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  1. You know all those construction jobs...
  2. let us take a small quiz
  3. cost of living adjustment.
  4. Conservatives unhinged.
  5. School killing in China should be reported in US
  6. Secular Talk is beginning to piss me off
  7. words i have come to deplore
  8. 'Muricans and Guns.
  9. British soldiers spotted in Washington say they are there to 'save the US from Donald
  10. Background checks and special permits to purchase and consume alcohol
  11. Why do we expect different results and why the fear in changing.
  12. OK, Christians, now HERE is REAL persecution.
  13. We Will Know Soon Where Republicans Stand on Cronyism
  14. Warning: No country for White Children.
  15. Warning: Thug who shot Loomis money handler in head caught
  16. Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits To Illegal, Partial-Birth Abortions In New Vide
  17. Jack-O-Lanterns cause climate change?
  18. rubio is a child
  19. Facebook/social media and age
  20. What is it with conservatives and conspiracy theories?
  21. Border Patrol Joins Quentin Tarantino Boycott
  22. Warning: Why are you here?
  23. Left-wing Hypocrisy
  24. Ditz, Kook and the Schmucko
  25. Nice sales angle Ford
  26. I have a trivia question and a video
  27. Owned
  28. I wouldn't let Ben Carson Give Me A PAP Smear. Kathy Griffin
  29. Life sentence for ringleader in 'basement of horror' abuse case
  30. Disappearing ink?
  31. Warning: Exclusive: Chemical weapons used by rebels in Syria - sources
  32. Muslims & Liberals Upset About Goat Videos.
  33. 2 US troops die in Afghan and they want ET Williams tone it dow
  34. Who here can get behind a global campaign to drastically reduce if not eliminate...
  35. this is one fucked up world
  36. WW3, when, not if
  37. Would Jebby kill Hitler as a Baby ?
  38. Hedge Fund Democrats Blame Progressives For Their Defeats
  39. How many Veterans on Death Row ?
  40. Dominionism on parade
  41. World War II veteran turning 110 years old
  42. Is it a Texas Thang ... ?
  43. Why is the US only comparied to Developed countries for Murder Rates?
  44. Bullsh!t!!
  45. FiNALLY! A victory for religion!
  46. Imagine for a moment that our government is really as inept as they pretend to be
  47. Liberal Dummy Geraldo
  48. Are you Missouri University Students paying attention?
  49. A field of good terrorist
  50. Studies by Special Forces
  51. Personal opinion on a few hot topic issues
  52. Terrorism: How do we stop it
  53. Good for You Aaron Rodgers
  54. The Hypocritical, Compassionless, Bigoted, Clueless World of Republicans
  55. Disappointment re: hate crimes
  56. No more second terms
  57. The Obama Smack-Down of The GOP Fear of Facts
  58. I knew it would happen
  59. Georgia ~ 'Denied Beer as Last Meal'
  60. My Honest Rant about The Syrian Refugee Crisis
  61. 2016 The Koch intelligence agency
  62. Are progressives really that ...
  63. British Muslims send message to ISIS and the world—and it's spot on
  64. More than 2,000 suspected terrorists on the FBI watchlist had no trouble buying Guns
  65. Texas representative notices war refugees could buy guns in Texas, duly freaks out
  66. Chris Christie is so tough he's afraid of Syrian orphans under the age of five
  67. Will Destroying ISIS Make The World Safe From Terrorism?
  68. Conservatives Blast American Muslim For Wearing Flag Hijab During TV Interview
  69. The Onion Called It 12 Years Ago:
  70. You Can Get Away with Murder, but You Can't Lie to Rich People
  71. Warning: Religion of peace my ass!
  72. Planned Parenthood Asks: What Word Describes Us?
  73. Hey Donald Trump, this Muslim already has an ID Badge, where is yours?
  74. Concerned that the government is monitoring your Facebook account?
  75. Ain't this The Truth
  76. A question for those that are for refugees
  77. What the President said about Islam ...
  78. Mostly “White Males” Who Have Committed Terrorism In U.S. Since 9/11
  79. Simple solution to the refugee crisis
  80. US States that have Surrendered to ISIS
  81. brown migration...
  82. Here's a good question ... !
  83. NRA defends allowing people on no fly lists to buy guns CBS
  84. ISIS Terrorist Planned to Buy Assault Rifle at Gun Show, and Why It Didn't Matter.
  85. Russians write " For Paris" on Bombs.
  86. Donald Trump Lies On A Daily Basis, And His Poll Numbers Among Republicans Go Up
  87. Hakob Chakryan: Developments in Syria provide ground for optimism
  88. Income inequality makes the rich more Scrooge-like
  89. Obama - Thoughts???
  90. The Spider invasion of Memphis
  91. Warning: The Man Beaten And Choked At A Donald Trump Rally Tells His Story
  92. Turkey Threatens Paraguay for its Recognition of Armenian Genocide
  93. How the U.S. goes to war. Every. Single. Time.
  94. Too fat to fly?
  95. Ebony Magazine unveiled its 70th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Cover,
  96. Warning: Should Minorities pay a higher tax to take care of their follow man.
  97. Keep Out Whatever Culture Is Causing This !
  98. Is it Muslims deep level of faith that makes them so dangerous
  99. USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: Carson slides, Trump soars
  100. Pfizer's tax-dodge is bad for America
  101. Refugees
  102. America: What it really is
  103. Black Lives Matter
  104. Warning: How Ahmed The Clock Boy Conned America
  105. America The Confused And Fearful
  106. The Face of Homegrown American Terrorism - "Uniquely American"
  107. Why Don’t We Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists?
  108. Warning DNC Talking Points: You may be a Democratic Socialist if you like:
  109. Just say NO!
  110. Warning: Ted Cruz ~ 'Maybe Planned Parenthood shooter is Trans-gendered Leftist'
  111. Turkey arrests Generals for stopping Syria-bound trucks ‘filled with arms’
  112. Would you have rather been aborted instead of being born?
  113. leftist, planned parenthood and mr dear....birds of a feather...
  114. U.S. Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino
  115. Russian Cruiser Moskva will cover air groups in Syria with fort air defense
  116. Warning: 7 month-old shot to death
  117. Terrorism isnt a new thing
  118. "Both Sides" Are Guilty Of Extremist Rhetoric
  119. Assad: Terrorists receive arms, funds via Turkey
  120. Sara Corning, the woam who helped save 5,000 Armenian orphans
  121. Warning: leftists DEMOCRATS haven’t completed their mission
  122. I was just thinking about Donald Trump
  123. City pays heavy price for police brutality
  124. Former truck driver at Balter Sales Co. wins $2.2M sexual, racial harassment suit
  125. Zuckerberg Donating 99% Of His Fortune To "Charity" - for Himself & his own Familey
  126. This is a job for Turkey
  127. Oops - Cops didn't know camera caught them deleting files
  128. Kurds Say US Troops Engaged in Covert Ground War With ISIL for Months © AP Photo/ Kur
  129. Warning: Donald Trump Is Not a Liar
  130. Unarmed man, handcuffed, seat-belted and trapped in car, makes 3 cops fear for their
  131. Do you see why Most are against Refugees
  132. Work Place Terrorism - How Will Muslims Keep Their Jobs Now ?
  133. You know It's Just Another Day In America ... when
  134. Warning: I have a few questions on Terrorism for the board
  135. Warning: Thoughts and Prayers Won't Stop Mass Shootings
  136. Great News: America has gone without an Mass Shooting 0 Days and Counting
  137. Al Gore's 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014,,,,BS
  138. Who is right who is wrong
  139. Toddler filmed smoking pot’
  140. Enough is Enough!
  141. Warning: The San Bernardino massacre is the 355th mass-shooting this year
  142. Senate Republicans Cheerfully Vote To Increase Death And Suffering In the USA
  143. Political Spin isn't it Grand?
  144. Are blacks and southerners judged by their speech
  145. Why progressives are idiots
  146. Video by Militants Shows Use of Poison Gas against Syrian Army, People in
  147. Warning: Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
  148. The MSM's double standard: Christianity versus Islam
  149. Why we should get rid of all the nukes - launch them into space.
  150. My personal reaction to obama speech
  151. Bomb Science 101
  152. Gun Nut Logic
  153. Fact-Checking Lindsey Graham's Statements On CNN's "New Day" This Morning
  154. GOP Elders Would Deny Trump The Nomination, Even If It Cost Them Chance At WhiteHouse
  155. Do College Students Hate Free Speech?
  156. Warning: Spinning As We Speak
  157. Warning: 'Then he came for me'
  158. I bult that
  159. Warning: What Momentum?
  160. A word with no real value anymore
  161. Merry Christmas
  162. Lame discussion techniques.
  163. Limiting the upper end of income and wealth
  164. Limiting the upper end of income and wealth
  165. Warning: The Brainwashing of Americans is Breathtaking
  166. Democrats are you ready to elect an Islamic Terrorist Sympathiser
  167. True Story
  168. Broken promises
  169. Mom Calls 9-1-1 for Paramedic, Cop Shows Up, Shoots Girl
  170. The Media-Trump Complex
  171. ACLU Leader Colorado Says Trump Supporters Should Be Shot
  172. Rahm Emanuel Isn't Going Anywhere
  173. This Is So Sad
  174. Warning: Fox News Latest Benghazi Lies Debunked
  175. Willie vs Al
  176. Warning: The Fallacy of the "What If" Argument.
  177. ACLU Leader resigns following remark about Trump Supporters
  178. Why does Hillary have people so scared they hide in private rooms?
  179. ADems Eye Taxpayer Bailout 2016
  180. Two Russian vessels force Turkish ship to move off collision course
  181. A couple of things about guns
  182. Yemeni Forces Destroy 2 Other Saudi Warships
  183. Al-Nusra’s Leader: Erdogan Plans to Strengthen ISIL
  184. Syrian rebels ‘leave Homs’ under truce
  185. Warning: Official drinking game rules for Fifth GOP Debate!
  186. Telephone calls.
  187. NO! as a matter of fact I do not believe that you care.
  188. Gun violence, race and reality
  189. The lefts infatuation with the GOP Candidates
  190. Responce to Zelmo
  191. Another ISIS Propaganda Video?
  192. Warning: Arrest warrant issued after "Affluenza" teen goes missing
  193. Communism survivor blasts salem gun grabbers
  194. This pretty much sums up last night's GOP debate....
  195. Build your ideal society
  196. National Scandal - The Media Is Addicted To Donald Trump
  197. Here we go again; Lots of Tough-Guy War Talk
  198. Warning: Hooded Thug
  199. Education Teachers Values
  200. new orleans votes to remove statues commemorating traitorous scum
  201. Over 600 {B}illion of DEBT, none of it PAID for!
  202. Obama refuses to drink own pee
  203. Pete Rose
  204. Warning: Why do so many vote because of what politicians say vs. what they do?
  205. What would be so very wrong about providing for our own needs?
  206. This-One-Picture-Will-REALLY-Piss-Off-Florida-Winguts!
  207. Dear Obama Hater - You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life
  208. Sophisticated Trump
  209. Too Fat to Work couple celebrate first wedding anniversary with a KFC bargain bucket
  210. Email from Hovaness, Syria cleared more land.
  211. Explaining it ALL ...
  212. Please Tell Obama to stop the bombing of Agrabah!
  213. Philosophical Differences ...
  214. Sign in a 7/11 owned by a Sikh man in America.
  215. Bush Thrilled To Be Circling Toilet Bowl
  216. Trump Only Wins 16% of Hispanics
  217. Who’s responsible for poisoning Flint’s water supply?
  218. Trump promises not to kill journalists
  219. I find it funny
  220. Congratulations Donald Trump! Politifact's 2015 Liar Of The Year
  221. Saudi Arabia in Nigeria
  222. Court tosses N.J. beach access rules, says agency overstepped authority
  223. Where did all the teachers Go?
  224. Highly Appropriate for the Times
  225. Warning: Nearly half the 184 Georgians shot and killed by police since 2010 were unarmed ...
  226. I Hate Flying
  227. What are you angry about & are your fears confirmed?
  228. To ALL you crazies, whackos and the bored who visit this forum......
  229. Iran Successfully Hacks A New York Dam
  230. Atheists and Christmas
  231. Some points about drugs
  232. What we know.
  233. The Thrill of Political Hating
  234. Warning: Why do progressives hate America?
  235. Fighting for their lives, their country.
  236. Restoring A Republic
  237. Ohio man gets 56 years for recording students in Bathroom
  238. Chicago shop owner finally allowed to defend himself shoots everyone but the robber
  239. Ok this is pandering to The Black Vote
  240. Cash-strapped Chicago has paid half a billion dollars in police brutality settlements
  241. White Woman Points BB Gun At Police Demands to be Shot Is Still Alive
  242. Good Reading for Racst - The damaging effects of segregation on Whites....
  243. Really Democrats?
  244. John Erlichman admitted that the whole point of the federal War on Drugs
  245. Even if you have no Empathy or Sympathy for Black People in General
  246. We must ask, which is the bigger threat?
  247. Question about The ISIS Uniform
  248. Self policing neighborhoods
  249. Warning: Why would you Trust them Again?
  250. John Burk's Latest Rant