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09-11-2013, 12:07 AM
Is class a more divisive issue at Harvard Business School than gender?

This is an important question because Affirmative Action does not work. Welfare is not charity. The west throws money at minorities and gets seemingly no return. Affirmative Action has failed.

A colour blind and gender blind approach to welfare is what is needed. The welfare system in the west would work much better if welfare was based on need and not gender or ethnicity. Or sexuality.

“Class was the bigger divide than gender when I was at H.B.S.,” said Ms. Wallace, who graduated in 2010.

A reader named Ken H said that the tone at the school in the 1970s was downright egalitarian, and that anyone who “flashed money around” would have earned jeers. “Maybe what has changed isn’t so much H.B.S., but America,” he said.

I think America has changed. American culture is to make profit. Americans worship the rich now. You were not so PC before.

Affirmative Action is wrong. Poor children that are not minorities do not choose their parents. Society needs to be a safety net as well as a safety valve. Welfare cannot be based on gender, ethnicity or sexuality. Welfare must be based on need.

Quota ideas from feminists and minority groups are absurd. The best people for the job need to be on company boards for example. What if that happens to be all women? Maybe the industry is fashion or something dominated by women and the best people for the job that are available are women?

Will the Black TV pay tv station need to have a certain amount of Anglo Saxons on their board? The quota idea is absurd.

If we do not end Affirmative Action soon then every company board will need to include one black person, one gay person, one female and possibly a midget.

And why has US culture become so vile? Is it all the new money do you think? Old money is better than new money. It must be all the new money in the US that is doing it?

“There is this underbelly at H.B.S. of extremely wealthy individuals — spoiler alert, I am not one of them,” said Brooke Boyarsky, who delivered a triumphant speech at graduation about social change at the school.

Universities do a lot to attract these cashed up International Students these days..

We need to end Affirmative Action. A conservative socialism can do it. Affirmative Action has failed and cost taxpayers a fortune.




09-12-2013, 01:02 AM
A colour blind and gender blind approach to welfare is what is needed. In these times yes, I believe the best person for the job should be hired but Affirmative Action was needed back in the 50ies and 60ies. Many wouldn't hire a person based on their skin color or being female. Yes, no matter what their skin color today they shouldn't be turned down for welfare if they are in need. A person shouldn't be hired by their skin or gender just to meet a quota but only by their experience, character and qualifications alone.