What’s up with Catch Phrases?

We all, most of us anyway, love our catch phrases. They can liven up an otherwise dull conversation. They can elicit forgotten memories. They can bring a smile or even a laugh.

The best become wildly popular and in some cases can even help to unify groups of like-minded people. Often politically-motivated groups will use one as part of their “brand”.

But where do they come from? They just don’t randomly appear by happenstance. It’s kind of stupid to think that they just pop up. The very little-known fact is that 85% of them are generated by a single source: Darryl Zince of Running Falls, Illinois. 88 year-old Mr. Zince and his wife, Marie, live a quiet, unassuming life and few people know who he is or what he does. He has supplied catch-phrases to television, motion pictures and even to wealthy individuals.

Surprisingly, he has been at it since the end of WWII when television became popular. He’s enjoyed great success through the decades and had made a small fortune along the way. Mr. Zince is independently contracted by a myriad of television and movie studios using a very unique and mutually agreeable payment schedule.

Here are just of few examples of his most popular work throughout the years.

Yada, yada, yada

May the Force be with you

Beam me up, Scotty


The devil made me do it!


Sorry, Charlie

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis

What a revoltin’ development this is!

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse…

Well, isn’t that SPE-CIAL?!


Yeah! That’s the ticket!

Of course, there’s more. Lots more. But by no stretch are all of Mr. Zince’s creations purchased. Let’s look at a few just as some examples:

My, but that’s a funny hat.

It’s been eliminated.

Let’s go for a stroll.

If it’s soap you want, it’s soap you’ll get.

That’s some nasty cough, huh?

Sloppy? You bet!

You must be the ref.

Well tickle me sideways


A wax museum is fun too.

Mr. Zince has been preparing his youngest child, Renee, to carry on his work and hopes that she gets the same opportunities that he had as a young man. She won’t however, be pushed to generate and produce immediately upon his passing. He’s accumulated a wealth of phrases that have yet to see the light of day.

“Renee’s been trying to talk me into putting all of my work on the computer, but i don’t trust them. What if it gets a germ, or a cold, or virus or whatever… What if it crashes and breaks. Nope. I have them all written on pieces of paper, stashed away so’s they’re safe… KnoWhutImean?”

Renee has been working along with her father for the last 15 years and feels confident that she’ll be ready to take his place when the time comes. Although it’s quite a small niche, there is still some competition, but Zince just laughs and says that competition is for sissies. Renee isn’t sure, she says, but thinks that might be one of his yet-to-be-used phrases. It’s one reason why she says she ready to go. “I just know that I’ll be finding them on little slips of paper all over the house. They’ll be everywhere. In fact, I hate to even mention it, but he did a lot of work while on the throne.”

Her only concern is successfully transitioning some of his work to Social Media in particular and the 21st century in general. “Dad doesn’t really have a good grasp of this current century… Like, one of his favorite creations is one he dreamed up just last year: ‘Is that a tweet in your facebook, or are you just happy to instagram me?’ Not one of his contractors has picked it up and he’s just a little depressed about that.”

Well, excuuuusssseeee meeeeeeee!

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