Arthur's Seat in the background.


Travel.   I love it.  Where to go…, where to go….?

I will use this blog to keep track of my travels and it will hopefully inspire others to have a long talk with their travel bug!

First trip is to New Orleans in a few months.  I don’t really consider that travel, because I am from there.  But my air miles consider it to be travel, so I will put it down.  I have a room at one of the newly renovated hotels in the French Quarter and a good friend of mine, his wife, and son will be there as well.  I will have to give them a quick lesson is where not to walk at night (and even the day in some cases).  Unfortunately there are some nogoodnicks that can make the Quarter dangerous if you are not paying attention.

After that my plans are up in the air.  Some of the guys on the forum want to do an adventure race, so I will hold off on my foreign travel plans until those dates are set.  But who knows, running up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh is great training for an adventure race, don’t you think? Last time I was there I walked a lot on the way to the top.  Great views though.  And there is the Royal Mile to consider, although that will likely turn into a pub crawl….  Carbs, gotta have the carbs.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Refugee

    Travel remains a lifelong adventure for me. From an early age I was always restless and my aim was to see what was over the next hill.

    Somehow I never made it to the land of McDonalds. I’ve travelled extensively through Europe, down into the Med for one time holiday destinations, (Cyprus, Turkey, Crete, Greece and the Islands), with the Tombs of the Kings – AKA Valley of the dead, (Paphos, Cyprus), being a spot where I felt complete belonging.

    And onwards . . . Some of the Middle East, Dubai was nice and most of Asia from the rice fields of Cambodia up through Thailand, China and finally came to a stop in Mongolia. I don’t yet know if this is just a rest stop, but I suspect not :)

  2. peter1469 Post author

    My mother and brother are like that. If they never travel 20 miles from home they will be happy as clams.

    I love history and digging into it.

  3. Kevin

    I used to be all over the idea of international travel up until 9/11 hit. Now my ambitions are a lot closer to home. Still, I’d love to get to the South East again. Charleston was magical, and I really, want to get down to Lousiana. I’ve never been there.

    1. peter1469 Post author


      Money is tight these days. But that just means when we make our next trip it will be really special.


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