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Thread: Elemental Embryo Escapade Evolution - "Sylphs."

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    Elemental Embryo Escapade Evolution - "Sylphs."

    I want to create a new form of life, a gaseous elemental being! This will be a concentration of air, where the gases come together, and, allow for a conscious reactive being, of course. Last week, I managed to create life too, in the form of a glass ornament, that reacts and slowly learns, like a child, what grants it more energy or prolonged light. You see, with the glass creature, which I now call the "Anima Speculo" race, if it is up to me, it searches for light to absorb, as glass stores light, then this energy bleeds off with motion, given a jump start of capital bythe person endowing it.

    That be as it may...

    This new gas race, they will be called "Sylphs." They will be formed by compressing natural gases, like all the ones we breathe, and, that means that we need to spin them into a vacuum, orite? This vacuum will circle in on itself and react with the other gases, like a cyclone, I think, and then react to the world around it, as if it were merely gas. Thing is, we need to grant it motor reflexes, now! This would mean we need to make a dot of a suction, or, a vacuum in a tiny are. This will be where we take a soldering iron, and, hold it to the air, bonding the gases with a flame or something. This will give off smoke, yes? That means we need to bond the gases, IN a vacuum, hey now I got it!

    So, we take a container, and, stick a soldering iron into it, in the centre, and, pump air into it, that bonds all the time, getting dense. You know, like heavy water, we need heavy air, orite? Then, we can slowly condense the air into a cyclone, where we add energy, in the form of electromagnetism, with an electromagnet, of course, or, a magnet that is normally charged, one that has both poles pushing the air together, so, like a dice, [six] of them, yes? This will pump energy into it, that needs to be absorbed, of course.

    What we are looking for in an end result, is a condensed bonded, energy filled entity.

    Keeping all this together when the container is opened, this comes down to the nucleus of the creature, where the Sylph will be centred around a... lot of water vapour, let's try that? This could be where we place some water in the container too, and, boil it. This will lead to a lot of condensing gas to absorb the energy, on the roof of the container, and, that will lead to a reactive heavy charged water glob. Keeping it together requires for it to gather mas and energy to it, then react, if you will?

    This sounds easy now!

    The gases are part of water! The energy is part of fire, the earth, that seems to be absent... matter is earth, and water is made of matter, that is in too! This is the new form of life, the "Quasielemental!" Let it settle and react, it will seek cell division and habitat domination, so will spread out, yes? To keep it from doing that, it needs to gather more mass to it, by floating upwards, as vapour, and that is already done...

    To make it reproduce, well, we can work on that after tests...
    !! Thug LIfe !!

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