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03-15-2012, 11:11 AM
Veterans have complained about an American flag flying over the Lake County Democratic Party headquarters in Florida with President Barak Obama's picture in place of the stars, according to Fox News (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/03/14/us-flag-depicting-president-obama-removed-from-floridas-lake-county-democratic/). Nancy Hurlbert, chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party, took down the flag, but she has not committed to keeping it down. Even though I am not a veteran, I am offended by the Obama flag as well.
By making the complaints about the Obama flag simply about President Obama, Hurlbert discredits the patriotism of anyone who would be upset by the alteration of an American symbol. People have died for our right to fly the flag and making a complaint about it not being flown correctly is an action of a patriot. While Hurlbert's ignorance might not need to be a focus of disciplinary action, her trivializing the patriotism of the veterans who questioned her should lead to admonishment.

It does not matter whose picture is placed on the flag as it is still disrespectful. If President Obama wants to add some credibility in the eyes of veterans and people who have undying respect for the flag, he should ban them from party offices.....snip~


:angry: ..... Flags Flown Should not have pics on them. None should have ANY President on them let alone Obama. Both political parties should know better. More slaps in the face of the American People. It is bad enough to watch other Foreign Countries desecrate our Country's Flag. But it is far worse to have such done by the American People themselves. :rant:
This Flag was Proof that we were still there:flag: in the Dawn of Morning's Early Light! :usa2:

03-15-2012, 11:51 AM
She doesn't sound like a very bright bulb.

03-15-2012, 12:03 PM
L.E.D.....huh? Liberal-Educated, Democrat! Truthfully she should be admonished. After hearing from Vets and patriots. One would think another would consider all the ramifications with their Association to the Flag.

03-15-2012, 12:05 PM
L.E.D.....huh? Liberal-Educated, Democrat!


03-15-2012, 12:28 PM
I continue to be amazed at the infatuation Democrat liberals have with this racist, radical, half-black in the White House despite the gross failure of his policies and the huge deficit hole in which he and his cronies have placed the country. It is a form of insanity.

03-15-2012, 12:41 PM
I think there was something about an Anti-Christ coming along. That he would come from the east but be that from the west. That all would worship him. Idolize him. Follow him. Says he will bring the world, Peace. It never did say the country he was ruling would have any peace. The only thing that is missing. Is Obama's picture on the Cross. His picure is on everything else, and he certainly outshines and is grandstanded over that of the.....:pope:

The parallel is striking indeed. :studying:

03-15-2012, 12:57 PM
:laugh: Oh come on...he's bad, but he's not the Anti-Christ. I'm with Wing on this one.

03-15-2012, 01:37 PM
:laugh: Oh come on...he's bad, but he's not the Anti-Christ. I'm with Wing on this one.

I dunno.....those revelation prophecies are little bit slippery. Cmon he is larger than life than this Pope. :pope: He is on the All Seeing Eye damn near everyday. :tearyeyed: Which we know drips his poison. He is in print everyday. He his heard thru the multitudes in person and by Radio-broadcast every week. His followers come to your door asking you to give, which in return they get your name and give you a number. He is bringing that New Peace to the World.

He is on coin money. Paper money. Coffee Cups, plates, glasses, utensils.
Clothing-Shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, vests, scarfs, ribbons, and ties.
Drinks and beverages, food items and candy.
Posters, billboards, Paintings, bumper-stickers and yard-signs.
Jewelry- Medallions, Buttons, Broaches, bracelets, watches and earrings. :evil5:

Our Prez here has a whole lot running parallel with many of those predicitons. All we need is him to jokingly talk about himself being a God. Wherein some might say that is declaring one'self as such. :undecided: