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  1. President Trump Begs Dems To Keep Supporting Pelosi
  2. DNC reverses policy accepts contributions from fossil fuel workers
  3. More Americans than ever find Democrats out of the mainstream
  4. 27th Congressional District facing an Open Election
  5. Inflation Wiping Out Modest Wage Gains
  6. Corporate Profits Going to Executives, Shareholders
  7. The Press: Fighting For the Free Press
  8. Washington Plane Hijacker Was A Christian Baker
  9. 30th Illegal Alien Sex Offender Arrested by CBP El Centro
  10. 2 dead, 18 wounded in Chicago shootings:
  11. New York Attorney General Hopefuls Promise to Prosecute ICE, Trump
  12. Left-wing Antifa Thugs Attack Media and Police in Charlottesville .....
  13. DC Protest
  14. Bookmark this! Your great Rethuglican party
  15. 3 shot 1 deead in Concord parking lot!
  16. De Blasio lets security haul away Post reporter for asking question
  17. Football Coach Shot During Game at Nashville High School
  18. A growing number of California detainees are Indians crossing through Mexico to seek
  19. Domestic Abuse Allegations Surface Against Congressman Keith Ellison
  20. Watch – Black Lives Matter Activists Surround Cars, Attack Drivers
  21. Trump dehumanizes Omarosa like Adolf Hitler
  22. Sen. Bill Nelson goes silent amid charges of fabricating Russian hacking claim
  23. Heroic mom fights off child-snatcher in broad daylight
  24. Reports of Active Shooter at Pennsylvania Walmart
  25. 50%
  26. Deeply consequential charge to remake the entire federal judiciary.
  27. Assistant principal accused of sex with teen, sending X-rated photos
  28. Mainstream media tries to 'rewrite history' to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments
  29. Father accused of fatally beating man who tried to enter daughter's bathroom stall
  30. Samuel Adams Boycotted by Massachusetts Mayor
  31. Christian Baker Again Under Fire for Refusing Transgender Cake
  32. First Transgender Nominee For Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are A Problem
  33. Pennsylvania ~ 300 Priests accused of Child Sex Abuse
  34. Omarosa is not believable...........Dah!
  35. Warning: Trump revokes Former CIA Director John Brennans' Security Clearance
  36. Free Speech: Pearl Jam Trolls Trump
  37. New Texts Reveal Steele Anxious Over Comey …
  38. Andrew Cuomo shocks many in his own party saying America was 'never that great'.....
  39. Warning: Football Season
  40. Alex Jones Flagship Radio Station Shut Down by the FCC
  41. Republicans scared of Waters
  42. Keith Ellison and the seriousness of the charges against him
  43. I need my horse to fly
  44. Trump tribute to Aretha Franklin ~ "She worked for me"
  45. Warning: FOX Screws Up: Apologizes to Patti LaBelle
  46. A Message To Trump From The Guy Who Caught bin Laden
  47. Trump Dumps Obama Cybersecurity Rules
  48. Unhinged Trump Wants Omarosa ARRESTED!
  49. Keith Ellison’s ex claims he called her a ‘bitch’ during assault
  50. 'Menstrual equity': Activist fights to correct lawmakers' neglect of feminine needs
  51. Michigan Democrat under fire for allegedly calling Asian opponent 'ching-chang'
  52. One Of The Alleged New Mexico Terror Suspects Lived In The U.S. Illegally For 20 Year
  53. Trevor Noah Slams Peter Strzok's 'Bullsh*t' GoFundMe Page
  54. Christopher Steele Told DOJ’s Bruce Ohr He Was ‘Afraid They Will Be Exposed
  55. Ocasio-Cortez bans media from community meetings
  56. Teen shoots, kills mom's abusive boyfriend, no charges.
  57. The media’s hatred of Trump is only hurting itself
  58. Muslim Man Sentenced to Death for 'Honor Killings' in Texas
  59. Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse Debunked
  60. Netflix's Wolf Fired Like a Dog
  61. Yazidi Slave Girl Flees Germany After Her ISIS Captor Finds Her
  62. Brazilian border town residents drive out Venezuelan immigrants
  63. Cardinal Burke: 'We Have a Very Grave Problem of a Homosexual Culture in the Church'
  64. Twitter CEO Makes Stunning Admission Of Bias During CNN Interview
  65. Professor says emails were 'gay-coded,' not sex harassment
  66. Asia Argento accused of paying hush money to silence sexual assault allegations
  67. Two Big Banks Are Cut From $600 Million Project.
  68. Demand For Concealed Carry Permits Is Skyrocketing
  69. Toronto Police Arrest Man Accused Of Assaulting Journalist At Antifa Protest
  70. 23 people shot, 2 fatally: 'Welcome to Chicago, I guess' .....
  71. Giuliani ~ 'Truth isn't Truth'
  72. Texas Man Sentenced For Trying To Blow Up Confederate Statue
  73. Iranian spys in the US.
  74. Trump ~ 'I can take over Mueller Investigation and do what I want'
  75. Warning: Confederate statue on UNC campus toppled by protesters
  76. South Africa begins seizing white-owned farms in land redistribution program
  77. UFC's Dana White on loyalty to Trump
  78. When Democrats Demanded John Brennan Resign
  79. David Hogg Turns on Democratic Leadership:
  80. Trump Watches CNN Analyst Rant. Gives Him Bad News On His Security Clearance.
  81. Man Attacked By Antifa For Holding 'Fascist' American Flag
  82. Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in talks with Prosecutors about possible Plea Deal
  83. Microsoft ~ Russia cyber-attacking Conservatives
  84. (D-Va.) Sen. Warner legislation prohibiting Trump from revoking security clearences
  85. Growing Facebook Tyranny
  86. Warning: Manafort Guilty
  87. Immigrant charged with murder in death of missing Iowa woman
  88. Asia
  89. (R-Ca.) Rep. Duncan Hunter and his Wife indicted
  90. Russia's new 'walking army robot'
  91. New York least free state in the US, again
  92. Warning: Cohen's Attorney
  93. West Virginia ~ Hours after the Cohen and Manafort criminal convictions
  94. Warning: Asia Argento allegedly admitted to sex with teen in Texts
  95. Cohen deletes tweet predicting Clinton would go to jail
  96. NASA says asteroid bigger than great pyramid will make a close pass of earth
  97. Lawsuit against Trump for Trump Tower Protest incident to Proceed
  98. National Enquirer's David Pecker a Trump Cohen Co-conspirator ?
  99. N.Y. ~ Dept. of Tax & Finance subpoenas Michael Cohen in Trump Foundation Probe
  100. Manafort Trial ~ One juror held-out preventing a conviction on all 18 Counts
  101. EPA Announces Replacement to Obama's Clean Power Plan.....
  102. The Trump Fox & Friends Interview
  103. Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs
  104. AG Sessions puts the smackdown on Trump
  105. Feds Use Facial Recognition To Arrest Man Trying To Enter U.S. Illegally
  106. Trump seeking advise from his Lawyers on pardoning Manafort
  107. Fired Texas cop testifies he had no choice but to shoot car
  108. Manhattan D.A. ~ Considering criminal prosecution of Trump Organization
  109. Illegal immigration leads to 2,200 deaths, 118,000 rapes, 138,000 assaults
  110. Trump Organisation Finance Chief Allen Weisselberg Granted Immunity
  111. Warning: Sen. John McCain Discontinuing Medical Treatment for Brain Cancer
  112. The fix in is on again!outrage!!!
  113. Trump's White Nationalist Supporters get Prison Time!
  114. Hounds 'Closing In' and 'Dam Breaking' as Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg La
  115. Why American-Made Fascism Puts Democracy at Risk
  116. Life Styles of the Rich & Famous ~ Robin Leach dies
  117. Asia Argento 'sent unwanted topless video to recovering sex addict
  118. Lanny Davis Admits He Lied To The Media About Major Trump Tower Report
  119. Trump in Oval Office Meets Promoter of QAnon Conspiracy Theory
  120. Chicago's Plan Fix Its $28 Billion Pension Deficit
  121. John Brennan/Bill Maher interview
  122. Hawaii's Hurricane
  123. Sen. John McCain Dies
  124. Celebrating a bad man's death
  125. Arizona governor must pick a Republican to replace McCain under Arizona rules
  126. Vox Smears John McCain Following His Death. Twitter Explodes.
  127. Preschool director admits she pulled knife, threatened to cut fingers off 4-year-olds
  128. Children made up story about white man urinating on black child: police
  129. What is a Superdelegate?
  130. DOJ Charges Nearly Two Dozen Illegal Aliens for Voting in the 2016 Election....
  131. Multiple People Dead In Mass Shooting at Downtown Jacksonville Madden Tournament
  132. Florida ~ Shooting Massacre at Madden Video Game Tournament
  133. Atlanta Fed Raises GDP Forecast to 4.6%
  134. Maine governor hospitalized after experiencing ‘discomfort’
  135. Average US price of gas drops 2 cents per gallon to $2.91
  136. U.S., Mexico Said Poised to Reach Nafta Deal
  137. 96% of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Fake News
  138. Trump approval rating ‘remarkably stable’ amid cohorts’ crimes: poll
  139. Honoring the Memory of John McCain
  140. Trump praises Tiger Woods, Jim Brown after they back him
  141. Delusion and Madness!
  142. Rethugs just love their criminals!
  143. FBI agent says bureau leaked stories, then used them to get FISA warrants
  144. Like I Said - Liar Cernovich Busted After Claims about David Katz
  145. Florida Governors Race
  146. US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high
  147. Unexploded ordnance reported floating off Brownsville
  148. ICE Raids Texas Company That Allegedly Hired Illegal Immigrants; 100 Employees Arrest
  149. Trump ~ 'There will be Violence if GOP loses in Mid-Terms'
  150. Convicted Criminal Joe Arapio loses in Arizona Senate Primary
  151. Warning: Black community 'has a responsibility' to look inward, not blame Trump
  152. Free Health care for all in Calfiornia
  153. Immigrants and Disease
  154. US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high
  155. Trump ~ 'China Hacked Clinton Email Server'
  156. Trump at 5 a.m. today ~ 'When you see Anonymous Sources stop Reading'
  157. FL Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire for Racist Code Word
  158. Bernie VS Bezos Fight Night.
  159. Chelsea Manning to be barred from Australia
  160. Why is CNN avoiding the truth about Lanny Davis’ lies?
  161. Bloomberg accused of hijacking justice system
  162. Democrat vows to impeach Clarence Thomas if elected
  163. Sarah Palin not invited to John McCain Funeral
  164. Trump ~ Lester Holt 'fudged' Interview
  165. Former police officer convicted of murder for shooting unarmed black teen
  166. We are seeing the GOP die right before our eyes!
  167. Trump cancels pay raise federal workers were due in January
  168. DeSantis Is Definitely Racist and Worse
  169. The Democrats In Florida Wasted No Time Playing The Race Card
  170. Pentagon rules out an enduring large military footprint in Afghanistan
  171. Did Google Censor Trump?
  172. Another Crazed Trump Supporter Threatens Newspaper
  173. Mueller Investig.~ Roger Stone expects to be charged as Russians try to intervene
  174. Warning: Question to blacks... are you "articulate and bright and clean"?
  175. Giant Sadiq Khan bikini-clad balloon to fly over London
  176. Prominent Democrats also 'guilty' of using the phrase 'monkey around'
  177. DeSantis Admits to Membership In Racist Hate Group
  178. 'ER' actress Vanessa Marquez killed in California police shooting
  179. White House Hosts 100 Evangelical Leaders for State-Like Dinner: 'This Is Spiritual W
  180. "The most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is (me) Trump !'
  181. Manafort Associate Sam Patten flips, Pleads Guilty (Foreign Agents Registration Act)
  182. DOJ Lawyer Bruce Ohr ~ 'Russians have Trump over a Barrel'
  183. Buckingham Palace guards play “Respect” to honor Aretha Franklin
  184. Trump to Campaign for Ted Cruz
  185. Al Gore's one word advice to Trump
  186. New law to make California first state to end bail ......
  187. Warrants to Spy on Carter Page Obtained Without FISA Court Hearings,
  188. Pastor Incurs Left's Wrath w/Aretha Eulogy, "Black America Has Lost Its Soul", etal..
  189. Papadopoulos plea for leniency ~ 'Misguided Loyalty to my Master'
  190. Woman says United Airlines paid her 'hush money'
  191. Bad Democrat
  192. Border Agent Explains Why ‘Walls Do Work’
  193. Florida's Democratic gubernatorial candidate under attack
  194. Attack in Syria
  195. ICE Arrests 364 Criminal Aliens In 30-Day Enforcement Surge In 6 States
  196. 2 ‘Non-Aggressive’ Search-and-Rescue Dogs ‘Destroyed’ By Illegal Aliens
  197. Aretha’s lack of a will could make things rocky for heirs
  198. An opportunity for Men to show support for Feminist
  199. Lanny Davis Admits Lying
  200. Tourism still suffering in town where diner denied Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  201. More and more companies ditch college degree requirements for jobs
  202. More and more companies ditch college degree requirements for jobs
  203. Congress waits, waits, waits for Sally Yates documents
  204. Trump tariffs kill Ford's plan to import Chinese-made crossover
  205. Illegal Alien Charged In Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash
  206. 4 Illegal Aliens Connected to Mexican Cartel Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs
  207. Pope Francis’ Accuser Turns Up the Pressure With More Accusations
  208. Swedes enjoy world-class healthcare - when they get it
  209. An officer is attacked by his own police dog. He had to shoot it to escape, Read mor
  210. McCain Legacy
  211. Twitter Says Overzealous Shadowbanning Was a Mistake, 3 Days Before Congress Grills
  212. NYC has shelled out $384M in 5 years to settle NYPD suits
  213. Why NFL ratings could fall even further this season
  214. McCain replacment
  215. CNN is such Fake News
  216. Nike Incites Controversy By Making Colin Kaepernick Face of New Campaign.....
  217. Hope for the windy city!!
  218. No There There: Mueller will accept written answers from Trump on Russia collusion
  219. I don't blame them
  220. Trump Attorney ~ 'It's either that or an orange jumpsuit if you testify to Mueller
  221. Kavanaugh Hearing ~ Kavanaugh turns back walks away from Parkland Massacre Dad
  222. Leftists Smear Woman At Kavanaugh Hearing As White Supremacist, Her Attorney Husband
  223. Dems can’t ‘Bork’ Kavanaugh, and have only themselves to blame
  224. Emirates Plane Quarantined at JFK After 100 Report Feeling Sick
  225. Warning: 'I am Part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration'
  226. Boston Police Captain’s Son Gets 20 Years For ISIS Terror Plot
  227. Trump demands NY Times reveal identity of anonymous official
  228. Civil war looms for Democrats after left-wing upsets: 'This is just the beginning'
  229. New FBI Records Reveal Strzok Authored Initial Draft
  230. 'Pass it and then figure out how to fund it'
  231. John Kerry: 'This is a genuine constitutional crisis'
  232. North Korea's Kim sets denuclearization time line, prompting thanks from Trump
  233. Steve Jobs exposed as an abusive creep by his daughter
  234. Justin Trudeau finally gets the trade trouble he deserves
  235. New York City is still failing on lead paint in public housing
  236. Illegal Alien Charged With Sexual Battery of 8-Year-Old Girl
  237. Burt Reynolds dies at age 82
  238. Prosecutors use grand jury as investigation of Andrew McCabe intensifies
  239. Active Shooter, Hostage Situation Unfolding at Washington State
  240. Accusations fly against Kavanaugh in craziest Supreme Court confirmation hearings in
  241. 25 Straight Minutes Of Illegal Aliens Crossing Into US Through Arizona Ranch
  242. 2018 Mid-Terms ~ Obama kicks-off the gathering *Blue Tidal Wave*
  243. This is the most closed, control freak administration I’ve ever covered
  244. Trump Montana Rally ~ People being Replaced behind Trump goes Viral
  245. Former FBI official McCabe under grand jury probe
  246. Assaults on ICE, Border Patrol surge as illegal immigrants get more violent
  247. Illegal Alien Arrested For Re-Entering U.S., Previously Convicted of Raping Minor in
  248. Nike Favorability Drops By Double-Digits, No Boost In Key Demos
  249. in an act that speaks more to his ego than his conscience
  250. Braggart