View Full Version : This is important : Everything the Democrats said about the election was BS

11-11-2016, 01:19 AM
Mitt 'kiss-up' Romney won approx. 30% of the Hispanic vote

Donald 'build a wall' Trump won... approx. 30% of the Hispanic vote


I heard on the radio today (Mark Levin)

Mitt 'PC' Romney won 49% of women voters

Donald 'butt grabber' Trump won 45% of women voters

This is no 'women vote Democrat' movement


There was a similar numbers for people with degrees

(I don't remember the numbers)


Hillary failed to get the amount of black votes Obama did


The media ran national polls showing Hillary ahead.

left-wing L.A Times and USC polls showed Trump ahead, but were buried by the media.


Some time before 6pm eastern time, election day, the Hillary campaign cancelled their fireworks display, before most people voted.

(Why even cancel early? because the Democrats speak with forked tongue. They were telling people they would win, but cancelled their fireworks display like.. 'go home idiots, it's over')

Hillary never showed up at her party, they said she would give a speech the next day, due to the close races, and told everyone to go home.

But within an hour, the internet news announced Trump the winner.

(I don't think Hillary ever intended to go to her victory party)

11-11-2016, 05:39 AM
Gobitty gook and all after the fact stuff. She certainly would have went to her victory party. She LOST she was upset and she couldnt face the nation until she got her composure together, so she did it the next day. No foul there man.