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08-10-2013, 11:54 AM
I think politics is void of great speeches in modern politics. In a modern democracy the politicians all pay speech writers to write their speeches for them. Most big politicians have image consultants and PR teams.

The reason there are no great speeches is because modern politics is insincere. Modern 'democracy' is phony.

When I was a kid I played Rugby League football. I really dont remember any really great Lombadi style speeches. It was generally just going through what we needed to remember. One stands out though. My mate was the captain and he was the kind of guy that led with actions more than words. We had a big game in the 16's and I guess he felt the need to rev us up so he gives this speech how we need to play and forget about getting hurt. He says "whats the worst that could happen? "You break your leg. Big fucking deal." ( I saw two shin bones come out of the skin during my junior football playing days () The captain continued "Thats not gonna kill ya." One of our mates that had broken his leg ( out of the skin ) from getting double bounced on a diving board and was on crutches and in a cast was a part of the huddle and he says " Nah. It'l fucking hurt though." And we all laughed. I cant remember if we won or lost.

I think it was a good speech that my mate gave. He was the hardest guy on our team and we all knew it. He played the hardest. He worked the hardest. And we knew what he was saying. This game was important to him and we owed it to him play hard for him. He was the guy that did the most work. He never made a big deal about it. We all knew he wanted us to care as much as he did. We all knew he wanted us to play as hard as he did. We knew we never did and he never complained. He knew his appeal to us wouldnt make him seem like a jerk. We wouldnt bem offended. We would want to play harder for our worthy captain that deserved a better team. He laughed with us when our serious Brave Heart Moment was ruined. He was a good guy. He was a smart guy. So was the guy in the cast.

I dont think a speech has to be all fancy. It just needs to be honest and true. I think people like you that read and contribute to forums are some of the best and most honest speech writers. The script on plolitical forums like this one is always much better than the corporate media.

Honest Abe gave one of my all-time favourite speeches.



Also I saw an awesome speech from Attack of the Clones cartoon the other day and cant find it now. Anyone know the speech I mean. If you know it you know what I am talking about. It is a great great speech.

Be excellent to each other.
And party on dudes.