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Thread: State of Mankind - How much do you know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Rules View Post
    The fountains of the deep burst forth as the windows of the heavens opened. (Genesis 7:11-12). There was also volcanic activity which added to the catastrophe, as things accumulated to that point of entry. What you may see today, are more local events, smaller catastrophes, as a rainbow promises that God will never inundate the whole earth again in order to bring change about. Several have made claims that the Ark of the Flood has been located in Turkey in the mountains of Ararat. That is a point of significance, because if it is the truth, has there been any kind of a cover-up to finding those facts out?
    They have said that for years but no proof of any kind .
    Some claim the Ark is situated on the mountains of Ararat, as the scriptures state the vessel landed in the same location. Accounts have varied, depending on who led the expeditions. It is a matter of controversy to some, since where the Ark may be is claimed to be is a military location that is also off-limits. It is said that the government of Turkey has done its best to conceal certain things.

    That occurred when part of Turkey's own military attempted a coup against the President of Turkey in 2016, which is claimed to involve a wealthy Islamist man from Pennsylvania, Fetthula Gulen, in order to cover that it was a coup, orchestrated from the inside, not outside of it. Those who participated received severe punishment, but where is he, but another controversy for the United States.

    A state within a state. Of course, government conspiracies exist. Donald Trump knows it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ransom View Post
    I won't argue this stupor exists, I drive to work each morning and repeatedly witness that that state of stupor you attest to.

    Our enemies have taken advantage of this stupor, remember we had citizens not one month before the Paris terrorist attack who were in a stupor concerning ISIS and the threat it posed the West and United States as an example.

    We were in a stupor on 9-10-01. The United States thinking it could be attacked in such a heinous manner, why, impossible. It's actually been our history as a society this stupor you speak to

    We're Spoiled rotten. Entitled. Deserving. Many in this country today all about grievance, even more rooted in victimhood taught with idendity politics. It's the reason Pocahontas tries to convince us she's native American, it's the reason you see much of the Kleenex yanking horse manure that pours forth on our forums's an absolute joke. Many unfortunately have the historical perspective of a moth. That flutters about the light not really knowing why the light exists, where it comes from, it just knows to go towards the light.

    I seen moths dive straight into raging campfires, donttread. I mean, real blazers, the kind that hurt when you try to get a marshmellow scorched, you know the kind I'm talking about?
    @Ransom . Evena bulldog knows when the damned bone is gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by donttread View Post
    There isn't enough free water to flood the whole earth at once . But something regional and much less dramatic might have occured
    Like the flooding of the Black Sea region.

    The Black Sea deluge is a hypothesized catastrophic rise in the level of the Black Sea circa 5600 BCE from waters from the Mediterranean Seabreaching a sill in the Bosphorus strait. The hypothesis was headlined when The New York Times published it in December 1996.[1] It was later published in an academic journal in April 1997.[2] While it is agreed that the sequence of events described by the hypothesis occurred, there is significant debate over the suddenness, dating and magnitude of the events. Over geological eras, water has flowed in and out of the Black Sea basin. This hypothesis concerns the occurrence of the last inflow and the primary point of controversy is whether the event was gradual or catastrophic.[3]
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