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Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 12:43 PM
I have come a long way in terms of understanding magic, from reading about love spells to making people slide along the ground. the trick is to understand what you are telling your subconscious to do from your conscious point of view. this means, you need to understand the atomic workings of your body to translate that into emotions for your subconscious to understand, as, that is where the pre motor cortex is, and, there is no hope if you try to do things before this part of the brain.

So, things i have covered on another forum recently was 'elemental magic.' basically, the universe is a one world consciousness and communicating with it, as it is weak willed, will result in you being able to do things that usually don't happen, like making it rain, yes?

Now, let us continue where it hurts! more of this!

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 12:56 PM
This spell has eluded me for so long. i think i might have what it takes to master it now though!

So, you want to bond with electrons from another part of the world. this bonding will see your own body travel along the 'web' and then stop moving when they reach the other side. if you still do not understand what this spell is, you need to watch x men with night crawler as he teleports a lot.

If you need to understand how mass moves, well, we are not really 'in place.' what i am saying is that we are merely the sum of the electron bonds around us holding all this 'mass' in place. this means, of course, that we are just bonded to our other parts, and held in place by things holding other things in place, like a rack of tins in the store with the dividers.

Now, to get from point [a] to point [b], you need to bond with the next web of electrons outside your body and move through the air, or, atoms. this means, you will bleed off into the air, and take the rest of you with you - picture a dam letting out water?

To get to the other point, you need to 'go through' the air - you need to go through mass too, so, they are made of materials that are natural, and will 'bend' for you to move through. all you need to do is separate the bonds that hold them together, or become one with them, become one with the next grain of cement, ans so forth until you are out of the cement or whatever and into the next location.

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 01:02 PM
Of course, it is moving and getting through the objects that seem to be a problem?

If you were to make a hole in the thing you are moving through, by 'separating and resettling' the object, then you need only puncture the orbital shells. this can be done by using your own orbitals to separate temporarily and merge with the object and then reset them to your living form or anything you took with you.

To actually move, imagine a a web of energy drawing you nearer to the next point - like telekinesis. if you know more or less where you are going, or, you are into maths, you could imply that you want to move five meters forwards, or in a direction like north, and one inch upwards or against gravity. i suggest you go up as then you will not get stuck in the ground when you materialize.

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 01:11 PM
Maybe if we were to observe how the photons work, well, they can go through things? obviously, we would want to move with the photons, as, they are the ones that travel, i think? they accelerate and are made of negative energy, so will bond with the quarks of the structure, and, then go right through it. the problem is, you need to also!

I would suppose that in moving through things, the denser it is, the harder it is to move through. if we were to walk, what is happening? i suppose it could be that our muscles are displacing things that are smaller than us, but, if we were to observe that a mist is much bigger, then it comes down to density. if you were to want to move through water, you would find yourself impeded, of course.

Now, if we were to 'light' ourselves, we could make a globe around us, that, will be made of electrons that are excited and will move with the photons that we are in control of, through our eyes, to the next location, as it appears, like in a car. this web of photons carries information to take us from one point to the next in a way of globe around us, coarsing with electrical energy that will go right through things as we move.

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 02:13 PM
I have always wanted to, even in fantasies, make a huge cascade of fire come from the heavens and devour the trees and animals under it, like a nuke, if you will. this spell has always looked so beautiful in my eyes, and i hope to make it a reality!

So, we need to focus on an area up in the sky, and our subconscious will work out the 'logistics.' these parameters will be where the fire starts, of course. to create a 'fire storm' of this type, without t.n.t. or natural fuels, we need to use the oxygen and carbon in the air to ignite it and keep it going. of course, this could be done as if it were a lightning bolt that reaches the target, then cascades downwards. or, we could send out a vector from our finger tips to the area we want it to start at, and, then make it spiral down? i think the vector to spiral works for me!

If we were to observe that we can start a fire like that with magic, as we can do with the fireballs, then we can make the fire start, by exciting the electrons. the problem is power. it will wuss out like long before it reaches the ground, instead we want to make it get stronger and stronger with each revolution.

So, we need the fire to fall, and, guess what, fire always falls! this means we can drop spiral upon spiral onto the target and then destroy the stuff under it! that can be done by lighting them at intervals - the atoms - quick intervals. this means, we want to drop fire onto the next oxygen and carbon atoms ramming the fire downwards.

This fire could be started by anyone knowing of the lightning bolt spell. this spell i have covered twice, but, it is about exciting electrons with your own neural networks.

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 05:16 PM
There comes a time when some magic needs to be 'ended.' this would be when someone is trying to hurt you with magic, i would suppose, and, then you would want to stop it, yes?

To cancel a spell, you could mentally contact the person who cast the spell, and have it reversed. this can be done with a 'probe,' and extension of yourself to the other person's mind, and then reversing it yourself from their side.

Brett Nortje
10-18-2015, 05:44 PM
This will disorient your enemies as they will see a few of you 'out there' and they will all do what you do, like a hallucination of a lot of you. this will make it easier to at least escape from a mugger or something, or, if you are a police person, you might be able to scare off robbers.

So, if you want to make mirror images of yourself, you need to either focus on the person'e eyes or you need to create images of yourself, or, both!

First, let's see if we can affect their sight? if you were to lock eyes with them, the stream of photons 'reflecting' you into their eyes can be altered by gathering more atoms on the way in, or, more photons from around the area that they are traveling through or in, and smack the against the eyes of the opponent. this can be done by 'charging' the stream by emitting 'free electrons' that gather other things to them, and will leave a still forming impression on the person's iris.

Then, let's see if we can make illusions of ourselves? this can be done with a lot of energy, and making people 'see double' a lot. one way to do this is to make the targets pineal gland, as that is where our hallucinations come from. so, you want to tweak the nerves from a light source to so that the light going in is intense, not in power, but in copies of the message. so, you will want lots of light sources, so as to maximize the amount of incoming light into their eyes. this can be done by creating faerie lights, that will shine and disorient them, be it one person or a few, i am not sure, but the light sources will take care of them 'spying you.'

These light sources should come from your own energy, as, they will be emitted by your body. this will be where you appear to be 'made of light,' so at least one natural light source is required. instead of enchanting an item, you will be enchanting yourself, of course, so you need to excite the photons around your outline in places to get this done.

'Exciting your outline' can be done by emitting free electrons into the air around you, bonding with photons and stuff through their electrons, temporarily, or, every other half second.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 07:00 AM
All the elements, if the periodic table and science in general is to be believed, are reactive. if you were to 'call to it,' it might like you, depending on your personality. as far as i know, nature is attracted to things it wants to be, so, i get butterflies after i get aggressive as, they want to be able to defend themselves, and hornets want to be thought of as beautiful, so if a model was to get on a run way and strut their stuff, then go into the garden, they would attract hornets. this is something like reverse psychology, yes? i remember my uncle once telling me if you go right, you are actually going left as well.

Have you ever noticed how cats and dogs will always try to go through doors to their left? it seems that this is a constant in nature, as, we consider all good things to be to the left, or, it could also be the 'easy way.' surely you have heard about the "left hand path?" if you were to have a open door or window, if it is on the left of the 'building' facing from outside, then you will get more flies and things too. i have a sliding door that opens from my right to left, and that means it is easy for little bugs and lizards to come in on their left, of course.

So, if animals and bugs seem to always go left if they can, you should be calling elements to your 'right.' this means elements that are observing you out of interest will be attracted to you as you are on their left, making it easy for them to approach you.

There is a way to bond with elements, but i fear there is a limit to how much you may bond with any amount of elements. elements are advanced faeries, as, sub atomic particles are the most base of faeries, of course.

Now, if you are in a bad mood, water will be attracted to you, and if you are feeling bubbly then fire will be attracted to you. this is because all elements want to stabilize of course. check your mood before you call to them, and play music that they would like. they try to stabilize as a fire trying to stop burning, but often resulting it finding more fuel, in the woods for example. think of homeostasis for elements!

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 07:22 AM
So now we know how to charm the elements, and what they like. Now, how do we use them? first, let's see what aristotle made of them?

Air is often seen as a universal power or pure substance. Its fundamental importance to life can be seen in words such as aspire, inspire,perspire and spirit, all derived from the Latin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin) spirare.

Water is one of the elements (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element) in ancient Greek philosophy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Socratics), in the Asian Indian (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India) system Panchamahabhuta (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element#Classical_elements_in_Hinduism), and in the Chinese (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China) cosmological and physiological (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_Chinese_Medicine) system Wu Xing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing). In contemporary esoteric traditions (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esotericism), it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotion) and intuition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intuition_(knowledge)).

Due to the hero cults (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero_cult), and chthonic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chthonic)underworld deities (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Greek_mythological_figures#Chthonic_deitie s), the element of earth is also associated with the sensual aspects of both life and death in later occultism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occultism).

Fire is one of the four classical elements (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element) in ancient Greek philosophy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_philosophy) and science. It was commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion. In one Greek myth, Prometheus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus) stole fire from the gods to protect the otherwise helpless humans, but was punished for this charity.[1] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_(classical_element)#cite_note-F-1)

So, now we know what they do, yes?

If there is an obvious invocation of the elements that comes to mind, maybe you should call to them and ask them to do these things for you. it is a good idea to have them get something out of it too, so, make it emotional for them, like they have accomplished something, or exciting for them. if you were to ask water elementals to heal a cut on someone, then that sort of thing will come to them naturally, and they might be happy to help.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 07:29 AM
Now that we have the elements all flowing together, maybe we can invoke them?

If you want to make it rain, i suggest you dance and get excited, passionate, and otherwise lose it for the rain. if it is a drought, you might feel like doing that anyways!

If you want to heal someone, i suggest you also dance and get excited and passionate, letting all the love for the person be felt by the elements of water, yes?

Maybe you want to start a fire? i suggest you listen to trance music and focus your energy at the wood or fire lighters. maybe you could also try to meditate?

To clear the wind, i suggest you do as you did with water.

If you want to make the land more fertile, say you are a farmer, i suggest you do as you do with fire, yes?

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 07:52 AM
This i heard about in a campaign called dark sun. i don't really know what the original spell was about, but, i suppose this would 'conjure' a bit of wind and dust to disorient someone, maybe even harming them a bit?

So, to attract this sort of thing, you need to be 'submissive,' as, the winds are strong and come from low pressure systems. maybe you should be totally calm, and have a hand on the earth? this will channel your own spiritual energy to the earth, and that will create hot air, and then the dust will rise, if physics is to be believed.

Then, you need to sing a 'lullaby' to the earth. something like; "little devil, play with me, i need you now, may it be?"

Then, you should get some wind going. it would help if there already is wind, but let's say it is calm? you will need to blow onto the earth too, so as to simulate what you want to do. remember, energy just changes forms, so, you are changing potential energy into kinetic energy, of course.

Then, maybe with the right gestures, say three fingers held up from your hand, with the others folded in, as the earth is the third element, you could direct your little blinding dust devil to hamper people?

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 08:00 AM
Maybe if we were to focus on what we want to happen, meditating, as the wind is 'reckless,' clearing our mind of all our problems and concentrating on the 'devil' we want to cast.

As we know, all faeries make up magic - we need to excite the faerie to become this dust devil, of course. singing to them before hand will do it, or, singing to them in advance, a lullaby, as they are always very simple.

While we are trying to 'invoke the earth,' we could also draw a diagram in the sand with our fingers. this should be a triangle with a line through the middle of it, facing north, of course.

So, [1] focus, [2] sing, [3] imagine the effects, before, during and afterwards, [4] draw a diagram.

Channeling the energy to the earth will require some of your energy, or energy from around it. i think we have used enough sugar, let's try to channel and redirect energy?

Maybe we could observe that opposite charges and elements create effects? if we were to breathe in and out, onto the area, we could channel natural air into the earth? this could be done then doing those four things [1 - 4] and channeling?

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 08:50 AM
I have a feeling this spell will work better if we were to reach our arms upwards in a 'victory sign?' this will symbolize us reaching up for the elements to come together and release a lightning bolt.

Of course, we all know lightning is caused by ice in the clouds rubbing together? maybe we will need to rub our hands together, or, make the friction from our arms and hands cause this 'friction?'

So, we need to reach up and sing something? how about "powers of air me please hear, lance that with lighting like a spear." this should be the song the lightning wants to hear?

Then, we also need to be passionate, as lightning is cold and unfeeling, isn't it? it is oblivious to who it harms, be it trees or people. it is therefore neutral you could say, although it is 'negative energy.' it contains electrons, naturally making electricity, and these have a negative spin, destroying matter when they can. this means, of course, we need to 'entice' the lightning with suggestions of it being so grand and oblivious to it, that it defies the lighting and air element, as, these things we want to 'charge' like doctor frankenstein are made of earth elements.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 09:03 AM
Wouldn't it be great if we could make killer waves for surfers to ride? this should be quite difficult to do though. of course, we could also sink ships and stuff, but let's focus on the killer waves?

Maybe if we were to be in the water, we could channel energy from our minds and songs into the ocean? i have heard of a song for the sirens, and that reminds me of this. this is where mermaids sing songs to the ocean to bring them men to play with, i suppose? maybe we could also find a way to find our way to the nearest shore, or even avoid rocks and things in the ocean with our yachts?

If we were to be passionate, letting off excited energy, we could make big waves. it is strange that there are sometimes big waves and small waves on the same coast, yes? this is also due to natural phenomenon and we need to understand it.

These big waves come from a 'low pressure system' out at sea, where the wind is unhindered. this means, maybe, we need to reach up into the air and make a lot of noise, chanting; "bring the waves in from the ocean, make the surfers lust for the motion."

To make waves out at sea, we would need to be in the water, maybe just our feet, and then we would also need to call to the ocean that it is too mangy and submissive, challenging it to bring forth 'organized chaos?' the ocean must be enthralled by our energy.

Avoiding rocks could be done by dipping your feet in the ocean and singing; "rocks ahoy, out my way, let my ship into the bay."

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 09:07 AM
If we want to collect the waves at a point, we need to 'focus' on that area. we can even do this with a map, or, g.p.s. coordinates, sing excitedly, and so forth.

Common Sense
10-21-2015, 09:30 AM
Far out man.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 10:19 AM
Far out man.

You know what i am saying?

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 10:27 AM
This spell could be used to stop others from casting elemental spells, or to stop children from making a noise or even to make it nice and quite when you are sneaking up on some security guard for the underworld bank accounts.

This would be affected by the air, i suppose, as it is earth meeting air that makes a noise, usually. of course, if you were to observe that the sound travels by air, then you are onto a winner.

So, the 'air waves' carry sound. if you want to negate sounds in the area, you need to be calm and focused, maybe closing your eyes to meditate to avoid further diversions? then, you want to whisper; "air of this area around, please, i beg to make no sound. they say you are noisy, i think it not, maturity and manners have you a lot."

Now, you also need to channel to the air around you. thinking of a spinning disk might help? it might shred sounds into non collected wave shreds, and then they can make no sounds.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 10:46 AM
This could result in people being [1] attacked by their shadows, or, being forced to be [2] held still by the power of their shadows. let us first try to make the shadows 'scare' them?

[1] To make the shadows scare them, or, focus on their eyes and make them see them, we need to observe it is the light and therefore the air that is invoked, yes? to bring the shadows to bear in the eyes of the person or animal, you would need to glance at the shadows you want to use, and then bring them in front of the creature. this would set the shadow up for harming the person with negative energy. it could be that the shadow and air will charge the photons with negative energy, and then focus this energy into the person's physical form. this can be done by singing; "shadow around this thing must hate, getting free of this creature to wait."

[2] To hold someone still with their shadow, we would simply outline them with the photons and create a 'mass' or energy around their outline where the photons shine past. this will make them stop due to the pull from their shadow. this will be negative electron bonding, of course, and will see the shadow suck them to the floor maybe?

[1;a] To get the negative energy to attack them, you sing that song, and then you stare at the shadow. you also need to hold your hands up into the air, in a 'victory sign' so as to symbolize reaching for the air or sky, and then imagine atoms coming together as if a knife stabbing them in the back or front, depending on where the shadow is.

[2;b] To do this, you need to breathe in with your hands in the air, to symbolize the sucking force from the shadow.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 11:06 AM
I have for a long time now been bothered by people talking in the telepathic channels, and probably my greatest immediate wish is to stop them from talking in telepathy.

So, once again, this is an 'air spell.' you will need to be calm and focus, and try to steal the breathe from their throat, removing from the the powers of speech - not real speech, but telepathic exertions or utterances.

This could be done by imagining the air from their lungs forced out into their bodies. this will stop the air escaping from their mouths, maybe also venting through their noses, yes?

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 11:32 AM
This would be lovely and cheaper and more freely available than my traditional medicine, yes?

I figure we could start by healing gashes? this can be done by using the fuels of the patients body to quickly heal the 'gash.' in turn, that can be done by passionately singing that the body must speed up it's restoration process, namely by singing; "hurry up stasis field, your body will bleed off unless healed."

To remove paralysis, we could observe that this is due to lack of communication between the parts of the body - the nerves and spinal chords. if we were to try to jump start them - think of a car? - they may carry on as if normal. the song to sing here is; "Revive the spine, walk and run, no longer be as if stunned."

To regrow lost limbs and bones, we could easily take them to the hospital, but that will be costly and take time, although i am not sure how much time this will take? to think of the bones growing fro new born status we would sing; "come back genes, rejuvenate, cells and organs please to propagate."

Deafness and blindness will also be a problem. if we were to observe it is just like a spinal chord injury, where cells have stopped working, we could 'rejuvenate' the dead cells by bringing in 'gene therapy.' this could mean that we need to sing; "genes carry the master plan, remunerate now and wash over all you can."

In all instances, the person should be submerged in a body of water.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 11:49 AM
This spell i found on the s.r.d. on the net, and thought, yeah, maybe some kids can master this?

Basically, once more, it is air you are using along with earth. that is because, the person is made of flesh, and, the object is made of materials. this means, we have a similar approach as a oudja board, which uses air trapped inside the glass, forming faeries, to conflict with the materials of the glass, which is earth - another faerie if you will?

So, we need to imagine the object, as, it is a faerie with a name too. say it is "dave's spoon?" then we would have to call out to dave's spoon and then look for a signal, obviously, getting stronger the more towards it we travel, yes? this spell could be helped by a song that goes like; "Thing out there tell me where you are, i will play with you no matter how far."

Then, to find a missing person,we could call to the person's name they will answer to - something you and them agree on. this will make the person become for all intensive purposes, a moving object. this song should go; "hide and seek, i like it much, finding you will vring joy as such."

For either of these spells, we need to observe that there are sound waves that travel one way, and obviously, like when we pray, will return to us. this means, of course, that the path must be clear for the waves to return, so, if they are in a safe, it might be dampened a little if they are housed in some sort of thickly covered environment.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 12:23 PM
This will hopefully change us into a lesser being 'genetically'. i say genetically, because they are in our genes, of course, as we evolved from them. so, it would be easy to change into a gorilla or jaguar, maybe even a canine, but definitely mammals. of course the ultimate goal is to change into a bird or something, but hell, maybe we are not encoded for that?

I have a feeling that you can change into an animal easier if you have a tattoo of one on your body, or, have one as a pet. pet snakes? maybe! pet birds, same chance, as both are reptiles, of course.

Now, to change into your animal 'theme,' you need the faeries to collect inside and around you. they will make you change your coding quicker than a machine, as this is 'raw science.' doing this with essence is hopeless, as, the essence required for you to force a change requires too much manna - it doesn't matter how many faeries you consume!

So, you get out pictures of the animal, or it as a familiar, or something, then you need to observe it for a while. this is familiarity, and, the faeries inside you will 'accustom' to them. this is similar to a pet dog getting the scent from you, and always smelling new things you have been exposed to, and, endearing them too!

If you want to change into a bird, i suggest the following song; "a bird is what i want to be, flying around so happy and free."

If you want to change into a dolphin, i suggest; "swim like a fish, all in the sea, waves and current please carry me."

If you want to change into a tiger, you should sing; "like my cat i will reform, whiskers, claws and grace the norm."

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 12:33 PM
This is best done inside your house, i suppose, as then you will not have christians beating you up!

To make the faerie lights, like the ones at christmas around houses, supposedly being faeries or gnomes or something, we need to call to them, and show them where to go.

I suppose we could sing; "faeries light the way for me, i will sit and wait and see."

I usually get green, blue and red faeries, and know the green ones are less than pure, but they don't harm me at least.

Then, you need to think of them as you close your eyes, as they might be shy. close your eyes, sing that song, and light a candle, can't go wrong.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 12:39 PM
More to sing, could be; "faeries show me what's out there, it is dark in that air."

We need to focus on photons that have been 'locked away' due to radiation. everything that is made of matter has some radiation on it, so we need to excite this and get the faeries to 'come out.'

Maybe, and this is my third try at the song; "photons come and light the way, i want to see as if was day."

Then, we need to look around, maybe at the moon? this will bring light being shone onto the moon our way. it is best to do this outside with the moon, or inside with a candle or fire place with lit fire.

Of course, if we were to rub our hands together, we would create friction. maybe we would need to put our hands up in that familiar v shape?

Common Sense
10-21-2015, 02:49 PM
You know what i am saying?

Sorry, I don't.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 04:36 PM
Sorry, I don't.

Would you like to know? do you have any questions?

10-21-2015, 08:00 PM
I'm a bit stuck on posts 1 to 25.
'If you want to change into a bird, i suggest the following song; "a bird is what i want to be, flying around so happy and free.'
Yes, I'm going to give that a go. I'll let you know how I get on. :wink:

10-21-2015, 08:16 PM
He is describing spells. He is not giving us the formula for them. Perhaps that is out of a sense of duty to not allow the uninitiated to fumble around with powers they don't understand.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 08:36 PM
He is describing spells. He is not giving us the formula for them. Perhaps that is out of a sense of duty to not allow the uninitiated to fumble around with powers they don't understand.

Actually, mr 1469, i have already covered the activation of the elements within and around us on another forum while i was gone. i may not tell you where though, but my name there was the same.

People say they feel sick when they read it to themselves, and, some even see things - verified. if you were to read that first, your subconscious would know how to affect the pre motor cortex to begin the emotions that the faeries feel - like a mood ring, yes? that is where the inanimate things will be affected and react with the world without 'accelerating mass.' only waves.

Brett Nortje
10-21-2015, 08:45 PM
I believe that our universe is conscious, and, that even the things without a nervous system have a conscious.

What is conscious? if a jelly fish can react to the world around it without a brain, then a brain is not needed to react, yes? think of a muscle in your knee - if you were to hit it, there is a signal, based on things like cells and organs, that make it move. an asteroid traveling through space is reacting, and moving, independent of a consciousness to ever have moved it.

But, you might say that these things a re merely reactions? what are we doing but reacting to the chemicals in our brains? what are we doing but having our stomach's mechanisms reacting to 'a lack of fuel to burn.'

So, i have concluded in my wandering mind, that everything is conscious as an animal, and every 'faerie' reacts. what is a faerie? a faerie is everything divided and included and forms an 'object.' i mean, everything is conscious because it reacts, and, everything reacts.

I actually came to think about this because i was playing with candles and i saw faeries in my room. i concluded that these 'lights' were faeries created by the flame, and, that they were primitively conscious in a weak willed way. so, if faeries can be so plentiful and inhibit our world, then there must be other faeries, and, this led to me to ask what a faerie was, of course.

A faerie is anything from a sub atomic particle, like a electron - which reacts - to a star which also reacts. the fact that everything reacts, well, i first put it down to 'communication,' and like you tried to get this thought out of my mind. i mean, what sort of message would deliver the effect of our skin burning? this was surely not the answer, i thought to myself.

But, then, i thought of it as relays. when a flame burns a piece of wood, it is transmitting energy from one point to another - negative energy. if it was that there are quarks which as like dead mass and only balance the negative things in the atoms, then there would be a lack of communication between the two so as to start a fire. one there is enough energy behind the 'message' then the fire starts or spreads to the next piece of wood, yes? this means it is like communication. it is like our nerves telling our eyes it is sore looking at the sun, and the immediate relay is to close your eyes, of course.

Now, i believe that the whole universe is alive, as it is not dead, because it reacts. there is very little special between us and a mountain, except that we have more faeries, in the forms of cells and organs, and each set of these organs connects into a new faerie.

So, at the moment we are trying to find how to manipulate the elements, and also finding common ground between them to draw constants on, or, likenesses with.

But first, i will share the 'power of song.' the sound waves that travel from our mouths is actually a disturbance in the atomic fields around us. if we were to observe that 'sound' is like 'mass' in that it has energy and can travel, then we can begin commanding the elements with our mouths by making the right noises, of course. this is why people in church sing - it is because they want this to travel to their gods and affect their emotions, of course. that is why there is a book of songs in the bible, as, the pagans that put the bible together believed that this was important for the new faith in Isreal, for example.

If we want to affect the elements with our voices, think of blowing onto a pond or into a cup - you can see the ripples. think of screaming at a candle, you will see the effect on it. of course this means that there will be some gases involved in this, so, we might have to analyze witch gaseous elements we will need to alter to affect our powers more potently.

One i know that affects things is carbon dioxide, which is the main the we breathe out.

http://www.politicalforum.com/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by http://www.smh.com.au/news/big-questions/we-breath-in-oxygen-and-breath-out-carbon-dioxide-where-does-thecarbon-come-from/2008/06/06/1212259085199.ht
The carbon dioxide breathed out is a by-product of the process of cell respiration, as is water. In this process, energy is produced in the mitochondria of cells. This energy is our physical "life force". Both oxygen and glucose are required for this. Glucose contains carbon. That's where the carbon in carbon dioxide comes from. Glucose plus oxygen produces carbon dioxide, water and energy. When this process stops, the cell dies.

To summarize so far, many believe in the power of singing, and, when we sing we are just breathing out carbon dioxide, so, it is carbon dioxide that is important to spell like powers.

So, if we were to observe that carbon dioxide is the main thing in the 'song,' we would find that it is waves of this that enhance spells. we want to also observe that plants are the main thing balancing us out with the gases, of course. bless the powers of nature!

How do we alter our carbon dioxide songs or speech to make spells? well, atoms are always made out of energy that is part kinetic and part potential, yes? with this in mind, we should try to summon faeries of the element, or, activate them or make them react by using the 'right sounds.' this could lead to a lot of different densities in the waves coming from our mouths, and, then we would see the different reactions in the air around us. of course, as it is normally, the atoms just push and bond to form 'songs,' but, if we were to energize them to be a song dedicated to the element doing something, well, elements just react! they do not really have the option of free will, so, will react to our voices as best we can dominate them to do, yes?

First of all, before we try to play with the elements like we can with bees or birds, we need to see which ones like us, yes? this means, of course, we need to feel our way around it, like reaching out and listening to the elements.

A good way to do this is to have a wind chime for air, a beach with crashing waves for water, maybe touching wood for the earth or merely scraping your hands along a wooden surface, and listening to a fire crackle for the fire. of course you could find other logical ways to tune into the elements around you, but, as your attitudes and opinions shift, so will the elements towards you.

http://www.politicalforum.com/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by http://richardjoldale.com/2015/04/07/what-do-the-four-elements-represent-in-your-character-and-emotions/
earth represents animal instincts/grounding/foundation water represents emotion/intuition air represents intellect/mental intention/connection to life force
fire represents willpower/inner strength/transformation through action

SO, there are what you will feel if you are tapped into that element. look at your peers and tell them what they are like - how much they remind you of that quote, or decide for yourself, of course. remember, most faeries only respect strength or beauty in some way or another.

So, you are tapped into the elements, just think of the one you want to 'feel from,' and if you feel your mood changing, you will probably find it easier to be more like that other element.

Now that we can feel how the elements feel about us, we can find our own path to walk. if you like water, go to the beach to surf or swimming pool, if you like fire, have a barbecue, if you like earth work with wood or garden, and if you like air sit in the wind or something. these are ways to bond with the elements.

Of course, there are ways to check if you are really right about the elements. if you were to smoke and feel heavy chested, then the air is strangling you. if you were to touch wood and feel weak or irritated, then the earth is against you. if you burn yourself often, then the fire is attacking you, and, if you hate being we the water doesn't like you at that time. this is of course common sense, i am just telling you that it is not your imagination, yes?

I am also aware that the first four elements on the elemental table are hydrogen - air, helium - water, lithium - earth and baryon for fire. well, that is the way i think it works. each of these elements has a different number of electrons, which are the bonding force for the universe as electrons do, and then they relay energy, as they have negative spin. this means, they create activity as far as i see it. being around these elements a lot is good for you, or, having items around to attract others of the like to the spell might be important, like when witches have herbs around, yes?

As always there are opposition elements to the one we want to 'command.' of course, if we were to observe that a 'charge' is either negative or positive, and that it is either one or the other, we must now see it as four charges to choose from using. you cannot be both water and fire, and you may not be both air and earth, as, these are polarized, of course.

To choose your element, you need to light a candle and talk to it. if you see signs, it has 'bonded' with you, or there is 'activity' between you and it. if you see nothing, or hear nothing, then you must try another element.

As far as i can tell, you will get one major element and two minor elements to have access to, maybe that they just get along, you could say. fire burns earth and uses air, water combines with air to form rain and earth to form mud, for example.

To strengthen your bond with the element, you should practice a irregular use of it. drinking lots of beer or eating lots of fruit, doing lots of breathing exercises like yoga or smoking a lot would see you being around it more than usual, and, the universe is full of usuals. of course, it may be good for me to show you that there is maths in the universe, as, there are clumps of matter. for example, there are big stones and small stones, and, they will have a certain number of electrons, among other things, to measure them by. of course you do know that holding one broom is not as good as holding two brooms, and, numerology also plays a role - maybe you should read up on that, actually, let's do it together?

In the beginning the universe was compressed. then, suddenly something happened instead of nothing - if nothing happened we would not be here. how long it was that there was nothing was instantaneous, as, the universe just came to be, where before there was nothing. there was no wait, it merely started, yes?

Then, there was an explosion. this is like a star exploding. when a star explodes, it sends bits of matter elsewhere, like shooting out of it all over the place. then, the stuff collects into planets and asteroids, while some of the other stuff shoots off to become meteors - they just keep moving from the explosion of the star.

The planets are kept in place by electromagnetism, which is like gravity. this sees mass attracting other mass, of course. like we are attracted to the ground - gravity! now, each element comes from the suns, water, air, earth and fire all come from heat / activity.

To figure out how your element works, you need to understand how it began or came to be first. if you were to observe water - like what the heck? how can this come from fire? well, it comes from gases that are out of the star becoming more like earth or matter, as it is matter yet not earth, and then it condenses into water. without heat, there would be nothing, as space is very cold.

So all things and elements come from the suns.

Your element will work the way you understand it. if you understand how it rains, say you read this on a wiki page or something, then with enough effort you can make it rain! you just got to have a commitment to the element or one like it, and then you can effect changes. say you want to make it rain, you would have to know the mechanism for making it rain, and, hope they like you, if it is your element. of course, you could be barking up the wrong tree if water and air is not your element, or, if you have not committed to it.

10-21-2015, 08:56 PM
He is describing spells. He is not giving us the formula for them. Perhaps that is out of a sense of duty to not allow the uninitiated to fumble around with powers they don't understand.

Well, I’m going to try it anyway and you’re going to be really jealous when I fly to Canada and prove it. :laugh:


10-21-2015, 08:58 PM
Well, I’m going to try it anyway and you’re going to be really jealous when I fly to Canada and prove it. :laugh:


That pic was in the Borderlands in Scotland. Not Canada.

Brett Nortje
10-22-2015, 02:23 PM
This is a common spell to all who hear it. everyone knows what a fireball is, yes? so, let's see if we can make a fireball or two using not our own energy, but the energy around us?

This spell will deal with air 'temperatures' and 'ignition.' you want to use photons to take the temperature to the target along with the fire itself. this will be where the fire starts near or between you and the target through 'spontaneous combustion.' then, it will travel to the target with the wind pushing it there. this means we need to tap fire and air to get this spell working.

First off you need to sing or whisper; "flames and air, i call to you, roll in flames like a screw."

Remember to focus and stay calm for this spell to work, so, you should clear your thoughts of all hyper energies and hate or excitement. i suggest you breathe out when you are saying the command words. then, you also need to point your hands towards the east, as that is where the sun rises - the focal point of our or any solar system.

So, you have your 'song,' focal points and right mood to be in. then you also need to imagine two flints being struck together. this will show where the real fire comes from, as the imagination is part of a lucid dream or hallucination, of course.

10-23-2015, 12:46 PM
I've met a few people that truely believe in magic spells and such. All nuttier than a fruitcake and incapable of performing magic. Probably because magic isn't real.

10-23-2015, 01:00 PM
I've met a few people that truely believe in magic spells and such. All nuttier than a fruitcake and incapable of performing magic. Probably because magic isn't real.

I imagine people who practice in magic like it when they hear it isn't real.

Common Sense
10-23-2015, 01:03 PM
If someone could make a fire ball, I'd like to see it. But for now I'll assume none of it is real.

10-26-2015, 06:25 PM
I imagine people who practice in magic like it when they hear it isn't real.

I imagine it doesn't matter what crazy people hear.

Because they're crazy... and can't perform magic .... because it's not real.