View Full Version : Comey May Not Like the New AG

12-18-2018, 09:21 AM
Fired FBI Director James Comey surely being terribly frustrated at having to testify before another closed door session of the House committee yesterday finally found his platform to grandstand with indignant furor at Trump and Fox News when he was attacked by the leftist news media, just outside the hearing room. He accusing them, Trump & Fox), of lying and suggested the Republicans needed some strong Republicans to stand up against their propaganda machine of lies and attempting to trap his sorry ass with his own testimony. This is the same James Comey that used his convenient serious bouts of amnesia while testifying over 200 times with replies to questions like "I cant recall & I canít remember." This is the same stiff that claimed no prosecutor would attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for a criminal offense even after he reported publically on TV that she had purposely set up an illegal insecure email server in her bathroom, (he left the bathroom part out), wherewith she sent and received classified government information including, (we find out later), even secret information. Need I say anybody but Hillary Clinton would still be in jail for that felony?

The thing I find the most comical about Sr. James Comey is the fact that he seems to ignore that the FAKE news media, CNN & MSNBC, seem to be at a roadblock when it comes to pointing out the lies being spouted on Fox News. Fox and Judicial Watch have collected enough evidence to put the entire gang of the FBIís Top Cops cabal in the clink all but for the foot dragging of the Obama leftovers in the Justice Department like Rod Rosenstein, who are likely having been part of the cabal to exonerate Clinton and frame Trump.

Itís gonna get even more interesting I think whenever Trump can get a new Attorney General in office. Hopefully heíll have the gonads to go up against the Washington cesspool and start indicting the cabal members including Comey, Clapper and Brennan. I hope his first acts are to fire Rod Rosenstein and appoint a special counsel to investigate the present and past investigators. Mueller is another scab that needs to be investigated and his unconstitutional tactics revealed and prosecuted.

12-18-2018, 05:06 PM
Hopefully the new AG gets the DoJ back on track to include the special counsel.