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  1. PT Barnum
  2. 'What Is He Talking About?!' - Tucker Carlson RIPS David Hogg
  3. The Great American Tax Ripoff
  4. Fire Sessions now!
  5. What is General [?] going to do?
  6. Democrats’ contribution to Haiti’s ‘S**thole’ status
  7. Why copy an existing reply
  8. Another republican terrorist abusing women...
  9. New York Times editorial board goes full authoritarian.....
  10. ‘If This Had Been Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer…’ — Alan Dershowitz Brings The Truth On CN
  11. Russia blames Britain for Chem Attack in Syria.....
  12. Why "TERF" is a Misnomer
  13. What is really going on in our heads?
  14. Russia a "second-rate" power?
  15. RWNJ Alex Jones nuts up into rage! Again!
  16. Now is YOUR Chance to be Rid of Me.
  17. They're Coming For Them: One-Third Of Democrats Want To Repeal Second Amendment .....
  18. Intervention: A Success Story!
  19. Silencing Men in Mainstream Western Society.
  20. Hospice Killing the sick & Weak
  21. What segments of our government do you trust?
  22. How it's done elsewhere.
  23. You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video!
  24. our Post office !
  25. Stormy Daniels Pledges to Donate $130,000 to Planned Parenthood if She Wins Her Case.
  26. Biden: Republicans ‘Don’t Want Black Folks Voting’.....
  27. Unfit to clean toilets but fit enough to write a guest column?
  28. Immigrant children taken from parents at border
  29. Remember the “shoes are dropping” crowd on here?
  30. Kindness is Awesome!
  31. Done with YETI!
  32. Pompeo will be the Next Secretary of State.....
  33. Dealing with school systems and not getting a JOB because of it
  34. Warning: Can you give trump some credit ?
  35. A little too close?
  36. Millennials blame boomers for ruining their lives
  37. Some of the worst inventions
  38. Feds lost track of migrant children............
  39. By The Numbers: Trump-Kanye Axis Could Mark A Tectonic Political Shift
  40. What Leftists Stand For
  41. Give that guy a Nobel......
  42. Control the Words, Control the Culture
  43. Israel to War on Iran.....
  44. Personally, I can't believe that it took until 1920 for women to get the right to vot
  45. A question!!
  46. Gas Prices
  47. The 'Uncle Tom' Card Is Dead
  48. Developmentally stuck
  49. Eric Swalwell Unloads Gun Platform Liberals Really Want
  50. British Man Arrested For Wielding Potato Peeler In Public
  51. The (Literal) War on Women
  52. Trump Lies are OK with our Repubs
  53. A win for me - Yippie
  55. UK Proposes Prison Time For Offensive Online Posts
  56. Psychologist Rob Tiller was fired for speaking about male victims of DV.
  57. Civil Court out of control
  58. A for orignality
  59. Democrats try and use the IRS as a political tool again.....
  60. Warning: Ivanka Trump targeted
  61. Warning: Maybe people are going too far.
  62. Rex Tillerson vs. Trump
  63. Billboard Awards
  64. Same old TPF
  65. Listen to the future of the UK
  66. How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps
  67. Want a real conspiracy?
  68. Op-ed: Empty gun racks, empty gestures
  69. Life is a miracle
  70. Murder by gender
  71. ...right.
  72. Climate Destruction the ball is in your park!
  73. Capitol Police Accidentally Gave Evidence To House Hacking Suspect’s Defense Attorney
  74. Dangerous Minds
  75. Op ed: A President Clinton would have made things much worse
  76. Retracting Statement Opportunity
  77. In the old days...
  78. Beutiful houses for sale.
  79. How Long can we endure the nightmare that is Trump?
  80. Conspiracy???? Sometimes, Sometimes not..............
  81. Vitamin D defficiency epidemic
  82. Radfems Banned From Twitter; Trump OK
  83. Perfect illustration of TDD
  84. Did anyone suppose that we would not notice?
  85. Op ed: It’s Not About Roseanne, Conservatives Are Just Sick Of The Damn Double Standa
  86. What Is a Conspiracy Theory?
  87. Dallas wife kills husband for beating a pet cat.
  88. Did Japan try to surrendur before we dropped the atomic bomb?
  89. The First Council of Nicaea
  90. Great Science shows to watch
  91. If you are ever feeling down..............
  92. Democracy is not dead...... It never lived!
  93. Sheriff defends using state's prison food money to buy beach house
  94. Donald Trump's Race War
  95. AI and Loss of Liberties
  96. Did Bob the Slob Lose his paid gig?
  97. Warning: How to stop a school shooter? Something for you to consider personally!
  98. Warning: Why is Trump not disclosing civillian casualties? He out murdured Obama already!
  99. Charles Krauthammer has just weeks to live.
  100. Manafort Lawyers Say Special Counsel Unable To Produce Evidence Of Russia Contacts
  101. Even some soldiers are against killing the innocent!
  102. Trump is “willing to destroy the world”: George Soros
  103. Laws being passed to prepare us for AI
  104. Warning: Anarchy or Governent II
  105. How Mining the Moon and Asteroids could destroy civilization as we know it.
  106. How the ultra wealthy are not happer than the poor
  107. We are truly living through the amatuer hour prsidency!
  108. Long anticipated IG report
  109. Samantha Bee’s Advertiser Woes Continue
  110. The 1% in the forum, Co2 capture tech & global destruction
  111. Krugman speaks the truth about the GOP and Trump!
  112. Warning: Just listen to these trump lovers
  113. Here's the modern Democrat party
  114. Comey’s FBI Was Protecting The Legitimacy Of The Presumed Clinton Presidency .....
  115. IG: McCabe Used Strzok’s Mistress To Bypass Chain Of Command To Monitor Clinton Probe
  116. I got a beef with: Dad Shoes
  117. Mikes Hair
  118. Another Lie From the Drudge Report!
  119. Op-ed: The dirty truth about so-called ‘family separations’ at the border
  120. Trump giving a Speech
  121. Why are you here?
  122. Peter Fonda
  123. Crying Honduran Child Who Became The Face Of Border Family Separation Was Never Separ
  124. INSTANT JUSTICE: Two Robbers Break Into A Repair Shop, Immediately Regret It
  125. Andrew McCabe wants grant of immunity in exchange for testimony
  126. IG Leaks – Media Frame Clinton/Obama Defense: James Comey as “Insubordinate”
  127. Why is the Democrats' bizarre IT scandal being ignored?
  128. FBI DELIBERATELY IGNORED ‘Golden Emails,’ Crucial Abedin Messages And More
  129. Trump Takes Away Congress’ Annual Ribeye ‘Picnic’, Sends Steaks To…
  130. Call 911! The Trump Resistance™ has lost its mind!
  131. NJ Governor Proposes 2,400 Percent Tax Increase On Firearms
  132. David Hogg
  133. Trolling in Real Life!
  134. All DHS Employees Warned About Threats to Their Personal Safety
  135. Is violence next?
  136. Question for all our Liberal Friends
  137. Warning: The left's recent actions and rhetoric
  138. Maxine Waters Bursts Into Tears, Uses ‘The Children’ As An Excuse For Harassment Comm
  139. We all Love Oil! Burn Baby Burn
  140. The Social Experiment
  141. The Supreme Court's Motivations
  142. Why do we care about celebrity opinions on politics ?
  143. My opinion about recent elections
  144. In Its Anti-Trump Hysteria, The Democratic Party Has Become The Party Of VIOLENCE
  145. Are You Living In A Psychopath State?
  146. We Need An Updated Approach To Combat Human Trafficking
  147. Supreme Irony
  148. Are Maxine Waters and James Brown the same person?
  149. Tucker Carlson on the left's attempt to take down America
  150. The Left is eating itself
  151. Abortion my take
  152. Another good "guy" with a gun
  153. New VerHampshire
  154. Democratic voters: Hillary in, Pelosi out......
  155. President Trump's speech--and civil discourse
  156. Warning: Activist Mods
  157. 133 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters
  158. Warning: Polly's Blah Opinion Roundup
  159. Trump and locking up women for abortions
  160. Had to leave the park
  161. How to thwart telemarketers
  162. The Democrats’ Declaration of Dependence
  163. Sometimes you just have to kick terrier ass
  164. Why Libertarians Are Awesome
  165. Thank you
  166. Shut up cuck!
  167. Warning: "Trump cultists?"
  168. The story of myself and Ciudana
  169. John McCain should resign
  170. We are all Kooks
  171. Warning: Proof that Trump supporters are idiots
  172. President Trump Has Rendered The Green Climate Fund Nearly Useless
  173. Private Server vs GMail
  174. Never Trumpers Suffer Yet Another Utter Humiliation.....
  175. In defense of our police ...
  176. Newsflash
  177. My dog bit someone today
  178. Warning: Caucasian Shaming
  179. A Living Wage for Mods.. Proposal.....
  180. The Two Minutes of Hate
  181. Here's Why Four Republican Interns Were Kicked Out of a D.C. Uber.....
  182. The Democrats’ Phony 'War on Women' Has Come Home to Roost.....
  183. Mod Squad
  184. Putin ~ Where's Palin ?
  185. Media beclown themselves with yet another bogus Russian conspiracy theory.....
  186. Total of 24 Summits with Russia since 1945.
  187. The depersonalization of everything
  188. Universal Basic Income.....
  189. Antifa Suspect in South Dakota Found with 'Concerning' Amount of Weapons and Bombs
  190. Antilia.
  191. Hillary Clinton wants a strong, prosperous Russia .....
  192. Nancy Pelosi, DCCC Push Blatant Lies In Fundraising Emails
  193. Silly assumptions
  194. How many jobs could we gain
  195. Sen. Cory Booker Quotes Bible While Calling Judge Kavanaugh Supporters ‘Complicit In
  196. Warning: 35 Criminal and Destructive Acts By Dem Party, Deep State, Media, to gut America
  197. Take your lumps, Trumps
  198. Conservative's satirical Ocasio-Cortez 'interview' triggers media uproar
  199. Ethicists Advocate For The Acceptance Of Incest
  200. propaganda
  201. Warning: Even bad humans have Innate Human Rights.
  202. Be "like secret agents".
  203. What happens to the republican party?
  204. Oh, he had a gun.
  205. Many of us have thought this...the Los Angeles Times says it!
  206. Collusion
  207. Fl. Gov Race ~ Watch (R) Ron Desantis & Wife do Trump-Worship Creep-Out
  208. America First is a Good Thing
  209. UK Climate ‘Consultants’ Charge Third World Countries $2,000 A Day On Poverty Program
  210. Title IX, Urban Meyer, Ohio State, ESPN and Lots of Bullshit
  211. Jeff Sessions is a failure as Attorney General of the US.....
  212. The real Obama.
  213. Whats wrong with this picture?
  214. Rapists Should Be Lynched
  215. Warning: Remember those Republicans that visted Russia?
  216. CNN Now Wants More Guns on the Streets
  217. Second American Revolution
  218. Warning: Mod Vacation
  219. American leftists are Maoists
  220. Did anyone watch Sugartown on ID?
  221. How come Pence isn't calling for the impeachment of Trump like he did Bill Clinton ?
  222. Democrats Remove Bill Clinton, JFK As Fundraiser Namesakes
  223. 'I'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat'
  224. Consider hiring more mods ...
  225. The Spy who Loved me......
  226. Warning: Do You Work In or With Government?
  227. A Must Read! Or.....Else!
  228. Chilling Video Interrogation Of Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz
  229. to trump supporters
  230. Of Course There Is Such a Thing as a 'Perjury Trap
  231. Elites' War on the Deplorables
  232. Does Free Internet have a Future?
  233. Guns of the future
  234. NYT: Trump ‘Seized On’ Strzok’s Biased Text Messages
  235. Why Do Liberals Keep Hurting Themselves?
  236. How do land restrictions effect commercial real estate values in nearby areas ?
  237. Rbf
  238. The Truth About Many "Liberals" and "Conservatives"
  239. Disturbing media coordination.
  240. Banned Words?
  241. The Opposite of Communism.
  242. Amazon and Politicians
  243. 'You're going to be tired of Winning'
  244. sorry justice system
  245. There is the possibility............
  246. Are republicans trying to destroy democracy to prove a point?
  247. Partisan Insanity, A Cancer On America
  248. Congress and sex payments
  249. How Trump lied his way onto the Forbes 400
  250. Real News! Madness Knows no bounds...... And, Yes climate destruction is real!