Outlaw Abortions

Many people advocate for the criminalisation of abortion, some going so far as to want it illegal even in cases of rape/incest, or health risks to the mother. Poland has those restrictions in place and rather than the abortion rate falling, it is “flourishing” in the private sector, by private physicians, who are more than happy to perform them for more money. There is so accountability when it comes to cost or quality of care. Or, these women elect to go abroad to a country which does permit abortion. Summary: criminalising abortion does not stop abortion. It does not stop women from finding people willing to perform them. It’s not the most effective route to stopping abortion.

From Science Daily, “Clandestine abortions generate up to $95 million a year for Polish doctors as women use illegal private sector”:

“A new analysis published by the UK journal Reproductive Health Matters shows that the criminalisation of abortion in Poland has led to the development of a vast illegal private sector with no controls on price, quality of care or accountability. Since abortion became illegal in the late 1980s the number of abortions carried out in hospitals has fallen by 99%. The private trade in abortions is, however, flourishing, with abortion providers advertising openly in newspapers.

Women have been the biggest losers during this push of abortion provision into the clandestine private sector. The least privileged have been hardest hit: in 2009 the cost of a surgical abortion in Poland was greater than the average monthly income of a Polish citizen. Low-income groups are less able to protest against discrimination due to lack of political influence. Better-off women can pay for abortions generating millions in unregistered, tax-free income for doctors. Some women seek safe, legal abortions abroad in countries such as the UK and Germany.”

Now let’s look to Peru where similar restrictions are in place and are also ineffective according to a fairly comprehensive study.

“Peru Study Shows Restrictive Law Fails to Limit Number of Abortions”:

“Despite abortion being severely legally restricted – and potentially unsafe – in Peru, the incidence of abortion is as high as or higher than the incidence in many countries where it is legal and safe, found researchers from Peru, the United Kingdom and the United States in an article published in CMAJ.

Clandestine induced abortion is a significant public health issue in many countries where access to abortion is severely legally restricted. Abortions are often available only in cases of rape or incest or when a pregnancy threatens the health or life of the woman, causing many women to pursue clandestine abortions, which are often unsafe. Forty percent of women live in countries where abortions are legally restricted.

As comprehensive official statistics are lacking, this study provides valuable public health data.

The researchers conducted a population-based survey of almost 8000 women aged 18-29 years in 20 Peruvian cities. They found that 11.6% of women reported having abortions and 7.5% of sexually experienced 18-year-olds – the youngest age surveyed – reported having had abortions.”

More than 10% of Peru’s female population, according to the study, have had abortions even though there are strict laws in place. Simply put, laws don’t work. Government intervention and prohibition don’t work. As soon as abortion is criminalised, black market abortions become available. It’s not much different than what you see happening with the continued illegal status of street drugs. There’s always going to be a market for abortion and when government butts their head into something they should not be concerned with, other alternatives become readily available – but with a twist. There is no stopping people under the legal age or the necessity of parental consent. There is no accountability for the quality care or even proof of a physician’s license. The cost is no longer controlled. Criminalising abortion is basically offering the public a chance for free-for-all abortions that will be available and likely lead to infections, death, permanent damage, and so forth. Statistics show those dangers aren’t enough to stop a woman from accessing illegal abortion.

3 thoughts on “Outlaw Abortions

  1. Is it so necessary to kill the dangerous unborn, to snatch them out of the womb before they are born because they are what? carrying concealed? jihadii? Christian perhaps?

    There are some articles with statistics that contradict your source. This is one.


    It states that polish women, perhaps men too, who have decided that it is more responsible to use contraception or abstinence. Abortions numbered in the 100,000s under communism. I can understand that. They have declined more and more until they are about 15,ooo to 17,000 per year now. Compared to the total population, this is at the point of being of no concern. And as far as ‘criminalization’, for which I would like to have a definition, on 10 doctors since 92, when the law was changed, have been charged and convicted. I have seen no stats on what they were charged with but I would suspect that they killed their patient…the older one. The death of the newest one would have been of no concern. So why would the polish care or more importantly, WHy would we care?

  2. I wish I had looked over my remarks before I hit post. On should be ONLY 10 doctors since 92 have been convicted. Secondly, it is abortions that have consistently decreased year after year. Which is a good thing. Right? We ALL want abortions to DEcrease or at least that is what democrat politicians and Planned Parenthood say from time to time. AND YET, it is almost as if, PP and DemPols want to see as many of the unborn terminated as possible. Why are we protecting the right of women/couples to use abortion as a form of birth control, when we should be caring about the abominable practice of tearing apart the unborn in the womb.

  3. Abortion is flourishing here in the US under the protection of the federal government. Now we learn that the US taxpayers is not only aiding and abetting the sale of dismembered aborted fetuses, which means unborn baby to so called research facilities but also live birthed babies who are denied care till they expire and are then harvested. Now Michelle Obama really has something of which to be ashamed of her country. Provided she had a heart.

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