View Full Version : Announcement - Racism and Apology

11-30-2018, 12:57 PM
Calling other members "racist" is a serious accusation that has been carelessly and excessively used on the forum, which has to stop. Calling someone else a racist is an insult and a personal attack, but it is also something that will naturally and inherently come up on a political discussion forum. This places the moderation staff in a tough position of deciding where to draw the line. It also leads to inconsistency regarding whether the accusation is valid, such has been the case against a few recently banned members, or simply a personal attack with no real basis.

This is a warning to members to stop abusing the accusation or the moderation team will be forced to treat it as a personal attack/insult and take action. This would have to apply to every use of the accusation regardless of context in order to ensure fairness. Rather than continually making accusations, please report posts that you believe are racist.

The Moderators wish to apologize for being inconsistent on how we moderated concerning name-calling and personal attacks; particularly with respect to name-calling regarding the use of the term "racist". Our inconsistency has generated confusion and heightened animosity. We apologize. Going forward, we will strive to be clearer in our moderation and hope to be quicker and stricter regarding name-calling and personal attacks.

Thank you to those members that brought the errors of our ways to our attention. It is much appreciated.

12-01-2018, 11:40 AM
Additionally, the moderation staff will view excessive accusations of anti-Semitism the same way.