There are already spells to make you age slower through spells of the witches and Satanists, and, these see to do a decent job if you are still in the running, but, what about if you want your youth back? If you want to go back in time physically though, then I have just the trick for you. The spell, we, it doesn't exist yet, but I am about to make it! Yes, I am making this spell as a token from goddess Lakshmi to you, and, I hope it brings great prosperity to the world. The spell will be based on bodily functions altered by the mind, of course. No, you do not need to pray like a Satanist to get it right!

So, where do we begin? We need to use our language side of our brain to stimulate our subconscious pre motor cortex to produce cell division, that will be so fast it will basically regress the bodily functions. You know, like a unripe apple? This would follow that the cells of your body would be so young, they would basically merge with organs, making them younger too, as, the whole health of the organs is determined by the cell's health and age, yes? This follows that if you were to have a slow trickle from a mountain into a reservoir, you would have a filling dam, but, if you were to let some water out the outlets, then the dam would empty... bad analogy, yes? Let's try this; if you were to apply water pastels to a canvass, and it was a bright colour, then add a darker colour, continuously, then the picture would get darker, yes? Then, as it was getting darker, if you apply some brighter colours, they will slowly get brighter, yes? Obviously is you add white, you get whiter, and, oh I am such a racist, me, you know Brett Nortje, then they would be really white in the end, yes?

Now, to divide the cells like that, and have them divide into like six or so, we would need to stimulate the charges to run through them by irritating them into six, this can be done by observing the angles of the triangles, being six triangles to a circle, yes? The cells are more or less circular, and, they will split hat way if we charge to the centre, and, then electrify the, as f you were throwing a lighting bolt, yes? This can be done by exciting the heart, from the thought, automatically to the subconscious, to the nervous system, to the heart, naturally charging the body electrically, okay? This will... hell, just electrocute yourself, mildly. This can be done by touching a plasma globe, or, rubbing your hands together, like exercise.