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09-29-2011, 08:24 AM
McGinniss, a Massachusetts native who currently lives outside Amherst, began reporting his story during the 2008 election and made news when he moved to Alaska in 2010 and became one of Palinís Wasilla neighbors in order to burrow in. After detailing his decision to get closer to his subject (indeed he is not a narrator who resides in the background), McGinniss begins retracing Palinís life from childhood to her youth at Wasilla High School to her tenure as hometown mayor and later governor and finally into the present, all the while serving up juicy hearsay about Palinís personal life (cocaine use, extramarital affairs, screaming matches with husband Todd, neglectful parenting, and more).

As McGinniss dishes the dirt heís vacuumed from numerous anonymous sources, the book begins to feel like a catalog of rumor, innuendo, and unsubstantiated assertion. The focus blurs as we wallow in a sometimes annoying chorus of gossip rather than an ordered examination of substantiated reporting that might better illuminate Palinís character. Do we really need to know, for example, that Palin hates housework or prefers chocolate to vegetables, or that sheíd rather read People magazine than some wonkish report on taxation? This pretty much makes her like the rest of us, one of the primary (if embarrassing) reasons for her popularity.

http://www.boston.com/news/politics/articles/2011/09/23/joe_mcginniss_presents_a_biased_portrait_of_sarah_ palin/?camp=obnetwork

I forgot about this guy. Remember how Todd Palin built that giant fence to keep him from being able to see them? :-\ Neighbors like that would suck. Doesn't seem like the book is very good nor is going to get much in the way of sales. Too bad for the author Palin isn't running.