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  1. USA to isolate itself?
  2. Good Question Bernie Sanders - Really Good Question
  3. Mob Violence danger for US leaders?
  4. Doing it right...
  5. If There's Privacy In The Digital Age, It Has A New Definition
  6. 'The Cute Convict' ~ A lesson concerning your rights
  7. Raciss Zimmy buddy Frank Taffe got no respect
  8. Don't believe in Jesus ?
  9. You are here...
  10. The No-Win Party
  11. Stupid people who believe they are smart
  12. Those not Supporting the Tea Party are Un-American
  13. Zimmy under duress
  14. Posters I miss
  15. Killing Hitler
  16. Ladies: Men will be watching you pee and the cops will not be able to stop them
  17. Only In Liberal California
  18. Ok this is Funny
  19. This should be done nationwide... and in Congress
  20. Does this hat make me look fat?
  21. Ever have those really bad 24 hours or a bad day?
  22. What if conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz are in on it?
  23. America, we have failed as a nation
  24. Franks quad bypass.
  25. The Ever Shrinking Conservative Base of the GOP
  26. Do people just forget?
  27. What is this garbage?
  28. USIS fires manager for pressuring employees to work overtime without pay
  29. Legal Extortion
  30. New Condoms
  31. Ann Coulter At CPAC: Democrats Want Immigration Reform For 'Warm Bodies, More Votes'
  32. Daylight Savings Time
  33. Maternal Instinct
  34. Are we down to recycling Boogeymen?
  35. School Regulations Cause Frostbite in 9 Year Old
  36. Ted Cruz Makes Delusional Claim
  37. Nodding Mother With Child Video Goes Viral
  38. Mom who tried to drive kids into ocean has bail set at 1.2 million
  39. Temporary Unemployment.
  40. Sarah Palin Reads Dr Seuss
  41. Addition to Ted Cruz is delusiona Thread
  42. Lanzas' father responds after CPAC & Lapierre
  43. I agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren!!
  44. Kill the FDA (Before It Kills Again!): Dallas Buyers Club
  45. Physical violence.
  46. What would remain of the Donkaphant platform if:
  47. 'Octomom' due in court today
  48. Arkansas Judge’s Shocking Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Comments
  49. Watch What This Make-Believe Girl Means To 1,000 Sexual Predators
  50. Bachmann now victimized by Gays
  51. Battle of the Lavatories.
  52. Longest serving Death Row inmate freed
  53. This Photo Says it all about our Will as a Country
  54. What is the real purpose for the tax code and IRS?
  55. Cultural Appropriation
  56. Why Is Bill O'Reilly Ripping This Beyonce Video?
  57. Manson killer Bruce Davis paroled
  58. The origin of the War on Women
  59. Paul Ryan blames poverty on *Blacks*
  60. Arm Thy Neighbor | Guns For Jesus - What Could Go Wrong?
  61. Auswitch
  62. Pumping Petrol
  63. Gov. Workers 45% More Expensive....
  64. Which Presidents Have Appeared On Comedy Shows, You Ask? Try All In The Last 40 Years
  65. Separate and unequal
  66. American society
  67. Don't Use That Word
  68. Westboro Baptist Will Find Justification To Continue, Pastor's Son Says
  69. 'Sextortionist' gets Prison
  70. (R-S.D.) Phil Jensen ~ legalize race-based discrimination
  71. Starry Nights and Motorcycle Design
  72. Judy Blume and Banned Books
  73. Global Warming Deniers should be jailed
  74. Productive road rage.
  75. 40 Virgins
  76. School bullying
  77. Do Democraps secretly wish for Obama's impeachment?
  78. Civil Forteiture
  79. They are Talking Again: More Conservative Wisdom from Men
  80. How much does $460,000 in quarters weigh ?
  81. Largest Car Manufacturer Fine ever
  82. Former DNC Chair Robert Strauss dies
  83. Isn't it Ironic: Government Surveillance Version (with Remy)
  84. Heart-Breaking Anti-Obamacare Ad Shows Woman Suffering From Bullshit
  85. Nanny state future America
  86. Child soldiers?
  87. The Civil Air Patrol
  88. The Final Resting Place for All Haters and All Bigots
  89. Who but a liberal....
  90. Louie Gohmenrts' foreign policy (Putin) expertise
  91. Dale Brown on defense
  92. Is the US effectively disarming?
  93. We need to change society!
  94. First Lady no manners in China
  95. The Truth About Crimea and Ukraine
  96. The Symbol of a Lie
  97. Is Everyone an Illegal Immigrant?
  98. I need to get me a 'GOVERNMENT' Post Office job!
  99. Where the heck is spring?
  100. Has the California DMV been Credit Card breached ?
  101. Leaders with military experience
  102. Police State
  103. Missing Plane Family Members
  104. Academic elitism
  105. the pharmaceutical industry
  106. Western progressivism - the scourge of the 21st century
  107. So my brother in law
  108. National Groups, Get the Hell Out of My State
  109. Hot Politicians
  110. Political correctness (UK)
  111. 78% want proof of citizenship....
  112. Nationalism Is No Sin
  113. Americans and the culture divide
  114. Russian revanchism and energy
  115. Arab League rejects Israel
  116. School Massacres and Heathers. And Kevin
  117. Americans Die In Washington While Congress Fights For Ukraine
  118. The U.S. Government and Treason
  119. President Obama and Congress murdered the people of Washington
  120. A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give
  121. Alternative Giving.
  122. A rant for reality!
  123. New airport signs intended to curb child sex trafficking
  124. 'God made women to be pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen'
  125. Free speech and education, UK style.
  126. Vaccinations
  127. Many of you here on The Political Forums threatened with regulation!!
  128. My 2013 Senior Tax Return Audit
  129. This is what Political Life Looks like Under Republican Control
  130. What's with all these cooking shows pushing Obamacare
  131. Miss USSR UK
  132. CIA lied on extreme torture: US Senate report
  133. Police Brutality
  134. Europe's future
  135. Psycho-fucking-bullshit
  136. Koch Brothers ~ *Fighting to Restore a Free Society*
  137. How can Control Freaks not get it?
  138. If you're not gay/black/female/etc.
  139. Why don't we have something like this in America's schools?
  140. "where the hell is global warming when you need it!!"
  141. How many people have you had sex with?
  142. Man beaten by mob in Detroit
  143. Now that we're all equal, how did it happen?
  144. Cadet programs in affluent areas
  145. Democrat War on Women
  146. Psychopaths: how can you spot one?
  147. Fuck the Poor...
  148. Peaches Geldof dies
  149. The innocent cruelty of children.
  150. Let's not forget this little gem
  151. A little help PLEASE!
  152. What’s gone wrong with the west?
  153. Solutions For School Violence
  154. Support the Troops!
  155. Time to teach the Bible in Public Schools
  156. DIY Political ideologies
  157. Member signatures
  158. Death for rape?
  159. The equality fallacy
  160. Law enforcement
  161. Vote Republican, and Get All of This and More ...
  162. A GOP Ladies Man
  163. National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050
  164. Why conservative ideology turns me off
  165. Corporal punishment
  166. Integration vs DeAmericanization
  167. The Boomerang Effect
  168. Team Australia friend of China
  169. High school athletic culture portrayal
  170. How am I doing?
  171. Differences in political terms. UK v U.S.
  172. Will Ukraine murder Own People?!?!
  173. Obama urges Putin to rein in separatists
  174. This man is a hero!
  175. The US injustice system
  176. What do real repression and freedom look like?
  177. The UK guide to political correctness.
  178. Can Asia Pacific Help Solve Ukraine Tragedy?
  179. Yea, Real Hero's: Bundy Ranch 'Militia' Considered Using Women As Human Shield
  180. I just think this is so fitting and seemly...
  181. The American Education system
  182. The Refugee guide to Socialist economics.
  183. A Little Help....
  184. Self Confidence Starts at Home
  185. Saving Shukhov Tower.
  186. Rwnj
  187. Rwnj 2
  188. Capitalism, the cancer of society
  189. White Culture
  190. Racism is Over, and we have The Hate Mail to Prove it.
  191. Disarm the police!
  192. Why aren't they angry at Reagan?
  193. Oklahoma Will Charge Customers Who Install Their Own Solar Panels
  194. That's a FUNNY Definition Of Patriotism You've Got There, Fella
  195. 57 percent for the military - Nothing has changed
  196. Supremacy ... Really?
  197. 50 Wasted Votes
  198. This Weeks Addition in: Racism is a thing of the Past
  199. Only 28% of Americans Agree With GOP That the Poor Are To Blame For Their Poverty
  200. Fuck The Poor (Disclaimer: Video is not actually about fucking the poor)
  201. Youtube Ads On Full Albums
  202. Why should we release Jonathan Pollard?
  203. Disrespect towards veterans
  204. Free Speech
  205. Wealthy people
  206. Right wingers are so mean!
  207. 18 Stats That Prove That Government Dependence Has Reached Epidemic Levels
  208. The Minimum Sex Act
  209. Rifle Shot
  210. The private prison industry.
  211. Why don't Americans rise up?
  212. Questions the Donkephant cannot answer
  213. Threat of Kinder Eggs
  214. Total War Rome- Barbarian Invasion.
  215. Obamaland: Where Cowboys are Villains and Race-Baiters are Heroes
  216. Armed protection for protests
  217. Passing lanes in the mall???
  218. Maher on the 0.1%
  219. Real Housewives of Melbourne
  220. Hillary “prop” charges ??
  221. Great Question for Conservatives ....
  222. America in 2034
  223. Cop tries to shoot dog
  224. Signature lines
  225. MSNBC Host: You Lost Your "Crappy" Coverage? Just Deal With It
  226. Boob job girl plans to have abortion so she can star on BIG BROTHER
  227. The IRS...Working for America
  228. Something is Really Wrong
  229. Privileges has it's Advantages
  230. The hypocrisy of progressives and the nanny state
  231. IRS Awards Bonuses to 1,100 Who Owe Back Taxes
  232. Comments on posts
  233. Has Bed Shitting become a National Epidemic?
  234. A Fine of just $300
  235. This isn't Fair!
  236. Clichés of Progressivism
  237. Removing stupidity from western society
  238. Hero George Zimmerman has been replaced by Cliven Bundy - Good Trade
  239. Jon Stewart's Feud With Sean Hannity: 'Sh*t Just Got Weird'
  240. America's Decline And Fall In 13 Steps
  241. ****breaking fox news****
  242. Asking Rush Limbaugh if he'll run for President?
  243. Americans are the meanest people on the planet!
  244. People who look down on blue collar careers
  245. Columbia Professor Praises Progressivism...........
  246. What the hell is wrong with roday's youth?
  247. Do you know anyone with 'Savant Syndrome' besides me?
  248. The Case for Homeschooling
  249. Could this be America's Black leader, that can really make a difference!
  250. Apparently you can't get just get along!