Owing to my success with my symphony of sound, which I am dedicating to a special little girl, Lukshmi, i am writing this new thing for my daughter Rene, a writer, a explorer of fine arts and master of cultures, hence, languages and symbolism, if you will?

So, if you want to make people feel a certain way, with your writing, then you need to observe that each letter or word needs to flow into the next one. Obviously the letters at the end of the first word, and the start of the next word, need to form synergy, yes? This means that they need to be simple, in that they require little comprehension to link up, allowing our breathing to remain flowing, so as to allow for a steady uninterrupted flow of air from our lungs, conducted by our brain, to form a song, that is sung with the conscious hemisphere influencing the subconscious, so as to express our words from our mind, as we wish them to be felt, as we feel them, into an energy, that is manifested as characters, which we find will convey our message.

Thing is, we see better than we hear. This is where the images formed on our mental whiteboard, will be a communication attempt of emotional energy. This is where we must select colours that we find on a mood ring chart, to express ourselves, through the colours. Then, the shape of the letters, this needs to be sharp at edges for a penetrating message, rounded for a subduing message, and, typical of print characters for a comfort zone, one that is camouflaged, or, so typical people will not notice.

* Based on this Rene will refine her writing, through experimentation, of course!

Now, the images need to be linked to - I have it. The key here is diversity in the wake of the two and three system. If there is two or more spaces between each vowel will result in a recurring comforting message, three too, or, forming a song with them. This is because the vowels are there for the sake of suppleness, to be a octave, or 'chime,' orite? Seeing these letters leads to a melody of sounds, especially with "e" and "a" if you please. "I" also looks good, yes? This is why some languages are flat, and, others lead to a vibrant reactive culture, hearing these phonic tones, of course!

Conveying this to your writing, this is based on evading the vowels of "o" and "u" together, as they lead to a double flat sound. Observe the cultures that these letters feature in a lot, they lead to docile, lack of imagination, lifestyles, where things are boring as best I can put it. Putting "a" and "e" together, this is also bad! Yes, this is something to suite the writing style of the editor, where they must make the mood through the energies of the breathing out of the reading, as everybody breaths out when they read, expressing the air to be heard for themselves, will capture the breting our of the originator, and, that is felt as a relay, like, mirror image, okay?

In other words, you need to breathe out gently or slowly for the person to "feel" your message.