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  1. Former FBI special agent admits to leaking classified information to media
  2. Puerto Rico back in darkness after island-wide blackout
  3. New York Gov. Cuomo grants 35,000 paroled felons right to vote
  4. JetBlue "Disappointed" As 66% Of Flight Attendants Vote To Join Transport Workers Uni
  5. House Hacking Suspects’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner C
  6. Finland dropping universal basic income test program
  7. DOJ IG has referred McCabe case to federal prosecutors for possible charges
  8. Syracuse University Suspends Fraternity After Video of ‘Extremely Racist’ Behavior
  9. Revealed: Robert Mueller’s FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion ......
  10. 2 Florida Deputies Assassinated In Apparent Ambush at Restaurant, Officials Say
  11. Explosion reported at Texas City refinery
  12. The Trump Effect AGAIN: N.Korea Willing to Drop Nukes w/o Conditons, Moon says.
  13. James Comey's memos leaked. Read them here
  14. MS-13 directs members to ‘take out a cop’
  15. ‘Sanctuary county’ declared for Illinois gun owners;
  16. Now here's one for consideration....
  17. More McCabe IG news
  18. CDC warns people to avoid ‘all types of romaine lettuce’ amid E. coli outbreak
  19. AG Jeff Sessions may quit if Rosenstein is Fired
  20. NBC News star Chuck Todd on conflicts of interest: 'That's my wife. That's not me'
  21. Duke Students Who Hijacked Alumni Event: Punishing Us Would Hurt Us Mentally
  22. CNN Mocks DNC Lawsuit, '100% Stunt
  23. Trump considering pardon for late boxer Jack Johnson
  24. Good Lord. The Moron In Chief Can't Get Anything Right
  25. Happy Earth Day
  26. CDC Survey On Defensive Gun Use Was Never Publicized
  27. MANHUNT: Naked Gunman Kills 4 at Nashville Waffle House
  28. Officials In Florida Search For Gunman Who Opened Fire on Deputy, Civilians
  29. Warning: GQ Magazine Lists the Bible in the Top 21 Most Overrated Books of All Time.....
  30. SpaceX to build Mars rocket at the Port of Los Angeles
  31. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to face no-confidence vote from his own deputies
  32. veteran receives first penis, scrotum transplant
  33. Obama Justice Dept.’s attempts to influence investigations
  34. Politico Reporter: With DNC Lawsuit, Democrats Worry
  35. Trump poised for major makeover of liberal 9th Circuit court
  36. Traffic camera in New Orleans giving speeding tickets to parked cars
  37. Rand Paul to force Senate vote on budget-slashing bill
  38. US consumer confidence rebounds; new home sales rise
  39. Kent State professor charged with lying to the FBI, banned from campus
  40. Macron's visit notes.
  41. Manhunt in Dallas
  42. Bin Laden’s ‘bodyguard’ is collecting welfare in Germany
  43. Media’s ‘reporting’ on the Mueller probe is deepening our divide
  44. Maxine Waters: ‘No credibility’ knock on Comey doesn’t apply to his Trump criticism
  45. House Committees strike deal with DOJ for thousands of Clinton probe documents
  46. U.S. Supreme Court upholds legality of patent review process
  47. MAGA: Macron Sides With Pres.Trump; Calls for "New Nuclear Deal" with Iran
  48. Indonesia ~ Setya Novanto who Trump called 'Amazing' and 'Great Man' gets 15 years
  49. French President Macrons' Whitehouse Visit ~ 'Is that Dandruff' ?
  50. Republican wins US House race in Arizona GOP stronghold
  51. 59 undocumented immigrants found in tractor-trailer at checkpoint
  52. GOP starts push for Senate rules change
  53. Jim Acosta says voters too stupid to grasp Trump ‘act’
  54. Busted: Port Authority commissioner telling cops: 'You may shut the f--- up!'
  55. Manhunt underway for man who allegedly shot, killed Somerset County Deputy
  56. I cannot imagine anything worse....
  57. Judicial Watch Finds New Classified Emails, Others Confirm Collusion Between -
  58. Michael Cohen to plead the 5th
  59. Are there no genders, or do women deserve special treatment?
  60. Millennials should be furious about DACA
  61. Kirsten Gillibrand introduces bill meant to wipe out payday lenders
  62. 2 teens stabbed waiting for Philadelphia subway
  63. Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters
  64. Chance the Rapper backs Kanye West
  65. Man charged with toppling Jewish cemetery headstones in 2017
  66. Mustang, Focus crossover will be only Ford models on the market in North America by 2
  67. NYC restaurants propose surcharges for all diners
  68. Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Trump's travel ban
  69. $46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien
  70. : Progressives Want Slave Reparations
  71. How about catching the Golden Gate (State?) Killer?
  72. Newly released police report confirms Broward deputies hid while shooter rampaged
  73. Deep State Corruption Of FBI, Justice Was There From Very Start Of Hillary Probe
  74. 12-Year-Old Colorado Girl Kidnapped By Sex Offender, Police Say
  75. Bill Cosby convicted of drugging and molesting a woman
  76. Explosion rocks Wisconsin refinery, forcing evacuations
  77. Warning: What did Trump get his wife for her Birthday today ?
  78. With Tax Scam Complete, GOP Caucus Unveils Insane Budget Blueprint to Attack Safety N
  79. Donald Trump and the Next Big Crash
  80. Senate moves to protect America from Trump
  81. In 'Bonkers' Fox & Friends Tirade, Trump Blatantly 'Threatens to Obstruct Justice'
  82. Scott Pruitt Faces New Accusations Of Ethical Lapses Over EPA’s Climate Rule Repeal
  83. Paul Ryan forces House of Representatives Chaplin to resign
  84. ‘Cosby Show’ Pulled From Network Following Guilty Verdict
  85. EPA ~ Scott Pruitt lies to Congress bashed by Congress (except (R's) told to resign
  86. Fox & Friends ~ Trump rants in unhinged meltdown
  87. Comey Lies Through His Teeth in Fox Interview w/Brett Baier
  88. ‘Pelosi lied’ about border wall funding in omnibus
  89. Admitted MS-13 illegals placed around the country
  90. EXCLUSIVE: Read The Strozk-Page Texts The DOJ Handed Over To Congress
  91. Korean leaders aim for end of war, 'complete denuclearisation' after historic summit
  92. Korea ~ Should Trump be awarded Nobel Peace Prize ?
  93. Economy grows at 2.3 percent in first quarter
  94. Tom Brokaw accused of sexual harassment by former NBC anchor
  95. Mueller’s investigation of Trump ‘needs to conclude,
  96. Montgomery, Alabama ~ The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
  97. REPORT: Democrats’ EPA Leaker Misrepresented His Military Service
  98. Declassified Congressional Report: James Clapper Lied About Dossier Leaks To CNN ....
  99. Teen helps woman jump from burning building as it collapses
  100. Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Gets A Rare Win
  101. US businesses raise pay at fastest pace in 11 years
  102. Brigitte Macron says Melania Trump 'cannot do anything' in White House
  103. Toddler Held Captive by British NHS Dies
  104. French museum discovers more than half of its paintings are fake
  105. OFF THE RAILS: MMA fighter with links to Trump, Cohen is questioned by FBI
  106. appeals court allows Texas to implement voter ID law
  107. Spontaneous rallies
  108. Correspondents Assoc Denounces Michelle Wolffs speech
  109. Illinois House passes plan to replace school security guards with social workers
  110. Migrants who traveled with caravan vow to wait at border until asylum granted
  111. DA candidate in California slammed for suggesting cop killers don't deserve death pen
  112. More Glass House Liberals in Fantasy Land
  113. Man wielding metal bar breaks into Trump International Hotel
  114. Israel produces or will produce documents that Iran Lied about Nuke Program
  115. I wonder why Stormy is soooo upset, oh yeah
  116. Is it fair to say John McCain can't even die with dignity?
  117. Crips leader tells gang members to 'f--k Kanye West up
  118. Transgender patients sue Wisconsin over refusal to pay for transition surgery
  119. Mom who left kids to die in hot car to ‘teach them a lesson’ gets jail
  120. Questions....
  121. Officers Arrest Fugitives Attempting to Flee the U.S. at Boston Logan Airport
  122. South Korea credits Trump for opening door to talks with North
  123. tPF The DNC Wants A Refund From Hillary Clinton
  124. Kathy Griffin accosted White House official at WHCD
  125. Rosenstein Says He "Supports Oversight", then says "no Constitutional Basis for it"
  126. Why own a car when you can subscribe to one instead
  127. An Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane on a training mission crashed Wednesday
  128. Arkansas Supreme Court says state can enforce voter ID law
  129. Dozens of quakes rattle Hawaii volcano, eruption possible
  130. cops have the ER entrance at YaleNewHaven Hosp surrounded. Heavy police presence
  131. Legendary Guitar Maker Gibson Files For Bankruptcy
  132. Hiker feared missing on mountain might have to pay rescue bill after he was found at
  133. Trudeau pins Canada’s illegal-immigration woes on Trump
  134. A tax-increase proposal goes down in flames
  135. Kanye West a ‘gift to racists’ says CNN’s Stelter
  136. New York Times sees federal taxes cut in half
  137. More news out of North Korea
  138. report of an active shooter at metro mall
  139. Film Academy Expels Cosby, and FINALLY, Roman Polanski
  140. Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ to return on Fox
  141. Cell phones may be to blame for surge in deadly brain tumors
  142. The FBI is in Crisis, and It's Worse Than You Think
  143. Top News Rudy Giuliani’s media blitz provides ammunition for Trump foes
  144. Detroit Hip-Hop Radio Station Bans Kanye's Music
  145. VA Hospital In L.A. Has Cancelled 83 Surgeries
  146. Breaking: Lava eruption in leilani estates
  147. Judge challenges Mueller's actions.
  148. FBI officials Jim Baker, Lisa Page resign from bureau
  149. Caller described teens on college tour as ‘really odd
  150. 3 top figures at Denver Post, including former owner, quit
  151. tPF DOJ inspector general's testimony postponed, amid new leads in Clinton case review
  152. Donald Trump formally nominated for a Nobel Prize for 'his tireless work to bring pea
  153. Fox tells the truth!
  154. Russians charged in Mueller probe plans to plead not guilty, deride prosecution
  155. Criminals could alter their DNA to evade justice
  156. Conservative backlash to California sanctuary law spreads north
  157. McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral.
  158. 'Nixonian': To Kill Iran Deal, Trump Camp Hired Israeli Spy Firm to Dig Up Dirt on Ob
  159. Tripling Its Collection, NSA Sucked Up Over 530 Million US Phone Records in 2017
  160. Trump's Appointees Pledged Not to Lobby After They Leave. Now They're Lobbying.
  161. US To Re-establish 2nd Fleet As Russia Ups Activity In Atlantic.....
  162. Woman used obituaries to pick out burglary targets: Cops
  163. Matt Lauer
  164. Skakel conviction tossed because of ineffective assistance of counsel
  165. BREAKING: President Trump Has Made a Decision About the Iran Deal......
  166. Anti-Trump NY Attorney General Accused Of Beating Women
  167. 26 years after conviction, 2 exonerated in false rape claim
  168. Trump considers benching Giuliani from doing TV interviews
  169. Ex: Schneiderman called me his ‘brown slave,
  170. April was best month in history for U.S. budget, according to CBO figures
  171. More than 30,000 nursing home eviction notices to be sent in Louisiana Thursday...
  172. "ladies' lingerie"
  173. U.S. job openings hit record high, more workers quitting
  174. Nikolas Cruz revelation highlights Obama soft discipline
  175. Media get trumped: President’s polls improve despite 90% negative coverage
  176. Stakes high as Seattle considers business tax for homeless
  177. Ashes Of Woman Who Died In Police Custody Thrown At LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
  178. Trump to get millions from sale of New York housing complex
  179. Video shows black Airbnb guests, police joking about call
  180. Where on Earth Did Avenatti Get His ‘Bombshell’ Dirt on Michael Cohen?
  181. 9/11 alleged mastermind comes out against Haspel's nomination as next CIA chief
  182. NKorea releases 3 US Detainees to Pompeo
  183. Greg Pence wins vice president's old House seat
  184. Lowest-rated show on Fox, outperforms highest-rated show on CNN
  185. Trump suggests pulling credentials from 'corrupt' media ......
  186. Report: Secret Source Who Aided Mueller Probe Is Deemed Off Limits To Congress
  187. Rachel Maddow Ratings ON TOP!
  188. Treasury inspector launches probe into possible leak of Cohen’s banking records
  189. Warning: Boeing Freefall?
  190. FBI raids home of California mayor, city hall and marijuana dispensary
  191. Drugmakers' answer on drug prices
  192. The ‘Russian Collusion’ Trial Is On, And Mueller May Be The First Casualty
  193. Insurers' answer on drug prices
  194. Teacher sues after being accused of promoting ‘homosexual agenda’
  195. Witch Hunt: Majority of Americans Now Think The Russia Probe Is Politically Motivated
  196. Trump announces capture of members of ISIS leadership
  197. Retired general: Torture worked on John McCain
  198. Boss slaps lineup of 'bad' employees
  199. Convicted killer told police of penchant for teen girls
  200. Boy Scouts to Integrate Girls Next Year
  201. tPF Pay to play....
  202. Warning: Obama paid Iran $1.8 billion for captives’ release,
  203. Emails Show FBI Advised Comey to Consult Mueller’s Prior to Testimony
  204. US officials discover Hungary passport fraud scheme
  205. 'It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway'
  206. George Wills' 'Worst Person in Government'
  207. Bronx ‘spiritual healer’ threatened to kill customers if they denied his sexual advan
  208. REPORT: Comey Was Advised By FBI To Talk To Mueller Before Senate Testimony
  209. Warning: Can We All Finally Admit Trump Is A Good President?
  210. 4 troopers hurt, suspect killed in Oklahoma
  211. Ex-Rep. Mel Reynolds given 6 months in prison, says he's 'done with America
  212. It's an election year
  213. N Korea appears to be actively tearing down a big Nuke Site
  214. New ad urges mothers to warn kids about the GOP
  215. Bad News for Cohen and Trump
  216. U.S. rolls back protections for transgender prison inmates
  217. Trump’s Unveils His Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices
  218. The Ethanol Gravy Train Rolls On
  219. Impeach Trump For Withdrawing From Iran Dea
  220. Miami man made nearly 100 million robocalls
  221. Man repeatedly stabs young son during standoff
  222. Our brains are scrambled
  223. Those Russian Hackers Also Threatened Liberal Military Families and Michelle Obama
  224. America"s great mistake
  225. Trump orders Commerce Department to help Chinese company get ‘back in business’
  226. Green Beret is waterboarded to defend CIA nominee Gina Haspel
  227. Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary gets ugly
  228. Supreme Court clears path for legalizing gambling
  229. DHS doubles focus on businesses that hire illegal immigrants
  230. Students, professors take fight to universities to protect free speech
  231. Dozens die due to carbon monoxide poisoning from keyless cars
  232. Warning: Melania Trump Undergoes Surgery
  233. Prosecutor: Children tortured for sadistic purposes
  234. 'Save Chinese Jobs'
  235. Michael Avenatti Hasn’t Corrected False Allegations Made Against The Wrong Michael Co
  236. Federal lawsuit accuses Obama center organizers of pulling a " bait and switch"
  237. Warning: Nikki Haley denies Gaza violence is related to new US Embassy in Jersualem
  238. Beware of Ramadan Violence Starting Tonight Imam Says
  239. Aliso Viejo, California
  240. Investigative Report: Brennan Used FBI Agent Peter Strzok as Author For Intelligence
  241. 10 schemed to load drugs, weapons and explosives on aircraft at DFW Airport
  242. Penn State bans wilderness adventuring, camping, caving, scuba diving.
  243. Warning: Many of us said this would happen....
  244. Pope Francis hints he may retire
  245. Trump CIA nominee secures key Democrat's vote
  246. Nikki Haley Just Made Another Power Move at the UN.....
  247. A New Jersey board of education member is facing a call to resign
  248. Laura Ingraham outpaces Rachel Maddow
  249. Deportation Bus ad removed from YouTube as ‘hate speech
  250. Man arrested for posing as Texas high school athlete