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11-13-2015, 03:29 PM
‘Avowed racist’ H.P. Lovecraft no longer representing World Fantasy Award The World Fantasy award trophy will no longer be represented by the face of H.P. Lovecraft after a campaign last year that called the author out as an “avowed racist” with “hideous opinions”. The change was revealed at.... http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com//arts/avowed-racist-h-p-lovecraft-no-longer-representing-world-fantasy-award

Here's an additional link that has all the gory details:


So does my collection of Lovecraft firsts go up or down in value?

Standing Wolf
11-13-2015, 04:15 PM
I have read a couple of Lovecraft bios - the extensive one by L. Sprague de Camp, in particular, pulls no punches with regard to the racism in the man's character. It's no excuse, of course, but Lovecraft was just a very strange individual generally. He was also extraordinarily anti-Semitic, but married a Jewish woman. The scenes in his stories where vast hordes of horrible, deformed, animalistic sub-humans shamble about speaking guttural words - that's literally how he saw the residents of any large American city.

A few years ago, I came across an interesting opinion piece by a WFA winner, whom if I recall correctly was African, and who had no idea about Lovecraft's racial views until a friend called him up one night and told him. The upshot was that he ended up just turning his statuette to face the wall.