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Thread: Americans find meaning in money more than friends or religion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Obvious View Post
    Hooray for capitalism...

    And, ironically as I'm trying to copy this piece over here I'm getting bombarded eith ads.

    BUY BUY BUY, little Eichmann's

    As Americans gather with their family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, they're being fed some grim home truths from the Pew Research Centre.

    Asked to rate what gave their life meaning, researchers found more people mentioned career and money, than friends or religion.

    Two-thirds of those surveyed said family was a source of satisfaction.

    But close to a third also cited work, while 23% said their finances made their lives meaningful.

    Researchers conducted the survey late last year, asking nearly 5,000 Americans an open-ended question about what parts of their lives gave them satisfaction and fulfilment. Answers included pets, hobbies, grandchildren and travel.
    I think money is important to a degree. But to me it is just to the degree that all of my basic needs and comforts are met. Without it we can't live comfortably. To me the most important thing that there is, is just being alive and having those who you love. I think many people realize this in their last days of life, and many feel silly and wonder why they wasted all that time worrying about things that didn't really matter.

    I think money only has a small importance. Although every person is different and will have their own understanding. But I know from experience in times where loved ones have been very sick, people who you can not live without, and you think they could die. Suddenly everything changes. In those moments you realize that nothing else in the whole world matters except that person living. In those moments you may cry out to the heavens, and beg and plead, for that person to live, and you say I will trade anything in all of the world if only this person can live.

    Even myself when I almost died, all I cared about was not wanting to leave my loved one alone. It was hard knowing what suffering would be caused if I died. Then when I took a turning point and began to heal. I didn't care about anything in the whole world, no things at all. I just went and sat close to my loved one for several days and just appreciated that we were together and still alive. Life is the most precious thing we have, without it we can have nothing at all.

    I am just writing this because it is the reality that we will all face at some point. And we will come to realize that all the money in the world is worthless. It only even matters because we are alive, or have health to enjoy it. But we will realize that we cant take any of it with us. We will see that the only thing that was real was jut being alive and having those who we love.

    There is nothing greater or more important in all of the world.

    At some point we will have to leave behind all that we hold dear. It is important to not take one moment for granted, and live every day completely as though it were the only day that ever existed. Hold close those who you love, and cherish them well.
    We are all brothers and sisters in humanity. We are all made from the same dust of stars. We cannot be separated because all life is interconnected.

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    Money is a tool to use to obtain your needs and some of the comforts you speak of . Used as such it is not evil. Once it becomes a goal unto itself then money fuels sickness. Once it is used as a tool to buy undue influence it is a full blown cancer.
    Help me out here historians . "Love of money is the root of all evil" , not money itself , correct? Although there is that whole "camel through the eye of a needle " thing. But we have quantum physics now soo.....

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