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  1. Warning: Conservatives absolutely INSIST on living in a world of Lies
  2. Act more Presidential.
  3. The Imperial Trump Emerges
  4. More con(servative)-artistry raises it's ugly head
  5. Bigotry
  6. Joe Biden: ‘I Would Have Been the Best President’......
  7. North Carolina Will No Longer Accept $20 Bills
  8. Tell it like it is Morgan ... Tell it like it really is!
  9. The newest drug addiction
  10. Teach your Youth what really counts towards being Successful !
  11. The Woman Who Hid That She’s Muslim For 15 Years
  12. WAKE UP America!
  13. It's that time of the week - Wingnuts Of The Week
  14. The parting shot
  15. Freemen still crazy
  16. Nader: Clinton winning by 'dictatorship'......
  17. What Do Forums Like This Represent?
  18. Stop-it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You!!!
  19. Obama in the girls' bathroom......
  20. Woman beaten while crowd watchs
  21. Woman, 22, fatally stabbed at Brooklyn emergency shelter
  22. 21 trillion in debt and a poor economy talking points
  23. Oh no, another tranny thread
  24. Catchy tune
  25. Lithuanian street artist brings the Trump-Putin bromance to life!
  26. Man accused of shooting 2 police officers due in court
  27. One Way Streets, or why Working White Males Vote for Anti-Establishment Trump
  28. Urgent Matters
  29. More Obama Hating Police Officers
  30. I am starting to believe
  31. GOP Work Ethic
  32. Florida Senate GOP Candidate Calls Obama An ‘Animal’
  33. Letter to dad.
  34. These nimrods stirring things up in the rep party
  35. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them...
  36. Audio of Bill Clinton Saying Model ‘Looks Like a Fu****g Third-Rate Hooker’
  37. Have you ever shared a Restroom of Multiple Genders?
  38. Liberal media turns on Sanders......
  39. Meet North Carolina's Bathroom Body Guard
  40. Police: Man attacks 6-year-old girl in women’s bathroom
  41. Good News for those of you who are Buying a Wall between Mexico & The US
  42. Donald Trump accuses Bill Clinton of Rape.....
  43. Camille Paglia: PC feminists misfire again, as fearful elite media can’t touch Trump.
  44. Make No Mistake, Sandersism Has Defeated Clintonism.....
  45. James OKeefe tries to sting George Soros, forgets to hang up phone ...
  46. When It Comes To Prison Population, USA Is #1 -- For GOP, That's Not Good Enough
  47. ,Target! $10 Billion Stock Crash
  48. Can a Business require english only
  49. Chip enabled credit cards
  50. Want refugees ?
  51. Warning: Biden admits he's never had a job
  52. Why Hillary Clinton is sinking faster than the Titanic......
  53. Warning: 9 of 10 Native Americans Okay With "Redskins"
  54. Deception and deciet! Caused the decline of a Nation.
  55. Political Confusion
  56. Mark Cuban: I'd consider a future White House bid.....
  57. No free will? Nonsense!
  58. Views from an outsider
  59. ‘Negro,’ ‘Oriental’ and ‘Indian’ to Be Scrubbed From All Federal Laws
  60. All gave some. Some gave all. One earned a lot of money from it.
  61. How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M......
  62. Camel bites off its owner's HEAD after he left it tied up in the sweltering heat
  63. Best. Rant. Evar.
  64. Students had sex in Fla. high school restroom
  65. Sex offender chases 23-year-old woman twice in Midtown
  66. Since terms like "Liberal" and conservative" tend to pigeon hole us how about this?
  67. After reviewing the board it occurs to me
  68. Video: CBS News Calls Hillary Out Over 'Anytime, Anywhere' Debate Flip-Flop......
  69. Building robot McDonald's staff 'cheaper' than hiring workers on minimum wage
  70. First Look At Dog After Detoxing From Heroin, Methamphetamine
  71. 12-year-old who set himself on fire did it for YouTube
  72. Chicago to pay $3.2 million to settle Two fatal police shooting cases
  73. I'll just let these Cops Own Words Speak for themselves ...
  74. Optimism Brewery in Seattle solves the gendered bathroom "problem"
  75. The U.S. is still using floppy disks to run its nuclear program
  76. Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets
  77. Warning: Obama is a traitor that has managed to implement his policies and destroy the country
  78. Is Clinton the Real Housing Crash Villain?.....
  79. Obama Gives One Of The Most Repulsive Speeches In American History In Hiroshima
  80. Does our response to pompous know it alls fuel our herd mentality?
  81. Peacekeepers
  82. Distorted Humans
  83. Before there are Immigrants, Before there are Citizens; there's Human Beings
  84. Clinton: Problems at VA Under Obama Are 'Unacceptable' ......
  85. Warning: Question for the left
  86. When Donald Trump Drops Out In Disgrace, Who Will The GOP Replace Him With?
  87. 96% of Americans Believe Donald Trump’s “Manhood” is Average or Below Average in Size
  88. Well, that settles it. Obama is a MUSLIM
  89. Conman The Blahbarian
  90. Roger Stone Wonders About Hillary's Lesbian Affairs
  91. Warning: Teacher admits to daily sex with 13 yr old
  92. I Have A Question For Trump Voters
  93. Thousands of voters in limbo after Kansas demands proof they're American
  94. The SJW Brain
  95. Hillary clinton
  96. CFPB proposal aims at 'payday debt traps'
  97. I’m A Black Female College Professor in Texas. Should I Get a Gun?
  98. Reid to Sanders: "Give Up"......
  99. Are the personal attacks against Trump helping his campaign?
  100. Is anyone tired of the, mostly liberals but not all, saying you can't do this or that
  101. Trump
  102. Videos show memorial day brawl at north avenue beach
  103. ‘anti-obama’ diner owner who hates welfare recipients convicted of welfare fraud
  104. How justice for a murderer should be served
  105. Alert! Alert! Phase one of obama's gun grab starts next week!
  106. The Negro in the WH
  107. Migrants in Sweden forced to watch homo-erotic film with American music.
  108. Warren: 'I don't believe in superdelegates'......
  109. Video: Count The Clinton Lies......
  110. Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested......
  111. The 11 Angriest Cities in America
  112. Do you feel safer now?
  113. Warning: draft dodger
  114. Bernie Sanders: Clinton Foundation Is A "Problem," Took Money From "Dictatorships"...
  115. Oregon baby-sitter arrested for smacking 1-year-old, leaving gruesome bruises
  116. Crooked Hillary
  117. Merkel to fix things in Artsakh {Karabakh}
  118. No, Conservative Media, That’s Not What “La Raza” Means In Spanish
  119. Trump University Customer: 'Gold Elite' Program Nothing But Fool's Gold
  120. Some casual racism from the early 60s
  121. Donald Trump Gives Horrible Speech To Save His Political Life
  122. La Raza and affiliates
  123. The GOP is crazy
  124. Something for My Conservative Friends to Chew and Stew On
  125. Coach Jailed for Spanking Nude Kids Was Following Christian Spanking Rules
  126. Thank You Republicans
  127. Where is the outrage from the left.
  128. Pakistani woman burns daughter alive for eloping
  129. Man drops gun, causing it to fire
  130. How Bernie Sanders Exposed the Democrats’ Racial Rift......
  131. Clinton U: Here's the Other Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Scandal -
  132. Joe Biden's Open Letter to the Stanford Survivor of Sexual Assault
  133. Hillary Has Made Our Politics Worse......
  134. 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
  135. Oh Boy: Was A Nat Security Position Given As Payback To A Clinton Foundation Donor...
  136. Style - Princess Kate's Earrings Shocker: They're Not What They Seem!
  137. "Jihad" in Islam as misinterpreted and misrepresented.
  138. Now this kind of upsets me? What to do!
  139. Another way to look at the causation of Islamic terrorism on American soil
  140. Warning: Bigots: Islamic terrorists are preferable to homosexuals
  141. The generations of The Alpha and The Omega.
  142. Oh, say can You see.....
  143. Warning: Like it or not it is the truth
  144. Radical Islam Bla Bla Bla
  145. Obama and Texan Common Ground
  146. Does it not bother anyone on the left that
  147. One thing I am growing tired of
  148. 10 of the Worst Terror Attacks
  149. Drive out the evil doers, Oh Lord.
  150. Guess what you don't hear Conservatives criticizing anymore .... ?
  151. The closing of doors.
  152. The difference between empirical facts versus empirical opinions.
  153. Dumb crap tries to rob the wrong man!
  154. How to Win An Insurgency: Mountains
  155. The cause and effect of a Nation's populace.
  156. Why didnt anyone fight back
  157. A Prayer for Donald Trump
  158. Democrats shout down Paul Ryan after Orlando shooting moment of silence......
  159. black people in arabs county
  160. "The largest mass shooting in U.S. history" Really?
  161. Given 24 Generations to be within 1000 years, how many years would make 1 Generation?
  162. The 2017 Iranian Presidential Election.
  163. Money Money Money for the Migrants to be Welcomed....
  164. Let's go all the way.... by Sly Fox
  165. The I.S.i.s. Child....
  166. Dad of Orlando shooter, Seddique Mateen...
  167. Ok I have to Admit ... I like the SIG Sauer MCX, I want one .. why I din't know
  168. 13-Year-Old Stand-Up Comic Owns Donald Trump With One Awesome Joke
  169. Trevor Noah Absolutely FOCKING Nails It!
  170. America
  171. Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, Zoar Stood as one.
  172. For all you that can't tell the difference between weather and "climate change.....
  173. Total Clinton income from for-profit schools now set at $22 million......
  174. Let's be real about guns
  175. Lies, Lies, Lies
  176. "America, you taught him this & even sold him the gun to do it"
  177. Happy Birthday Donald Trump - The 2016 Republican GOP Nominee
  178. Question about Omar Mateen
  179. What does Saudi Arabia want from Lebanon?
  180. Vetting not only for Migrants but for Employees.
  181. Swimming in Waters off Alcatraz, SF.
  182. What the heck????
  183. Not even in your wildest nighmares...
  184. Don't get me mad and tell me to calm down......
  185. Port St. Lucie, FL, USA
  186. Pro Gun Democratic Senator: Forget Due Process, its Killing Us.
  187. Enough: After Orlando, We Must Defund Planned Parenthood and Rethink Gay Marriage -
  188. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen
  189. Warning: Palin: Obama 'is a special kind of stupid'.......
  190. What kind of Wife would.....
  191. Repealing/replace the 2nd amendment
  192. God, man and lethal injections.....
  193. Is it true that the Koran condoned sex with children and slaves?
  194. If I were gay
  195. Why Liberals Support Muslims Who Hate Everything They Stand For.....
  196. American Politics Sucks
  197. Orlando, FL. In 1966-67, safety course which taught Orando's rape rate dropped 88%
  198. Is that an AR-15 in your pants?
  199. Mother breaks down after seeing 3-year-old daughter practicing Lockdown Drill
  200. Can't be for 2nd Amendment & against Donald Trump!
  201. Gujjar Wedding Firing
  202. Black 16 yr old: "I've Been called a racist for supporting Trump" The Alex Jones Chan
  203. Trump Gives Anti-Hillary Speech - First Cable News Response Is To Fact Check Him
  204. Dem Rep: Guns Are More Available to Young Teens Than Medical Prescriptions......
  205. Obama Releases Osama's Bodyguard from GITMO......
  206. Mass shootings are about isolation, anger and hate — not religion or ethnicity
  207. Instruction Video for the Left
  208. Make money with your videos! (sjw edition)
  209. ER Doc Drugs woman to sexually Assault her
  210. Woman banned from all US National Parks
  211. How to appraise the value of a human life
  212. ACLU: That Collins Gun Control Amendment Is Terrible......
  213. Burn'n down the House
  214. Anti Trump look to Scott Walker
  215. After Brexit is Texit, next?
  216. Hillary: I'll Fix Obama's Lousy Economy By Applying More Of His Failed Policies .....
  217. Lots a open carry
  218. When's a good time to discuss reasonable Gun Control ?
  219. Sessions: "Now It's Our Time"......
  220. Some ideas for a Koran revision
  221. Bill Maher: Liberals Don't Know Jack About Guns.....
  222. This election sucks!!!!!!!!!
  223. A Federal Judge says the US Constitution should be ignored.
  224. So with the Brits smartly bailing out when they can who's left to bail out the EU
  225. Lauren Southern owns Jeffrey Robinson in gun control debate
  226. hate crime
  227. Imagine, if you will.....
  228. It's time to discuss the rape culture of Muslim refugees.
  229. Donor promised to make Clinton ‘look good’ if appointed to board.....
  230. Five year old brings a dangerous weapon to school.
  231. More Lies: Newly-Discovered Withheld Emails Highlight Hillary's Unaccountability,
  232. NJ 23ct Gas Tax increase
  233. Benghazi Probe Eroded Voters' Trust in Clinton.....
  234. Hillary’s Cavalier Enablers......
  235. Maybe it's time to figureout who stands to gain from globalization
  236. Clinton exposed: Benghazi report highlights ineptitude - EDITORIAL .......
  237. Democratic FEC Bureaucrats Sought to Punish Fox News for Debate Coverage.....
  238. Capitalism: A Dirty Word
  239. Man, Bill Clinton Is An Idiot.....
  240. Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue (Civil Liberties Edition)
  241. Chuck Todd Asks Clinton If She Was Told Today That She Will Not Be Indicted
  242. Warning: Christian Mingle Ordered To Accept Gay Singles.....
  243. War by Other Means
  244. Hillary didn't lie about Benghazi
  245. Things I trust more than hillary
  246. Controlism Scale
  247. What has 6 Wives and 4 Legs?
  248. Warning: Marked classified
  249. What does it take to spark a deadly confrontation with Law Enforcement?
  250. Shooting of "Mr. Phil" shocks Minnesota school colleagues