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01-04-2014, 06:32 AM
A new poll in the USA, from The Centre of Public Research has found that 54% of Americans believe that the US of A will be on a downward spiral until the year 2050.

Does this make the slow death of the so-called American Dream official? I agree with the majority of Americans that the USA is well and truly on the downswing. The USA has peaked and there is nowhere for them to go from here but to spiral down.

I have more faith than the majority of Americans though and I believe that after the USA has the recession that they need to have then they will be able to right the ship. I think that after falling from the status of leader that they will never again regain that top status but I think that they will be ok once they begin to face reality and look to realistic and genuine solutions to their structural debt problems.

How about you? Would you agree with the majority of American citizens that the nation of USA will be on a downward spiral until the year 2050?

edit- I heard about this on Foxs On the Record from Greta.


01-04-2014, 06:52 AM
It will be interesting, China will not take it's place as they do not have the natural recourses, and most of there technology is stolen and they have held up the Yuan with a house of cards too!

If you are correct then the USA will be forced to turn to cheap local manufacturing, and that would send China into a Depression worse than the Great Depression of the 30's Which would almost certainly lead to civil war and uprising in China.

But Russia????? Strong leader, self reliant on energy, food and natural resources. Able to project military power and develop its own technology. and they have went through there financial crisis??

And while still socialist? They are allowing more and more freedom as the population is demanding it, but also they are thriving from it!

I think that you are backing the wrong Communist horse there Germ. China can't with stand the loss of there number one source of food, raw materials and there number one market, Russia will loos none of those

Once the USA is forced to turn inward there will be a battle for the direction which the socialist will loose very quickly as they are now having to own the policies that are killing the country.

This will right the financial ship quickly just as it did when Reagan took office. It is likely that Russia will start an arms race with China which will be the nail in the coffin of China. And the USA is so far ahead in military technology and the size of there military there well be a decade or so for the Russians to catch up! But I think that you are right it will be about 2050 before the debt is under control enough, unless there is a dramatic change in leadership for us to see massive growth!

01-04-2014, 10:26 AM
As far as dealing with the National debt is concerned there has not really been any significant step that has been taken by congress. The debt keeps on going higher and higher in an ongoing basis.