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Brett Nortje
01-13-2016, 01:47 AM
I am aware that the star wars universe has the whole lot of kids entranced to it, and, i was thinking that i could easily put out a few spells for them.

We have already covered jumping like a jedi;

Augmenting your body for effects.
We are all made of faeries, and, i was thinking if we were to divide them up into 'specialists,' they could grant us new powers. if we were to like take our right leg, or calf, and rub it - to stimulate it and activate the reactions to make it 'conscious' - we would need to make sure it - all the faeries therein - are part of us, and, if it helps us, it helps itself, yes? obviously!

So, if we were to find the right amount of faeries in a section of our bodies, we could dedicate them to certain things. maybe if we dedicated both legs to jumping, we could jump like a jedi, or run really fast, or, find ourselves steady on our feet. you should be careful though, as, the faeries might refuse to change, or, it might have been a part of you all along?

This system of 'magic' is based on shadow run 's, as i understand it. you commit your essence, which is part of your whole biology, to certain abilities, and they become like innate abilities or special ones.

So, the real question is how? how do we make certain parts of our body specialize in certain 'things?' let's take our example as jumping like a jedi? this would be where the person would want to exert a lot of 'force' out of their legs, maybe even clearing a truck? this would be down to the legs exerting 'electromagnetism' of some sort to make them leap that high. maybe they could just heat the air underneath them to get high. i am sure it would be one of the two if you really want to, and it might just take up your feet. maybe you need to rub your feet, or earth, and talk to your feet - gods can talk to you, so why can't you speak to your feet?

Getting down is the problem, i suppose heating the air for a gentle descent is in order, so maybe it would be good to eat a lot of fuels all the time, as, you might burn yourself out, or, if you have committed your feet to this sort of thing, it might be that the faeries use their own energy somehow to make the 'jump and fall' safe.

Training your faeries might take time. if you were to use a candle, you could wish for this ability, but i am not sure how many wishes it would take, but i do know you would have to lose your guardian angel, by wishing to play the game, of course. this means it is harder to get to heaven, unfortunately nearly impossible.

So, you can see this would be like the game shadow run, where you dedicate a certain area of your body to a certain power to memorize it?

Brett Nortje
01-13-2016, 01:55 AM
This will be where you can move things with your hands, without touching them! if you were to observe that the thing might be small, and, in the beginning it needs to be small, then you will see that it is still not easy to lift things with 'jedi powers.'

First, you need to observe that you will be manipulating the atoms around the object. this can be done by rubbing your hands - this stimulates the faeries to become conscious - and then you need to 'talk' to your hands. you need to tell them that they will be lifting a pencil, yes? they need to know you want them to get around the pencil, and try to move it, slightly at first,t hen a lot later.

The technical side of this is that to make it go up, you need to, by pushing your hand at the pencil, or holding it out, you need to 'send' a 'signal of force' towards it. this will need to be complimented with a 'atomic surge,' where you move the pencil into the upper atoms, not moving it through the atoms, but into the atoms - this would look like a lot of coffee diluting in water, yes? or, think of yourself in a pool, if you were to imagine yourself moving into the water, instead of pushing water out the way, maybe then you will see?

Brett Nortje
03-20-2016, 11:29 AM
This would be where you like run a race or lift desks, and need more energy quickly. i suppose it would be like a lot of energy coming from your muscles, as, if you know anything about muscles, you will realize that when you use them, they get stiff, yes? this is because the energy in them has been used and that the muscles are getting stiff due to stress. stress is stored energy. energy never disappears, it merely changes forms. so, when you use your muscles to do things, it stores stress in your arms and legs because of 'energy transfers.'

So, now you want to make it so that this stored energy can be used again? this can be done with a spell, of course, or, as some people call it here, a jedi power. this power would be where you relax your arms by doing more work, or relax your headache by exercising. but exercise is what got you into this mess in the first place! that is just a lot of stored energy. remember when you feel your dad's shoulders after work, they feel stiff and hard - a little bit of exercise will do wonders for his stress.

To make this power work, you need to observe that your head is the last place to get stressed. this means it comes up from your body to your brain. this means you need to overpower the stress in your brain by making it go down to your feet and hands. this can be done by using your brain to release chemicals to relax your muscles, but, this will just stress some other place out. so you need to push your stress out, or, as a matter of fact, drag your energy out of your body with your hands and feet. this can be done by correctly breathing while you are doing it, remember how you are supposed to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth when you run?

Now, you need to breathe correctly and picture your stress going from your brain to your hands and feet, whatever you need to use. this can be done by picturing your bones - which is where your nervous system is - and 'pushing with your lungs' while you recover slowly. this will be where you get like a second wind;

When non-aerobic glycogen metabolism is insufficient to meet energy demands, physiologic mechanisms utilize alternative sources of energy such as fatty acids and proteins via aerobic respiration. Second-wind phenomena in metabolic disorders such as McArdle's disease (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McArdle%27s_disease) are attributed to this metabolic switch and the same or a similar phenomenon may occur in healthy individuals (see symptoms of McArdle's disease (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycogen_storage_disease_type_V#Signs_and_symptoms )).

So, to get this 'second wind' would be very relaxing and make for more energy, yes?