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The Political Forums Revised Rules and Regulations

Posting Rules

1. No threats or harassment toward any member or person (this includes a thread started for the express purpose of singling out an individual member, or attacks on a member's family).

2. No divulging of any members personal information unless this person is in the public domain (ie: in the news or a public figure/celebrity)

3. No racial or bigoted attacks to any specific member/person.

4. No excessive vulgarity.

5. No SPAM posts including links to blogs or other websites without prior explicit approval from TPF forum Administration.

6. No posting illegal and/or pornographic material or anything that otherwise is in violation to the forum Terms of Service.

7. When posting articles from other sources, post a link to the article and three or four paragraphs to that article - not the entire article. Referencing the source by posting a link to that source and only a small part of the article adheres to the Fair Use Act.

8. General discussion of forum rules and moderation is fine in public, but questions and challenges involving moderator actions must be communicated via PM.

Posting Guidelines

1. A certain degree of “chippiness” will be loosely tolerated, however at such point it becomes excessive and a distraction to the forum, a Moderator may issue a general thread warning. Civility is expected to resume at such point.

2. Members are expected to maintain topic discussion and to post threads in appropriate forums. Moderators may post a general warning in threads gone awry from the original topic if it becomes distracted. Threads may also be merged or moved if they clearly are beyond the scope of the forum subject matter or are duplicate or similarly duplicated threads. Excessive flooding with topics will be limited.

3. Members are encouraged to report posts if they feel insulted or threatened. Moderators may not always notice offending dialogue in the forum and may not react in such cases. You will always receive a response and/or a reaction from a Moderator on a reported post. Trolling reports will be considered only if you can point out violations of rules. Otherwise, the best advice for dealing with trolling is to simply ignore it.

4. Members should feel free to post their thoughts freely in an environment of minimal interaction from the Moderator team, however members are encouraged to consider the statements that they are expressing. We are promoting “world class” political discussion and remember that the thoughts and statements that you express are a direct reflection of your personality and intellect. Reactions to your expressions will ultimately depend on how you express them.

5. Members are expected to post in good faith. You are expected to engage in and contribute to discussion. A pattern of behavior of breaking rules, trolling, going off topic, attacking other members--in short, acting in bad faith, will not be tolerated.

Members are expected to read and fully understand these rules.

Moderation of these rules and guidelines with be lighter under forum areas "The Political Forums" and "Politics and News", but will be stricter under "On the Serious Side" where more serious discussion is expected. This forum area is highlighted with a grey background. The stricter moderation will include thread banning as well as banning from the "On the Serious Side" section.

Common sense and decency apply, and while these rules are not all inclusive, the Administrator and Moderators of this forum may act or react accordingly in response to specific situations. And remember, this is our forum. Please help us help everyone.

Last Updated 11 March 2013

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