Shooting In San Francisco
  100. As California Protects Illegal Immigrants, Cities Revolt
  101. Facebook Admits They Read Your Messenger Conversations
  102. Trump breaks his silence on Stormy Daniels
  103. Airport security officer steals cash from luggage
  104. FBI is facing a federal court showdown over Trump data
  105. Horror: IRS Agent Allegedly Stuck A Gun In An Intern's Mouth And Then Raped Her.....
  106. Man Detonates ‘Explosive Device’ Inside California Sam’s Club
  107. 11 times a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy
  108. Trump is not the first president to deploy the National Guard
  109. How a secret Russian airlift helps Syria's Assad
  110. Nancy Pelosi Vows Democrats Will Raise Taxes If They Take Back The House
  111. Rock drummer-turned-doctor performs CPR on potential juror in his med-mal trial
  112. Black Parkland Students Want Peers To ‘Share The Mic’
  113. Student arrested for threatening to shoot up Taravella High School
  114. DOJ misses deadline to hand over FBI documents on FISA, Clinton Foundation
  115. Federal authorities seize Backpage.com
  116. Congressman Resigns
  117. 77% say media reports ‘fake news’
  118. U.S. gathers data on migrants deep in Mexico
  119. Couple suing Johnson & Johnson over talcum powder wins $37M
  120. New Olympic Sport
  121. ICE raid in Tennessee. 98 arrested
  122. Florida school shooting hero blames sheriff, superintendent
  123. Fire breaks out at Trump Tower in Midtown
  124. Planned Parenthood funding source is at risk
  125. I don't Facebook
  126. Mattis authorizes 4,000 National Guard troops for U.S.-Mexico border
  127. our border
  128. Man repeatedly raped kids, produced child porn, police say
  129. Cops Call Border Patrol To Assist in the Arrest of 70 Illegal Aliens Found in a Stash
  130. Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week
  131. Texas Democrat Mark Benavides goes down on six counts of human trafficking
  132. As U.S. and China trade tariff barbs, others scoop up U.S. soybeans
  133. Gun sales, concealed-carry instruction boom
  134. ‘Controlled’ demolition of silo goes terribly wrong
  135. Laura Ingraham
  136. Indianapolis man arrested for allegedly stabbing three after being told not to play b
  137. News GOP’s tax cut isn’t a gift to the rich, analysis finds
  138. Top De Blasio Aide Arrested for Illegal Weapons Possession
  139. Way to go Obama with your Fake Deals
  140. Need anymore to realize what an idiot Joy Reid is?
  141. Trump Tower victim had filed for bankruptcy/arrears on mortgage on his apartment
  142. FBI Raids Home, Office of President Trump’s Lawyer
  143. Mueller looking into $150K payment Ukrainian magnate made for Trump appearance
  144. New York man used $3.6 million stolen from Florida city to buy NFL tickets
  145. CA. Sen. Introduces Bill to Kill Free Speech, Requires State-Sanctioned Fact Checker
  146. DOJ to appoint U.S. attorney to oversee release of Clinton documents
  147. Dershowitz on Mueller's seizing Trumps lawyer records
  148. 2 men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old girl, triggering backlash
  149. Whoops: Largest Black Lives Matter Facebook Page Is Fake ......
  150. Nunes sees grassroots fundraising explosion
  151. BOOM! The Trump Effect-AGAIN: China's Xi renews vow to open economy, cut tariffs
  152. Shots Fired at Baldwin Hills Mall; Police Shooting Occurs
  153. Facebook Accused of Discriminating Against Black Trump Supporters
  155. BofA won't do any more lending to assault-style weapons manufacturers
  156. Facebook and Privacy
  157. Illinois Senate advances plan requiring public schools to teach LGBT history.....
  158. Trump ~ 'You're Telling the Enemy Everything you want to Do'
  159. Bipartisan Legislation to Be Introduced to Protect Mueller's Job......
  160. Just got a personalized, hand-written response from my US Senator! ;-)
  161. ATF Responding To Pipe Bomb Explosion In Tampa, Fla
  162. Mystery (R) ~ 'If we're going to lose because of Trump, impeach the motherfucker'
  163. DOJ Inspector General reviews alleged FISA abuses by DOJ, FBI
  164. Bannon pitches his awesome plan for dealing with Mueller Probe!
  165. John Boehner becomes lobbyist & joins board of legal weed company
  166. National Enquirer paid doorman with gossip on Trump $30,000 to keep quiet
  167. Quinnipiac: Only 13% want Trump to fire Mueller
  168. Mueller’s Panicking and Desperate To Nail Trump, and now Fishing for Anything
  169. Ohio authorities probe horrific trapped teen’s death
  170. Trump to pardon Scooter Libby ?
  171. Hip Hop gets a pass
  172. The Trump Micheal Cohen Tapes
  173. Warning: James Comey ~ 'A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership'
  174. DOJ inspector general report on Comey
  175. Comey: Classified Info Would Have ‘Cast Serious Doubt’ On Loretta Lynch Handling Clin
  176. Thirty-two U.S. Embassy Workers in Cambodia Fired
  177. Republicans for the Rule of Law
  178. GOP funds "Lyin' Comey" site - And it makes zero sense
  179. Judge secretly records insulting defendents hes sentenced
  180. Warning: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein prepared to be Fired
  181. Cohen neg'd $1.6 Million payment to hush Playmate impregnated by GOP Donor
  182. Explosive OIG Report on McCabe Released; Looks Like Comey Lied About It
  183. Mueller ~ 'Cohen was Prague in 2016'
  184. Syria ~ Trump addresses the Nation
  185. Russia calls for UN meeting on Syria
  186. Inspector General: McCabe is a Serial Liar
  187. GOP Midterm Plan Backed by $250 Million
  188. Woman’s body found in California river where family vanished
  189. Cohen Denies Report That Mueller Has Evidence Of Secret Prague Trip
  190. Comey Inadvertently Admits FBI Corruption Under His Leadership
  191. Co-Ed Defends Her Viral Graduation Photo
  192. Opposition to immigrant sanctuary spreading in California
  193. President Obama and Loretta Lynch 'jeopardized' the Hillary Clinton Invest
  194. Online shopping could cost you more after Supreme Court case
  195. Top News FBI’s McCabe accuses Comey of lying about meeting on media leak
  196. Man Threatened To Bomb Building, Shoot ‘At Least 200 People’ At University
  197. Haters Gotta Hate:New Yorker Hate Piece Attacks Chick-Fil-A; Christians
  198. Barbara Bush’s health is failing
  199. tPF Astonishing California bill would shut down free speech, require fact-checkers
  200. Loretta Lynch strikes back at Comey
  201. Parents, teachers want Devos to end Obama era discipline rule
  202. Pelosi claims Mueller was ‘fired’ in bizarre email to donors ......
  203. Kaepernick tryout with Seahawks postponed
  204. 7 inmates dead, 17 injured in South Carolina prison riot
  205. Germany: Merkel's party strikes cautious note on euro reform
  206. California man arrested after allegedly threatening Virginia congressman on Facebook
  207. Rep.Ratliffe: "Expect a Criminal Referral on McCabe"
  208. James Comey’s ABC Interview Has Furious FBI Insiders Lashing Out
  209. James Comey's interview is a media flop
  210. Michael Cohen Third Client ~ Hannity
  211. New Poll: President Trump's Approval Rating Hits Another High ......
  212. The US Navy appears to have fooled Russia/Syria with a warship ruse before the strike
  213. Two black men arrested for not leaving a Starbucks.
  214. Donated organs should go to US residents
  215. Trump University $25 Million Settlement Approved
  216. Obama’s Justice Dept. feuded with FBI,
  217. Mueller’s warning: ‘Many’ news stories on Trump-Russia probe are wrong
  218. President Trump Pardons Scooter Libby
  219. Warning: Cohen Handed a WIN Today in Court
  220. Cohen and tRump fail to block DOJ review of seized documents
  221. Trump buddying up to Putin again
  222. Electricity industry on a collision course with the FCC
  223. Clinton allies seethe with rage at Comey
  224. Guns Fall From Record High as Top Problem
  225. Cop-Killer Assata Shakur Gets $15K Check From North Carolina Court
  226. Little trigger sensitive?
  227. Gorsuch sides with liberal justices against immigration law
  228. Engine explodes during Southwest flight
  229. D.C., may allow 16-year-olds to vote for president
  230. Barbara Bush Dead
  231. Albuquerque Just Made it Harder to Deport Illegal Immigrants.....
  232. ACLU lawyer sides with Michael Cohen
  233. Amazon launches international shopping from United States
  234. Now San Diego is supporting Sanctuary State lawsuit
  235. Judge in Cohens case officiated Soros wedding
  236. Questions Grow Over The Lack Of A Criminal Referral For McCabe......
  237. GOP lawmakers want Hillary Clinton and James Comey prosecuted
  238. ‘F— your life!’: N.J. professor caught bashing conservative student
  239. Why Won't Trump Pay Respects to Barbara Bush?
  240. ICE Arrests 225 In 6 Days During New York Operation
  241. It's Official: Trump Tax Cuts Are Boosting Growth And Mostly Paying For Themselves
  242. Flags fly at half-staff for Barbara Bush; Trump issues statement
  243. Another responsible gun owner.
  244. Rocket Scientists
  245. Comey memos could land Rosenstein in contempt
  246. Andrew McCabe swipes at James Comey: He's not telling the truth
  247. Professor celebrates Barbara Bush’s death,
  248. Calif. Survey on Othering and Belonging’
  249. Man jailed for life after deliberately infecting men with HIV
  250. NYPD Cops Arrest Armed Man in Front of Bronx School