Nah, just liberal women all the rest are full of $#@!

Top Hillary Clinton Adviser Declares ‘Juanita Broaddrick Is Full of Sh*t’

As many Democrats headed to the polls on Tuesday ready to deliver what they hoped would be a fatal blow to Drumpf and his Republican minions —who of course had the gall to express skepticism of Christine
Blasey Ford and her tale of near rape and murder at the hands of two evil white frat boys —most doubtlessly had little idea of the insanely hypocritical stance they and their political idols consistently take on the issue of accusations of sexual misconduct.

As most people who follow news outlets other than CNN and MSNBC are aware, it’s a pretty common occurrence that when women accuse Democrats of sexual malfeasance or other potentially criminal behavior, no doubt can be too strong about their claims. Consequently, such accusations are rarely given much coverage or credence by the mainstream media, and even when they are, professions of belief of these women tend to come well after any serious consequences can possibly be suffered by the accused. At the very least, most pundits and journalists know better nowadays than to openly insult or attack those accusers while simultaneously spouting empty platitudes like #BelieveAllWomen to facilitate attacks against their political opponents on the right.