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  1. I will fight!
  2. My #1 enemy
  3. George Carlin - On Bombing Brown People
  4. Man Gunned Down By Police While Checking Facebook And Smoking A Cigarette
  5. The Irony and Symbolism can be cut with a Butter Knife
  6. Basic Truth: Everything "Free" that the Government Gives Us is Paid for by Us
  7. The Democrats are Fighting a Meme War and the Republicans aren't even participating
  8. Joe the Plumber
  9. Famous people
  10. Problem-plagued plane hits ISIS: F-22 goes into combat
  11. Texting while driving ticket
  12. Oh The Outrage of it All ...
  13. Corvette driver parks like jerk, Clifton man's revenge goes viral
  14. Phil Spector today
  15. Stereotypes are stupid
  16. The Republican party
  17. Our true enemy
  18. The Reeducation of Dinesh D’Souza
  19. White cop shoots unarmed black man after told to get license
  20. Disney vs the police
  21. I can't wait!
  22. Oakland Firefighter Plays Victim Card Until Police Release Video
  23. Entertainment Morality Law
  24. The only good Donkephant is an unelected Donkephant
  25. The Values Voter Summit 2014
  26. A Complete Win Win Situation - But for Who?
  27. First U.S. Stealth Jet Attack on Syria Cost More Than Indian Mission to Mars
  28. Homeless people deserve your notice
  29. High-flying CEO quits after daughter writes list of 22 milestones he missed
  30. Hypocrisy Unlimited
  31. Latte salute and false patriotism
  32. Washington State sold out!
  33. Tea Party behind the times
  34. I can't believe it
  35. Why do people go on crusades?
  36. Paulie & McCain ~ Nutcase v Nutcase ?
  37. Around the World, Girls Get Better Grades Than Boys
  38. What would you do with $80 billion dollars
  39. Gun Control in 47 Seconds
  40. Desk Jobs
  41. Bringing morals back to America
  42. ‘Why Does The State Of North Carolina Not Want People To Vote?’
  43. "Tactics for 'effective' conservative blogging by Turd Blossom"
  44. Bill 'O the Clown ~ Stalin assasinated Patton
  45. Letter to Fox News by the Truman Project
  46. I am not afraid!
  47. I blame it on this generation
  48. It is not healthy to be so angry
  49. Israel
  50. We alway hear on this Forum, there's no difference between Bush and Obama
  51. Murderer ~ 'She was killed because she was Wealthy'
  52. The Biggest Problem with The Secrete Service Leadership - Ownership
  53. Cop Advises Women On How To Stay Safe During Police Stops
  54. No hope
  55. Work together
  56. America is dysfunctional
  57. Good Sci Fi show
  58. The police go against my values
  59. New Jeopardy Category ~ 'What Women Want'
  60. George W Bush NEVER ONCE did this.
  61. Live and let live
  62. WHAT? GOP State Sen. said Being Christian In USA Is Like Being Jewish In Nazi Germany
  63. Know your One Percenters...
  64. Paul Ryan assumes Commander-in-Chief
  65. As I said to my friend at dinner tonight
  66. As I said to my friend at dinner tonight
  67. Romney quote on corporate personhood
  68. An Actor On The Way To A Family Funeral Was Surprised By The Words The Policeman Said
  69. Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US
  70. Corbetts brags about 200K jobs on State website
  71. Can Pat Robertson cure Ebola ?
  72. Next Big Bailout May Go To ObamaCare Health Insurers Read More At Investor's Busines
  73. What to see something Funny?
  74. Hollywood
  75. Ebola-Gate
  76. How soon The Right Wing forgets.
  77. How to deal with sociopaths?
  78. Debunking Myths about Mass Shootings
  79. New York is UnAmerican!
  80. I hope God punishes New York!
  81. Texas Terrorist
  82. They want America divided!
  83. I am serious
  84. America's God Complex and the Empire of Liberty, Part One
  85. Poll: Outlawing abortion
  86. Crazy Ass Americans
  87. The Republican Standard for cheating the system ...
  88. LA school district had grenade launchers
  89. Rampage Jackson
  90. Fix the police now!
  91. Sci Fi is dead!
  92. Antimaterialist Comedy
  93. What purpose does hiding from the facts serve?
  94. Screw both the Left and Right!
  95. My protest
  96. football team taunted with bananas
  97. "Hunted" Gays of Putin's Russia
  98. Slut-shaming and victim blaming
  99. Ebola: Get Proactive
  100. Breaking Ebola News: Obama to infect Voting Booths in November - Joke/Relax
  101. G.O.P. Leader Reince Priebus: Five Million Forced Back to Work Under Obama
  102. Book predicts 2014
  103. MSNBC Runs Article, NRA Loses Its Mind
  104. Some Americans Boosted Charitable Giving In Recession; The Rich Did Not
  105. Isn't it sad?
  106. Hate science?
  107. While on the topic of sexual harrassment
  108. Of human nature and technology
  109. Hospital ER Wait Times
  110. A possible future
  111. They don't belong in America!
  112. Poverty in America
  113. They are too aggressive!
  114. Kauze frontman arrested for attempted sex with 14 year-old girl
  115. I.Q.'s of the Famous
  116. Not On My Watch Baby - Lewis Black
  117. A Effective Meme against the epidemic of False Equivalence Propaganda
  118. Who wants a new Star Trek?
  119. Americans don't know good entertainment!
  120. Race and culture
  121. Senate GOP blocking Ebola Funds
  122. On Ebola: Where Is The Surgeon General?
  123. NOT the Onion: Fracking company teams up with Susan G. Komen, introduces pink drills
  124. ‘Write a check to Darren Wilson’: Supporters of Ferguson cop hawk St. Louis playoff t
  125. A McCain presidency
  126. The bailouts and stimulus?
  127. Are corporations the enemy?
  128. No one will shed a tear
  129. The perfect utopia
  130. Did he deserve it?
  131. Voter ID laws
  132. Citizens police force
  133. Moralism once served a Public Health role
  134. Warfare in the future
  135. What We Really Need Is a Nobel War Prize
  136. US Pledges $212 Million for Rebuilding Gaza
  137. Conflicting interests
  138. If the GOP has thoroughly accomplished one thing in the past 6 years, it's this ...
  139. Throw this man in jail!
  140. I blame it on the older generation!
  141. What is wrong with Europeans?
  142. Oh No they didn't; Marriage-equality did happened over his dead body
  143. Train Law Enforcement that you're the enimy and keep you fighting among yourselves
  144. I like dogs, but...
  145. What kind of person?
  146. Obama is simply not bright
  147. Life as a Mom
  148. Losing faith in my fellow men
  149. Man won't take down Obama Tombstone
  150. A humerous look at liberals
  151. 2nd Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola
  152. My parents
  153. Will Obama's incompetence kill us all?
  154. Threadbanning
  155. Why do people vote?
  156. Will Obama let political correctness kill us all?
  157. The X-37
  158. A human military
  159. The military is not representative of society
  160. Take an idiot test, how will you score?
  161. Watched a little Nancy Grace last night and I don't know if
  162. The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet
  163. Sexist society?
  164. Former Psychiatrist say transgenderism is a mental disorder
  165. What kind of people get into this job?
  166. Things get worse and worse and there's no end in sight
  167. There's still no fucking travel ban
  168. Body of missing actress Misty Upham believed found
  169. The Legacy Debate Left vs Right
  170. Psychiatry is an illegitimate science
  171. The Tea Party will ruin America
  172. Ebola, race and opinions
  173. Indian team names are a way for Americans to honor a defeated, but respected foe
  174. *Kill the Messenger* ~ 'The CIA created the crack cocaine epidemic in America'
  175. When governemnt actions defy common sense
  176. Swastikas 'Hot' in West Ukraine
  177. Should this be legal?
  178. 10 year old faces life in prison
  179. Doctors Without Borders accuses US of pushing India to ease patent rules
  180. Another, Just Can"t Make This Crap Up
  181. New rise in anti semitism
  182. America ruined Iraq!
  183. RE: CAP"S "Amwerica runined Iraq" Thread
  184. Definition of race seems to depend on what makes the best story
  185. Bad foods
  186. Humans, why I dislike most of you.
  187. The Ebola Panic
  188. The Republican Message for The 2014 Mid-Term Elections
  189. Sci Fi is dead!
  190. Best actor!
  191. Today's Republicans
  192. Pravda warns 'ignorant' Americans on the dangers of communism
  193. Why does CDC recommend Negative Pressure room isolation for Ebola?
  194. Why Gay Rights and the Black Civil Rights Movement are not the Same
  195. Red States are primitive!
  196. What I think of the government
  197. America will never again elect a black President
  198. Pigs at the homestead
  199. The Future
  200. Official autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range wound to his hand
  201. A united America
  202. Why Can't Teenage Boys Bang Hot Teachers? Why?
  203. Chainsaw prank
  204. RNC Promises To Bring Back The Halcyon Days Of George W. Bush
  205. Video: Cop Shoots 'Aggressive' 6-Month-Old Puppy, Gets Paid Leave
  206. Two kinds of Democrats
  207. Refugee. Recent thread - no apologies.
  208. Farm Bill Boondoggle
  209. American people reading less
  210. So I am not allowed to post in the "Open Debate Room"
  211. NYS adding to the "Safe Act" oh joy
  212. Who is" progress" really progress for?
  213. Profiling
  214. "Not in my name"
  215. This is shameful!
  216. Desperate People make Ideal Workers and Distracted Citizens
  217. Prisons are ineffective!
  218. Mike Savage on Vets ~ 'Suffering from PTSD ? Boo Hoo Hoo'
  219. Football "MERCY RULES"
  220. Who Owns My Property, Me, Or The State?
  221. The environment vs abortion
  222. Dissidents and Democracy
  223. O.J. appeal goes to Nevada Supreme Court
  224. More mistreatment of Orcas
  225. Bilingual Drama
  226. Htting is harmful
  227. Who watches Fox news?
  228. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman
  229. Sheeple
  230. 10 hours of walking in NYC as a White Man
  231. Footage reveals us police shooting homeless man 46 times
  232. How much government woulkd be too much government for you?
  233. Health Insurance
  234. Question: If Chris Christee didn't have these two guys behind him ...
  235. How come she can say that?
  236. Even Jimmy Carter has more common sense than the US Government
  237. Just seperate church marriage and state marriage already
  238. God Bless You Gets Citizen Blasted with F-Bombs by Cop
  239. Am I Imagining things?
  240. Muslims mark holy day with anti-terror march
  241. Our problems
  242. These Fucking RoBo Calls ...
  243. Worthless college degrees?
  244. UN on climate change
  245. Would you want to control your death?
  246. ISIS Steps Into The 'Shark Tank'
  247. Spending more on a worse performing military
  248. Scott Walker blames his bald spot on whacking his head on kitchen cabinet
  249. Mitch McConnell has an Asian wife -- how does that fit the Democrat narrative?
  250. As I predicted