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02-13-2013, 01:57 PM
Dear Members,

Thank you all for your tremendous support of the The Political Forums.

Together, we have created a forum whose goal is to provide an atmosphere of intelligent debate with input from many different perspectives. By adhering in the truest sense to the concept of a "member-run forum", the moderators, V.I.P.s, and other valued members have created a web site that has evolved according to our collective vision. No one individual or ideology is valued over any other, but rather, a chorus of voices determines which path we embark upon as we continue to grow.

Without all of your written contributions, there would be no forum to speak of, so I thank you. Initially, this forum was supported through advertising. As a result of our light moderation policy, however, we have lost our advertising partner and no longer have this option available to us. Therefore, I am now asking for your help in defraying the financial expenses associated with running the forum. For those of you who have the fiscal means and wish to see this forum continue to thrive, please consider a small contribution, and for those who do not have the means, please know that your support of the site through quality posting is the best contribution that can be made. Funds will be used to pay for our hosting costs, and should there be any excess, it will be used to fund forum improvements at the discretion of our membership.

Contributions may be made at http://thepoliticalforums.com/contribute.php or by clicking on the Contribute tab at the top of the forum.

As always, you have my sincere gratitude for your continued support.