Well, now that the discotheque is serving up storms, the writing on the wall says it all, we need some visuals, yes? This should be easier than the writing thing, struggled with that! My son, Brent, he will master this quickly, as he is young and I am tuning this for him!

The simplest way to use this, to make people feel the way you want them to feel, is to coordinate visuals, like comics, or, images you manifest from your whiteboard to express the energies you want to impress onto the iris of those that view it. This would be done by observing that the image will affect their fight or flight functions, that they will either accept it and feel it is social to them, or, that it wishes them harm, or, that they wish to harm it, and, so forth, this is the primary sense, and, if affects our actions, as we react to what we see because what we see we understand to be bale ot hurt us, being made of stuff you can touch, llike trying to touch things as a child, to know if it is real, no?


To make people understand your message and feel that way, you need to express yourself in a way that makes you feel the way you want the other to gather this energy. This image, that you conjure, needs to be simple to be fast, complex to overload them, birght to make them feel good, and so forth. Linking them together will be a form of communication, and, they will,if you have the skill, feel the way you want them to, orite?

Using motion, this is harder. If you were to make them move, observe the element you wish to make them feel, wind affects things, think of the wind if you want them to feel the penance of nature, it niggles me, but that is because I am false, often. and this is a act of submission to the presence, one of peace, so is water, fire, and, others. If you set a mood, you can convey them easily, and, moving images of them at work, this will make them relax, to make them "sit," or they will find peace, and, comfort, or, they will get irate, orite?

To make people feel the image, we need to find the right combination. This would be image upon image of thins they accept, to make them feel comfortable, then, as a attack, we would want to make them think they are that thing, then, bring the rocks paper scissors to the fore, subtly making them panic, pass out, get sick, or, even cutting them with their bodies receiving a message where they are told they are cut, a placebo, if you will? Mind over matter, son...