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  1. Smuggling ring at DFW
  2. Rex Tillerson warns America ... Trump a threat to Democracy
  3. Campaign Finance Issue on Stormy Payment
  4. Mueller's team told Trump's lawyers they can't indict a president
  5. Pack of wiener dogs mauls woman to death
  6. Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes
  7. Forces that protect nuclear weapons loses explosives on North Dakota road
  8. Amazon blasts Seattle's new ‘head tax’ -- Even liberals have their limits
  9. Haspel confirmed as CIA Director
  10. Stabbing Reported at Mall in Arkansas
  11. Christopher Steele, Trump dossier author and ex-spy, under fire
  12. College grad wears gun holster with AR-10 in her graduation photos
  13. Canadian woman poops in restaurant and throws it at employee
  14. Jeff Sessions ends Obama-era ‘de facto’ court amnesty
  15. Mexican National Charged With Voter Fraud for Voting in 2016 Election
  16. Warning: CNN, AP Forced to Correct Stories Saying Trump Called Immigrants 'Animals,'
  17. Galveston County TX High School shooting
  18. Ammo box falls from military chopper, crashes into school
  19. Black Trump Supporter Harassed
  20. Trump’s pick to head Veterans Affairs: Robert Wilkie
  21. Utah lawmaker wants to raise legal marriage age to 18
  22. Man arrested in 1987 killing of couple in Washington state
  23. Floating island in the works
  24. Alleged shooter at Texas high school spared people he liked, court document says
  25. Teen basketball star dies after asking for drink during game
  26. Friends watch as man falls to his death taking selfie at tourist hot spot
  27. Secret FBI source for Russia investigation met with three Trump advisers
  28. Pregnant woman and service dog punched in airplane scuffle in Orlando
  29. Trump targets Planned Parenthood, family planning services with new abortion rule
  30. BBC Trolls Trump
  31. The collusion of lawyers is finally collapsing
  32. A bad week for Democrats
  33. Confirmed: FBI Was Spying on the Trump Campaign
  34. Russia unveils world's first floating nuclear power station
  35. FBI Practice of Extrajudicial Homicide Against Innocent Civilians
  36. Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant
  37. China agrees to purchase more U.S. goods
  38. Trump says he’ll ‘demand’ DOJ investigation into FBI infiltration
  39. I can’t get hired because of my throat tattoo
  40. Small Business Owners: Internet Sales Tax ‘Devastating,’
  41. Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all
  42. School victims honored at Billboard Awards; Janet, BTS shine .....
  43. Witness describes frantic effort to save slain officer
  44. Texas ~ Gov. Abbott drops shotgun giveaway in wake of Massacre
  45. Warning: The FBI Tried To Seduce Me with Taylor Swift
  46. Senator Wants Bruce Ohr Records, Interview
  47. This is our Public Schools
  48. Active shooter in Bay County Flordia
  49. Kratom... another FDA abuse to lick the boots of big Pharma
  50. Parents sue deadbeat son to get out of their house
  51. Putin's 'unlimited range' nuclear missile crashed after 22 miles
  52. NFL’s Proposed National Anthem Rules: Penalties for Kneeling Being Considered
  53. Canada crackdown on Refugees
  54. Eagle Creek fire teen ordered to pay $36M
  55. Warning: Trump says he will propose new tax cuts prior to November
  56. Children ‘abducted’ by illegals hoping to pose as families at U.S. border
  57. Michael Avenatti Accuses Cohen’s Lawyers of Leaking Audio Recordings Featuring Stormy
  58. Judge: President Trump Cannot Block Users on Twitter
  59. Warning: The FBI’s changing story.
  60. Bodycam footage shows woman falsely accused cop of sexual assault
  61. Mueller Rejects Speedy Trial Law To Delay Russian Collusion Trial
  62. US staffer in China suffers mild TBI in sonic attack
  63. First Presidency and NAACP Leaders Call for Greater Civility, Racial Harmony
  64. All NFL Personnel on Field Must Now Stand for National Anthem
  65. condoms made outside of state makes sex crime a federal issue?
  66. Grandma sentenced to death for smuggling crystal meth
  67. San Francisco brewery ordered to stop making weed beer
  68. DEA acknowledges it raided wrong family’s house in Tennessee
  69. House passes $717B Pentagon policy measure
  70. Train Derailment in Chicago Suburb
  71. Harvey Weinstein expected to be arrested Friday
  72. Planned Parenthood Begs Trump Administration To Help Them Stop A Union
  73. San Francisco police not charged in black man’s 2015 killing
  74. Shaun King Claims He’s The Real Victim Of His Own False Reporting
  75. President Trump cancels summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.....
  76. At Least 5 Reportedly Injured in Shooting at Oklahoma
  77. Rachel Dolezal, who posed as black, accused of welfare fraud
  78. Active Shooter Quickly ‘Shot To Death By Armed Citizen,’ Police Report
  79. Holder urges DOJ/FBI to unconstitutionally defy President: 'Protect the institutions'
  80. Male student behind Indiana middle school shooting
  81. Summit talk turns warmer; Trump says 'talking to them now'
  82. Let's Burst Some Bubbles And Be Honest About Donald Trump
  83. State Dept Employee Funneled Taxpayer Funds To Her Boyfriend
  84. Man detained in Portland, Oregon hit-and-run
  85. It's Official: Republicans Introduce Resolution for Second Special Counsel -
  86. Idaho town told not to drink water amid contamination scare
  87. Trump Jr. lied to Congress ?
  88. Rape victim awarded $1 billion in historic jury verdict
  89. Emails show de Blasio officials put PR over homelessness
  90. Amazon Alexa records private conversation and forwarded it
  91. I smell something bad
  92. DHS to cancel Obama-era foreign investor immigration program
  93. Illegal immigrants used Pilfered Social Security numbers
  94. The Tale of Two Commencement Speeches
  95. Another bold stroke by Trump
  96. Kneeling At Football Games
  97. Mitch McConnell says a ‘blue wave’ won’t be coming in 2018
  98. Florida declares state of emergency ahead of storm Alberto
  99. Deported Illegal Alien Rapist, Kidnapper, Burglar Reenters U.S
  100. Businessman Receives 90 Days of House Arrest For Raping a Child
  101. Democrats Go All-Out to Avoid Disaster in California House Races
  102. Sharyl Atkisson on Spygate: Sure looks like FBI's "Spygate" operation was political
  103. Where Did Mouthenatti GO ??!!
  104. Woman escapes abusive boyfriend by slipping note to dog’s vet
  105. Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate
  106. The Parkland students stopped a huge corporation from donating to the NRA
  107. A Cry for Help
  108. Garrett to quit Congress amid servant scandal, alcoholism
  109. Did witnesses fail USC women in care of 'predator' gynecologist?
  110. Trump's tweets could prompt OPEC to boost oil production
  111. Venezuela's once-proud oil industry is collapsing
  112. Trump slams Dems after photo of children in cages, from Obama's term, 'backfires"
  113. Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to Arkansas abortion law
  114. Morgan Freeman’s Lawyers Demand CNN Retract Story
  115. Farrakhan calls for end to white men
  116. Warning: Racist Bigot Roseanne Cancelled.
  117. Missouri ~ (R) Gov. Eric Greitens Resigns
  118. Warning: tRump jr retweeted rOsanne's racist rant.
  119. Boy arrested after bringing loaded handgun to San Lorenzo High School
  120. U.S. Back At No. 1 Competitiveness Ranking — Will Trump's Critics Ever Admit It?
  121. President Trump signs the "Right to Try Act"
  122. Kim Kardashian visits the White Houuse.
  123. Mouthenatti Bails on the BJ Queen After Court Hearing
  124. Multiple People Shot in Denver, Colorado
  125. Harvey Weinstein indicted on rape charges
  126. U.S. judge dismisses Kaspersky suits to overturn government ban
  127. Watchdog Group Discovers Secret Iranian Missile Site
  128. Fox News Steamrolls Cable News Competition With Big Win In May Ratings
  129. Plane makes emergency landing after passenger lit cigarette
  130. Woman defends drunk driving: ‘Jesus drank wine and so did I’
  131. Top state agency administrator fired for sexual misconduct
  132. Ethanol industry mounts big legal challenge
  133. Drug company sales rep admits bribing N.J. doctors to prescribe addictive painkillers
  134. TBS' Samantha Bee - Should She Be Fired
  135. Trump to Pardon Dinesh D'Souza
  136. McCabe Turns over Secret Document to Mueller.....
  137. How Trump’s Election Shook Obama
  138. Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements
  139. Scientists Discover Genius Way to Get Vitamin B12 Naturally Into Vegan Diet
  140. Chicago police: 2 girls sexually assaulted in their bedrooms
  141. Samantha Bee to Ivanka Trump: Sorry I called you the c-word
  142. Sponsors drop Samantha Bee after Ivanka Trump 'feckless c--t' remark
  143. Obama Pardoned Terrorist FALN Leader Oscar Lopez Rivera
  144. Boehner ~ 'There is no Republican Party'
  145. Teacher Arrested After Texting Threat of Mass Shooting at Las Vegas Concert
  146. Amazon to block Australians from global websites due to tax
  147. New Poll Shows Ted Cruz Crushing His Democrat Opponent
  148. More Drivers Killed Under the Influence of Drugs Than Alcohol
  149. Pedophile Who Threatened To Kill President Now Running For Congress Thanks To Terry M
  150. Unemployment rate drops to 3.8%
  151. Man Acquitted of Destroying Confederate Monument
  152. Should Trump Be Fired for Saying "C*nt"?
  153. Democrat Journalist: Why my thoughts on the Russia investigation changed
  154. Big Victim Valerie Jarrett
  155. Nancy Pelosi does her Baghdad Bob impression
  156. The media is wrong! Do they want peace or not?
  157. Warning: Where's Melania?
  158. RFK Jr. Says Sirhan Sirhan Innocent
  159. New York Times' Dowd; It was a moment of peak Spock.
  160. Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile
  161. Reports Of "Active Shooter" On Rooftop Halts San Diego's Rock'n'Roll Marathon
  162. This Is What Deranged Conservative Christians Want To Teach Your Children
  163. Giuliani ~ 'Trump could have shot Comey and still couldn’t be indicted for it'
  164. Police investigate killing of 4th professional near Phoenix
  165. How do you defeat this...
  166. Trump says he can pardon himself
  167. Blockbuster cases to watch as the Supreme Court nears end of its term
  168. Trump celebrates 500 days in office
  169. Supreme Court likely to rack up more reversals for West Coast's 9th Circuit
  170. Warning: Christian Baker Prevails At Supreme Court In Same-Sex Wedding Cake Dispute
  171. 7-month-old abducted by registered sex offender
  172. 'Miss America' Pageant Axes Swimsuit Competition, Will No Longer Judge on Appearances
  173. David Hogg's Family Swatted
  174. Poland's Catholic Church bucks Pope Francis' liberal embrace
  175. DHS compiles list of all bloggers, journalists and social media influencers
  176. Immigration agents arrest 114 at Ohio landscaper
  177. Former college student who claimed rape admits it was all lies
  178. Inside Obama’s secret plot to let Iran skirt sanctions
  179. $119,050,900,000: Merchandise Trade Deficit With China Hit Record
  180. US Restores Top Ranking As Most Competitive Global Economy, As Democrats Fret
  181. California Voters Show Disdain For High Gas Tax By Recalling Its Biggest Supporter
  182. Man Indicted After Bomb Detonated at Church, Another Device Left at Starbucks
  183. Bill Clinton's Lewinsky scandal set bar 'very low' for future presidents
  184. U.S. Recalls Americans From China to Investigate Mystery Ailment
  185. CEO says she’s devoted to keeping the ‘Girl’ in Girl Scouts
  186. You're Fired: Mick Mulvaney Fires Entire CFPB Advisory Board .....
  187. Manchin Running froom DNC to Save Seat;"Regrets Supportingf Clinton
  188. Putin gave an ominous warning about World War III
  189. Building blocks of life found on Mars
  190. Feds Send $1 Million To Study Designed To Push Transgenderism On Children .....
  191. U.S. immigration authorities sending 1,600 detainees to federal prisons
  192. Hillary Clinton email investigation to be released June 14, Trump's birthday
  193. Man Accused of Making Threat To CMA Concert at Nashville’s Tennessee Titans Stadium
  194. Former Joy Reid colleague: She was one 'evil woman'
  195. Doctor pulls gigantic leech from man’s nose
  196. Attorneys: Arizona man beaten by police posed no threat
  197. Justice Dept. Seizes Times Reporter’s Email and Phone Records in Leak Investigation
  198. So long Chef!!
  199. House votes for regular audits of Robert Mueller's Russia investigation......
  200. New $2.5B contract awarded to manage nuclear weapons lab
  201. Why Would Trump Want to Pardon Ali?
  202. Republican Congressman in Georgia Loves the Nazis
  203. Trump's Useless VA "Veterans Choice" Bill
  204. Midde Finger
  205. much more comfortable having robots own a gun than an emotional human
  206. Senate Homeland chairman Johnson presses DHS for documents on Russia meddling
  207. Arm found inside alligator suspected of dragging woman into Florida pond
  208. DNC Adopts new rule
  209. Top Senate staffer arrested in leak probe,
  210. Canada warns immigrants in U.S. about heading north of the border
  211. Atlanta Sex-Trafficking Sting Results In Hundreds Of Rescued Children And Arrests
  212. Trump Presser: Insane, Unstable, Crazy
  213. Former Head of Baltimore Police Unit Sentenced to 25 years in Prison
  214. Ex Secret Service agent found security flaws at Florida school
  215. Colorado baker slammed with hostile reviews, protests after Supreme Court victory
  216. Rob Reiner: Trump first president 'supported by mainstream media'
  217. Truth about Canadian Tariffs
  218. TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan
  219. Do anything for a photo op
  220. Pat Caddell: As veteran of seven presidential campaigns, FBI spying 'unheard of, frig
  221. FOX Finally Gets It Right!
  222. 3 killed, 8 wounded in Chicago shootings during 3-hour span
  223. Higher minimum wages increase poverty in poor neighborhoods
  224. Black GOP senate candidate: Descendants of slaves better off in America than Africa
  225. Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls for War in Korea
  226. Supreme Court rules in favor of Ohio 'voter purge'
  227. More Collusion Between the NRA and Russia
  228. Chief urges gunman holding kids to surrender
  229. Sessions excludes domestic, gang violence from asylum claims
  230. Robert De Niro Uses Profanity to Condemn Trump at Tony Awards
  231. Trump Says Economic Adviser Kudlow Suffers Heart Attack
  232. Trump upbeat ahead of North Korean summit; Kim visits Singapore sites
  233. Seattle may pull ‘head tax’ after Amazon, Starbucks cry foul
  234. Reagan ~ June 12, 1987 ~ Tear Down that Wall .. Trump ~ June 12, 2018 ~ Build Condos
  235. Frenchman in US beard contest pleads guilty in drug case
  236. Federal judge halts secret FEC plot to target GOP groups.....
  237. More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation
  238. Mouthenatti Says the "Russian government is trying to smear me." Really, he did!
  239. Ivanka and Kushner made $82 Million since Trump took office, how much did you make ?
  240. Social Security employee used dead people to steal $680,000
  241. Behind Trump's Exasperation
  242. CNN's Acosta Had An Outburst At The Trump-North Korea Summit
  243. Trump ~ "Kim Jong Un Loves his People"
  244. Another Trump Major Crime
  245. Trump ~ 'I'll find some kind of excuse if wrong about Kim Jong Un'
  246. The Fake Trump Video to Kim Jiong Un
  247. Canadians are one in a million -- while waiting for medical treatment
  248. Rep. Mark Sanford loses to Republican primary challenger at Trumps Urging
  249. Man destroys portrait of ‘piece of s–t’ De Niro after actor’s anti-Trump rant
  250. Guam’s Governor to Trump: Summit With Kim Brought ‘Big Sigh of Relief’