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  1. They don’t want you’
  2. Prince Compares Record Contracts To Slavery In Rare Meeting With Media
  3. Why The Nation's Rental Market Is Exploding
  4. Obama Hater Stole Vibrator From Orland Lover's Lane
  5. Your progressive tax dollars at work
  6. When Megyn Kelly Isn't Moderating A Debate
  7. Judge To Conservatives Who Tried Closing Abortion Clinics: What If We Did That To Gun
  8. Does anyone else hate Dr Phil?
  9. Welp, looks like the Hippies and Marijuana Drug Dealers are using land mines now.
  10. Nailed it Bernie
  11. NRA's Ted Nugent Defends Trump's Lewd Comments About Megyn Kelly By Making His Own
  12. It’s Science
  13. The World's Gone Mad
  14. Cthulhu withdraws from Race; Concedes Not Evil Enough for Modern GOP
  15. How low can they go?? Of course I'm talking Fox news re: Jimmy Carter's Cancer
  16. Rosie O’Donnell: I want to use period blood to write ‘you’re all a
  17. 'I Am Cait' recap: Keeping up with some angry Kardashians
  18. Sarah Palin, is that you? But Can He See Russia From His House?
  19. Early Warning Signs of Fascism
  20. Our candidates vs. their candidates: Meme
  21. Suckling the Corporate Teet
  22. We are Insane!
  23. Sympathy Averted
  24. 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless man armed with crutches in SF
  25. Conservatives’ crippling masculinity crisis: Cuckservatives, men’s rights activism...
  26. On pudding and BMT's...
  27. Trump now bloviating in New Hampshire
  28. New Video: Planned Parenthood Harvested Brain Of Live Baby
  29. FINALLY! One for the Home Team!
  30. The Donald says "Send them Back'!
  31. The $800 Million Family Selling Art Degrees and False Hopes
  32. Insults and Disrespect
  33. Whining and crying
  34. The Founder of Planned Parenthood
  35. Dirtbag robs elderly woman
  36. What does Ted Cruz think about Birthright Citizenship ?
  37. Four Florida students hack boy, 17, with machete, bury him alive before two have sex
  38. Radio Host Jan Mickelson Is Totally Cool With Bringing Back Slavery
  39. Trump Succeeding By Telling Republicans Exactly What They Want To Hear: Bullshit
  40. Man gets 15 months in prison for carving swastika into lawn
  41. Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny
  42. The democratic race is soooo Boring
  43. One problem with all political systems across the board
  44. Another Hero Cop
  45. Will common jobs be replaced by new technology?
  46. Selective information voters
  47. Why Israel is quiet on the Illegal debate
  48. Enough with the air shows
  49. Our Serbian Waiter
  50. Warning: Confederate Flag and the VFW
  51. What policies have been put in place that help Business and are pro-growth?
  52. Pregnant News Meteorologist fights back against body-shamers
  53. Warning: Watch these 'pro-life' supporters turn 'pro-choice' right before your eyes
  54. Do labor-saving robots spell doom for American workers?
  55. 9/11's Iconic 'Dust Lady' dies
  56. Trump Won’t Admit Latinos HATE Him
  57. Trumpet Parade
  58. Well GOP Voters, he's your problem now!
  59. Think corporations can't afford a minimum of $15 an hour?
  60. Local police chief not apologizing for Confederate flag vest (OH)
  61. The Story of The Gunman who Murders the reporting Team-I'm tired of the Story alreay
  62. So ... Who do we hate this week?
  63. For our Numbers Conscience Friends - Jeb Bush Lying Or Just Plain Ignorant of Facts?
  64. " it might be time to re-check the cultural doomsday clock and see how many minutes i
  65. Warning: Father of slain reporter Allison Parks ~ 'I will be the John Walsh for Gun Control'
  66. Hypocrisy Much?
  67. What Made The Killer KIll ?
  68. Why do we glorify murderers?
  69. Gun Control is the Lefts Immigration equal
  70. Better Late Than Never!
  71. 3rd-Grader Brings Gun To School, Accidentally Shoots Classmate
  72. Billionaire Rep Who Mocked Hillary Marriage Had an Ashley Madison Account
  73. Alabama man kills woman after Sunday dinner with her family: cops
  74. Holy shot Batman NYC just got even crazier
  75. Ban cars and or high speed limits
  76. Looking for a rational, reasonable explanation here.
  77. Taxes and Immigration
  78. George Zimmerman's New Career Path - Professional Racist
  79. Warning: 'Murica, Land of the Drug Tested
  80. Gun control
  81. Driver's Licenses, License Plates, Registration, Insurance
  82. Michael Moore’s Marxist Narrative of American History, Refuted
  83. 795 49 0 Comment 64 Kanye West Is Running For President In 2020
  84. Great example of government waste
  85. Never look a predator in the eyes
  86. You really can't make this stuff up .... just over The Weekend
  87. Billionaires never send their kids to war. How's that patriotic?
  88. More Land of the Free idiocy
  89. Warning: Supreme Court Rules Against Clerk in Gay Marriage Case
  90. Warning: Insanity in higher education
  91. Muslim Activity Cause for Concern in our Area
  92. clinton server had red LEDs
  93. Where is the mistress, date, prostitution line?
  94. New Poll Reveals That Republicans Remain Completely F*cking Clueless
  95. New polling just out from Kimbrough MS
  96. Warning: What a Sick SOB
  97. Facts about The NAAWP
  98. Public Service Announcement: Understanding Anxiety Disorders
  99. Enough is enough: Time to end child abuse; time for parenting licenses.
  100. Warning: Ouch! The Perfect Argument To Shut Down ‘Illegals Are Stealing Our Jobs’ Rhetoric
  101. Low gas prices is not as great as it seems
  102. Principal Sent High School Girl Home For Showing Collarbone
  103. A good summation of Obama's Presidency
  104. Anyone have $1 million for shack?
  105. Get your new GOP version bibles here
  106. DOJ ambivalent on cake
  107. The Five Step Program
  108. DWI’ Hamptons driver counts cash in court to pass the time
  109. Facts about crime victims
  110. Too easy to be a Criminal
  111. Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol
  112. I had a spirited discussion in Sunday School Class today
  113. Warning: So, what about "public" accomodation
  114. Weird Cell Phone Incident
  115. Kansas State Marching Band does the Nasty ?
  116. A Modest Proposal
  117. Liberalism dependency on conservatism
  118. Trump will learn things
  119. Trump/Brady 16!
  120. TRUMP: I Never Went To Vietnam, But 'I Felt That I Was In The Military'
  121. A Republican President?
  122. Malcolm X Comments Now Seem Prophetic In 2015
  123. So while the Police are saying The BLM Movement is fueling Violence
  124. Obama: If Tom Brady needs a union, Americans do too
  125. What should be done with payday lenders?
  126. Sad Texas Story
  127. Kim Davis Supporters: I'm Like ISIS
  128. Controversial Sex-Ed in Ontario
  129. Dick Cheney: Nostradumbass
  130. 5 Takeaways from the Arrest of Kim Davis Over Gay Marriage Licenses
  131. Warning: Activism is not Terrorism
  132. Why the Iran Nuke Deal Sucks
  133. Warning: Idiot with a "Black Power" shirt last night
  134. Student Loans Might Be Driving Up the Cost of College
  135. September 11th eve
  136. Meanwhile back in our over sexed society
  137. Warning: The Liberals are in such shambles on this forum
  138. Just in case the government listens to this thread
  139. 9/11 ~ 14 years ago today
  140. When Henry Ford's Benevolent Secret Police Ruled His Workers
  141. How is this an acceptable approach to politics?
  142. What Is Your Libertarian End Game ?
  143. Saved from monstrous evil by government
  144. Ewwwww
  145. Obama is a bigger Commie, Fraud, and racist that most people know.
  146. Nearly Every Seabird on Earth Is Eating Plastic
  147. 13 year old charged with criminal assault; Reason charged with being a Tool
  148. Yet more persecution of the Christians.
  149. Abortion gets babies to Heaven faster.
  150. Idiot Leftwing Bullshit.
  151. Americas Talent show: anything for you in German
  152. Satan appears before you...
  153. This viral argument about feet on train seats quickly became one about religion Read
  154. What do you mean I can't sell my daughter for a cow and goats?
  155. Truth about blacks voting for Democrats
  156. Morning Joe has RINO Nicole Wallace on to comment on Republican presidential race
  157. My political life cycle
  158. Only Christian American lives matter
  159. How the Tea Party Got Hijacked by Trump’s Troll Party
  160. Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?
  161. Question about The Tea-Party and The BLM Groups
  162. Questioning James Blakes arrest is un-American
  163. Wisdom Teeth
  164. Best response to Butthurt about Obama's plan for free community college tuition
  165. How long are you willing to put up with this economy?
  166. How young is too young?
  167. Warning: Is marriage a right or a privilege?
  168. H Clinton Lies One At A Time
  169. I didn't realize or remember until today that Billary's campaign in 2008
  170. Mayhem in three boroughs as five people killed
  171. Rope-a-Dope
  172. I don't believe Joe Biden
  173. Warning: Do you trust Muslims?
  174. Angry Muslims Taunt NJ School Officials: “We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon
  175. Can We Find The Hypocrisy
  176. Unhinged Jogger Blames Stroller Collision On ‘White Privilege
  177. Several Muslims asked by a reporter
  178. The report feature
  179. If you consider Terror, Humiliation or Insults to be effective techniques;
  180. Mom buys coffee for two women who mocked her ...
  181. Yale Endowment Posts 11.5% Return as It Reaches $25.6 Billion
  182. NYPD Cop Secretly Records Evidence of Arrest Quota System - Absolute. Must. Watch.
  183. "Cut the fat and the crap" - Heart and Stroke foundation
  184. Liberals Are Done Debating
  185. Assistant District Attorney Eli Cherkasky convicted of assaul
  186. Warning: We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter
  187. US Intelligence Is More Privatized Than Ever Before
  188. Michael Sam: I'd Still Be In the NFL if I Hadn't Come Out
  189. Warning: Football stadiums and waste
  190. Warning: Thank GOD the Pope is going home tomorrow!!!
  191. Don't Ever Hire a Plumber
  192. SS troops??
  193. The Fantasy Of the 91% Top Marginal Income Tax Rate
  194. Virginia cop pulls man over, instructs him to turn his back, then Tasers him
  195. Selective enforcement of drug laws
  196. Jury/judge doesn't trust your face?
  197. The Modern Fundamentalist - Kim Davis Parody
  198. Kim Davis’ Attorneys Finally Admit This Picture Is A Hoax
  199. Warning: Climate change chaos started last week
  200. Why the right loses on issues
  201. No Guns Allowed
  202. Warning: The Wuss in Chief Does it Again
  203. Qusetion
  204. The Hypocrisy of Politicizing
  205. Warning: How the News Labels People
  206. Warning: Any truth to the reports that we bombed a hospital?
  207. Warning: The More You Politicize Guns, The Weaker Your Case Becomes
  208. How can our schools , our very institutions of learning act so foolishly?
  209. It is time to call them like you see them.
  210. Warning: Malia Obama’s College Pick
  211. 14yr Old Shoots Armed Home Intruder While Protecting Siblings
  212. Carly insist it's true ... It's in The Video
  213. Man at ATM Shoots Armed Robbers
  214. More legal guns means more Illegal Guns
  215. Inmate in Texas, killing in an $8 robbery
  216. Why, Just Why, Just tell me why!
  217. Progressive Gun Strokers
  218. Why is the cable/TV/satellite/phone industry so suck-ass?
  219. Serfdom is alive and well in the USA
  220. Federal Emergency Disaster Relief Efforts Are Going On Right Now In SC
  221. Theres alot of Opinions on Iran getting nukes
  222. Does this remind you of anyone?
  223. How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps
  224. "instant" sharia law enforced
  225. TSA: Man, that's some fine apple butter. Make that a fine FOR apple butter...
  226. Warning: 4 Reasons 'Universal Background Checks' for Gun Buyers Are a Bad Idea
  227. Plenty of blame to go around
  228. This just gets 'under my skin'
  229. So is the EPA facing Bond villians, that they need military weaponry?
  230. Cops shoot man, Why? Class room: How to survive!
  231. This Post is just for those Gun Free Zone Experts saying Organ shooting was a GF
  232. Is it possible for you to debate the Message rather than the Messenger?
  233. Does Satan fear this woman?
  234. Warning: I can't Sleep
  235. "Finally, he was killed by a police sniper to prevent him from committing suicide."
  236. Enough of these Stupid Deployments .... Let them Fight for themselves
  237. Am I the only one who has no pity for Lamar Odom?
  238. Biden Looks Good...
  239. Parliament and the gender gap
  240. Just a few more Questions for our Democratic Friends.
  241. Self-Driving Tesla Cars
  242. Hot Asian women ads wasted on forum where many liberal male posters are homosexual
  243. The Miss Iraq Beauty Pageant
  244. Kurdish aspirations for the armenians?
  245. ISIS using drones?
  246. The Democrats Debated Guns And It Was Funny
  247. "OMG!!! Socialism ...... !!!!"
  248. Busted: Watch Mississippi lawmaker openly race-baiting at GOP rally ...
  249. Fox News Is Outraged That Hero Opposes Racist Vigilantes
  250. Transgenders will use magnets to suck God out of Christian's brains.