Polly’s Film Collection Edition Three: WEED

If you haven’t seen Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent documentary on marijuana, you should! As someone who, save for a handful of alcoholic beverages over the years, has never used drugs, I found it pretty informative. Smoking pot is now more popular than smoking cigarettes in this country, so I think it particularly important for us to learn the full facts about what the consequences are; what the health benefits and costs are. And yes it’s worth putting it that way because it can be both good for you and bad for you depending on what your condition is.

From watching this documentary, I learned a lot about the difference between the two main components of marijuana (THC and CBD), that marijuana isn’t always harmless and can be addictive and that growers, like tobacco companies, areĀ  taking measures to systematically increase the addictiveness of the drug over time, but also that there are perfectly legitimate medicinal uses for pot, including for the treatment of severe epilepsy, hand tremors, and potentially more. All in all, nothing here actually changed my opinion on this or any other drug. I continue to believe that marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes with a prescription, but its sale for recreational purposes should remain illegal (and preferably criminal). I don’t believe in jailing or fining anyone for mere possession of any drug. Users are the victims, not the villains. Still, even you agree with all that, there’s a lot to learn here that’ll put it all in better perspective.

Without further adieu, here it is:

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