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04-30-2012, 08:40 PM

Full Freedom in all Spheres Including Spirituality

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

[April 29, 2012] This world of humanity is based on full freedom and absence of any forcible destiny. Here, you are free to do any type of work and no destiny forces you to do any specific work as said in the Gita (Na kartrutvam...). The concept of destiny exists only in the link of the specific work and the specific fruit. You have full freedom to put your finger in fire or water. No destiny forces you to put your finger in fire or water. The destiny lies only in the link between a specific work and corresponding specific fruit. It is destined that the fire burns your finger and the water keeps your finger cool. The destiny is not in the selection of the work.

You have put your finger in the fire due to ignorance or ego. After burning the finger, you may say that you have put the finger in the fire due to the destiny. God has destined the specific system, which links every action with a specific fruit. After putting your finger, God is not ordering the fire to burn it. The subsequent fruit for a specific work is already destined. God or the destiny does not interfere with the choice of your selection of a specific work. Even the so called past destiny does not interfere with your works. The composition of your psychology is fixed based on your past deeds. Thus, work is responsible for the will and the will is the generator of the work. Since the composition of your psychology is already based on your past deeds and is fixed, you can treat that as destiny and in such case, destiny is guiding everything.

The psychology is a specific pattern of ideas generated by the past deeds and it is called as ‘Samskara’. An idea can be changed by knowledge. Samskara is a fixed concept and the right knowledge is a group of right concepts. You have the opportunity of hearing the right knowledge since God comes to this world quite often in human form. You have the freedom to hear such divine knowledge or not to hear. You have also freedom to practice the knowledge or leave it without practice. At every step, the basic freedom is given. This human world is also the right place for testing the devotees and here also, the full freedom is protected. You are totally free to sacrifice anything or not to sacrifice anything even if God desires for it. God does not force you or threaten you or wash your brain in your sacrifice since such sacrifice is not real. God is pleased only with the real sacrifice done by the soul in the atmosphere of total freedom.

In the examination hall, you are totally free to answer the question paper to any extent or even to return the white paper without writing even a word. God preaches the total concept and in the stage of implementation of it, God does not influence your mind in any way. After teaching all the right knowledge through the Gita, Krishna said that the decision to fight or not is totally left to Arjuna (yathechchasi…). The basic reason is that God is not in need of anything from anybody. The sacrifice is not to satisfy God but only to uplift you. The sacrifice proves your real attachment to God and such real attachment is not in the benefit of God but it is only in your benefit. Krishna asked for the special gem from Satrajit, the father of Satyabhama. Krishna is not in need of that gem. He is the creator of that gem. Even without the help of that gem, He can create wealth. He can even stop the power of the gem to create the wealth. Krishna asked the gem from Satrajit because Satrajit cannot maintain it and will fall in trouble.

Only for the welfare of Satrajit, He asked him for that gem. But, Satrajit thought that Krishna asked that gem for His personal benefit and thereby, for His personal satisfaction. Such misunderstanding made Satrajit to refuse the gem.

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Misery and Happiness are equally important in lifeSavikalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi,If you think that enjoyment lies only in tasting sweet dishes (only happy situations), you are just a child with ignorance only. The adult enjoys the hot dishes (unhappy or misery) also in the same manner. In fact, most of our daily meals do not contain sweet dishes. Most of the food is hot and sour only. The sweet dishes are occasionally introduced during the times of rare festivals only. Therefore, the enjoyment of the adults is mainly from hot dishes only. But, unfortunately, the human being always craves for happy situations only and is reluctant to unhappy situations. His attitude in the daily meals is just reversed in his attitude towards life.If you see the life of the human incarnation of God (like Krishna, Rama, Jesus, Shri Dattaswami etc), most of It is filled with unhappy situations only. That is the natural status of a human being in the enjoyment of daily meals, but, the same human being becomes reverse in his attitude towards the unhappy situations of the life. God created this universe with pleasant and unpleasant phenomena. He enjoys both in alternative way. Any continuous enjoyment leads to boring and therefore, both are equally important and required alternatively to maintain continuous enjoyment. If you can achieve this state of continuous enjoyment from both pleasure and sorrow, you will become equal to God and this is the concept of Advaita of Shankara. But, remember that you are not equal to God in other aspects like creation, control and destruction of the creation.
A producer and peon can enjoy the cinema equally. This does not bring the total equality between them. In producing, controlling and withdrawing the cinema, the producer is totally powerful, whereas the peon is zero. However, this difference is irrelevant in talking about the equality in enjoyment of the running cinema. Such irrelevance is denoted by the word Mithya by Shankara. Irrelevance means negation and absence of other angles, while considering a particular angle. The other angles like creation, control and destruction are unnecessary as far as the enjoyment of creation is concerned because the ultimate purpose is only the enjoyment of creation. If you slip now and then from such continuous state of enjoyment, it is called as Savikalpa Samadhi, which means the state with intervals here and there. If you are in the state of continuous enjoyment like God, it is Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which means the continuous state of enjoyment without any rupture. Such continuous state is finally tested at the time of death. If you stand in the state of enjoyment during death also i.e., if you can enjoy the death also, it is perfect yoga fully certified (Sthitvaasyaa mantakalepi… Gita).