View Full Version : Could our system produce coeeruption free candidates at the federal level?

07-02-2017, 03:30 PM
Especially the white house but also top senate races. What are the odds that our political process could truly produce corruption free candidates?

07-02-2017, 06:40 PM
If it did it would be by luck, our system is designed for only the rich or those that the rich get behind. A regular honest person has no chance at all.

Its also a good bet if an honest one did get in they would be corrupted by the time they left, its just too easy

07-02-2017, 10:20 PM
I'm sure most here will say I'm naive but I believe in the fundamental goodness of most people. IMO the biggest detriment toward your query is the money that is involved. That is a barrier to high for most and why IMO we should have 100% public financing of elections.

07-03-2017, 01:09 PM
I said it before and I will say it again.
The politicians in office are NOT the candidates we voted for. They are supposed to represent us but they only represent the haves never the have nots.
There is a network of lobbyists working tirelessly at the behest of thier overlords.
The American people have never been less represented.