View Full Version : Stone masonry.

Brett Nortje
02-15-2015, 11:58 AM
This is a very technical art. in it you will learn to control the emotions and thoughts of people viewing or being inside these structures as if it were a form of mind control, or, elevator music. if you do it right, you could have a great attitude for a work place, or a great place to take your valentine to score.

Now, there are on wikipedia a list of numbers and what they represent. if you were to take a bigger number, it would factor into all the divisors of that number, and many smaller segments, and, as always repetition works, so the more fours it has in the total angle or wall length, the more of a 'four effect' it will have.

It is safe to say that with all these angles, people will change attitude when walking along the outside of the building, so, if you wanted to have them calm down after heated meetings, then you could suggest they walk around the outside, at a certain speed or something, to cool off.

But, if it was a military base, then it is hard to make people aggressive with architecture. it is also safe to say that each number from one to ten has an opposite, being 1 for 10, 2 for 9, 3 for 8, 4 for 7 and five for 6. so, if you experiment and find say half angles will have another effect on the psyhe, then you could reverse those fractions too.