The Vaccine Dissociation

Hanging around political discussion forums you hear the usual conspiracy theories about vaccinations. They cause autism. They cause dementia. The virus is actually going to infect you and make you sick. So forth – basically a lot of hogwash not supported by science.

Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy tout their crazy nonsense about vaccines causing autism in particular. In her case, her many books and speeches on the topic entrance too many parents to follow her lead with crazy therapeutic decisions on ‘curing’ autism ’caused’ by vaccines.

Basically, crazy theories like using chelation therapy flourish through ignorance and listening to uneducated ‘activists’. Forget the fact someone like McCarthy has a non-existent medical background and believes in highly controversial therapies and treatment protocols shown ineffective by medical professionals and scientists.

It is people like McCarthy and the beliefs of those people that are causing normally rational parents to question their healthcare providers over routine vaccinations for children. A recent study found that more parents are refusing to vaccinate their children due to poor communication with their physicians and ‘concerns’ about the ‘risk’ of vaccination.

The World Health Organization estimates that somewhere between 2 and 3 million people die each year in the world due to lack of access to vaccinations – a large majority of those deaths are children. Spoiled westerners should realise that they’re lucky to even have the option of saving their child from diseases and illnesses which can be fatal but which are entirely preventable.

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