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Yes, capitalism is good @ producing goods & services. The larger question is: Is that production sustainable over the long term? Without clean (or @ least cleaner) energy sources, our water & air & soil - & therefore our current food production methods - will fail over the long run. There are already issues of potable water scarcity in the US Southwest, the aquifers under the Midwest grain belts are almost pumped out. The problems are further developed & more severe in the Middle East, SW Asia, & other parts of the World.

There may be technological fixes for some of that - although clean fusion energy seems to be a constantly receding goal. We can switch to greener energy production & consumption, but we need to decide how many people we want in the World, & @ what level of energy consumption. If everyone in the World wants to live @ US energy consumption levels, we'll (the World) need to cut back considerably on population growth for decades, if not centuries.

The politics of coming to that decision, & then enforcing it if necessary - will be a massive historical event - assuming that we get through it enough to compile histories after the fact.
Capitalism is not just good. It is the best.