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11-02-2015, 08:46 AM
The moderation team has gotten some complaints from members that their privacy/identity isn't protected. We decided that we would give tips on protecting your identity and on how to keep your profile private from people you do not want seeing things, such as your profile picture or any albums you may have.

General Tips:

General tips to protect your identity:

Never give out personal information, such as posting your name, phone number, email address, home address, social networking page(s), or any geographical information that gives away your exact location (example, where you work, which high school you attended, so forth)
Make sure when you post pictures, either in the open or as your profile pic, that you rename the picture to something that can't be tied back to you, (example, change from "Adelaide Smith 01-01-15 Toronto" to "profile pic 1")
Regardless of whether you trust someone, be careful what you share in private messages - this is the internet and we are all largely unknown to each other
If you use a photo hosting service like photobucket, be sure when posting images from there that people can't then check the image and get into your albums on the hosting service; take advantage of the hosting service's ability to create private/password only albums and when posting images on the main forum I highly suggest using the attachment option rather than linking from an external hosting service.
If anyone approaches you claiming to have personal information please contact the moderation team

Here is how to post an image using our attachment option:


In terms of avatars, I would highly suggest never using an image of yourself but that's your choice. If you do choose to use an image of yourself please make sure the image has an ambiguous name and not anything that can be Google and/or linked back to you personally.

Profile Privacy Settings:

Here is how you can change your profile privacy settings:




The settings featured are mine - I suggest that everyone follow a similar settings format. Only allow people on your friends list to be able to look at your profile picture, private information that you've chosen to share, or any photo albums you have posted. If you have friends you don't necessarily trust then change settings to only show for you, or unfriend people you don't trust.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact myself or another moderator.